Chapter 176 – Recreating History

Chen Xiang landed down and quietly climbed on the mountain. The view at the hilltop was a complete barren plain, and on the plain, ten or so figures were present. With one glance, Chen Xiang was able to identify Gu Dongchen, Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming amidst those ten or so figures, and they were face to face against nine people.

That handsome face of Gu Dongchen was bleary in exhaustion, however, it was still filled with a majestic aura. Elder Dan was wearing a mask on her face, he was unable to see her complexion, while Wu Kaiming, that old baldy, also had a weary look.

Among the other nine people, three were from the Free Immortal Sea, and the other six were Deans and elders of the Beast Martial Sect and the True Martial Sect.

Chen Xiang had read some books, where he had seen the portraits of the Dean of the True Martial Sect and the Beast Martial Sect. Soon, he was able to identify them, the Dean of the Beast Martial Sect was one very stout fellow, his name was Zhen Jiuxiong 甄九雄, his whole body was hairy. With a big beard, he looked like a gorilla with a pair of dark green eyes looking very aghast. He was just like a demon beast while clasping a giant twin hammer, glaring at Gu Dongchen’s group.

The Dean of the True Martial Sect was a middle-aged man with a refined style, named Tang Yichao 唐奕超, wearing a plain white robe and holding a longsword. With his delicate features and very cleanly trimmed hair and beard, it produced a sharp contrast with the Dean of the Beast Martial Sect.

At this time, Chen Xiang heard Gu Dongchen speaking, “We have been fighting for so long, are we still going to keep fighting!”

“Bullshit, you’re tired to death, very soon, you will be lying on the ground, you will lose!” That Dean of the Beast Martial Sect, Zhen Jiuxiong roared.

“Humph, you have been taking turns while fighting, the fact that we can sustain ourselves till now is the very proof that you are all wastrels!” Elder Dan coldly said, her voice was full of disdain.

That refined Dean of the True Martial Sect calmly said, “If this continue to go on like this, indeed it will harder to say at what time the fight will be finished. We will just send three people from our side and fight with one of you. As long as you win, it will prove that you are indeed stronger than us, and we’ll get out of here.”

Gu Dongchen’s complexion turned cold, they were now very tired. If they were going to fight one against three, it would be very difficult to win, “Junior sister, junior brother, let’s go! We can’t manage the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor!”

Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming also supported Gu Dongchen’s decision, if they continue to go like before, all three of them would fall in this place. Fighting alone with the True Martial Sect, the Beast Martial Sect and the Free Immortal Sea for so long could already be considered as good.

“Want to leave? No way!” An old man sneered and said, he was from the Free Immortal Sea, Chen Xiang could see now, the Free Immortal Sea with the Beast Martial Sect and the True Martial Sect had banded together.

Gu Dongchen and company were now extremely tired, it would be a good opportunity to eradicate them in one swoop. Tang Yichao and Zhen Jiuxiong also had the same wicked intention, they decided to remove Gu Dongchen and company. With them gone, the Extreme Martial Sect would be similar to a flock of sheep who had lost its shepherd, and it would be a good opportunity to occupy the Extreme Martial Province!

“Attack!” Tang Yichao coldly spoke, and with two other elders who were relatively weaker than him, he charged towards Wu Kaiming. The three individuals from the Free Immortal Sea also simultaneously acted, charging straight at Gu Dongchen.

Elder Dan was besieged by Zhen Jiuxiong of the Beast Martial Sect and two other people, soon, they all fell into a melee battle.

All of them were martial artist ruling over a region of the Chenwu Mainland, however, now they were unable to use their True Qi, and they could only rely on their physical strength. However, they were still very powerful, Chen Xiang estimated that all of them at least had strength comparable to the 5th level of the True Martial Realm.

Then next scene was very intense, Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming and Elder Dan fought alone against three people, it was an extremely difficult battle. Wu Kaiming suffered three heavy punches, Elder Dan’s black robe was also torn, Gu Dongchen had also suffered several palm strikes, they could no longer hold on, which made Zhen Jiuxiong and Tang Yichao very excited. Their attacks became even more ruthless and vicious, each of their attacks were very fatal, striking at the most vulnerable points.

Chen Xiang operated the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise], converged his breath, in his heart, secretly shouted, “At any rate I’m still their martial uncle, and I have to do something to be worthy of being their martial uncle.”

While speaking, Chen Xiang’s figure suddenly disappeared. With his fastest speed, he rushed down from the peak of the mountain and soon arrived in the chaotic battlefield.

At this moment, Elder Dan was being besieged by three martial artists of the Beast Martial Sect, and it was getting harder for to resist any longer. Zhen Jiuxiong, with his giant twin hammer, quickly striked at her. Elder Dan dodged that strike, and she was also able to deal with the sword strikes of the other two. If she made the slightest mistake, she could very well be seriously injured.

An elder of the Beast Martial sect suddenly once again took out a sword, it was unexpectedly a second sword, in a very tricky angle, he thrusted at Elder Dan’s chest. When it appeared that it was just about to penetrate Elder Dan’s chest, an extremely aggressive True Qi arrived, it was very violent and frightening, with a kind of dragon might disdaining the whole world, fully shrouding the battlefield.

In that very moment, everyone’s gaze were transfixed at Elder Dan’s side, they could see a young figure, and this young figure had a giant blade glittering in an azure aura in his hand.

“Chen Xiang, hold your hand.” Zhen Jiuxiong suddenly roared, however, Chen Xiang’s blade already mercilessly struck that elder’s waist. Accompanied with an outbreak of sharp Qi wave, that old man let out a howl, before he was directly cut into two by Chen Xiang from the waist.

A blade just fell, and Chen Xiang once again raised his blade and struck towards Zhen Jiuxiong. Everyone saw Chen Xiang’s complexion was extremely sinister, however, a dark cold Slaughter Qi was rushing out from his body. The five elements True Qi within his dantian quickly fused together, transforming into the Universe True Qi, and poured into the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. With a sky scattering might, he hacked downwards.

Zhen Jiuxiong fiercely raised his twin hammer, blocking Chen Xiang’s madly rushing blade, however, he felt tens of thousands jin of power slamming down on him, both his feet sunk into the ground. Also at this moment, Elder Dan suddenly thrusted her sword, penetrating Zhen Jiuxiong’s chest, the remaining elder of the Beast Martial sect approached from the sky, and facing Chen Xiang, he thrusted his sword.

“Be careful!” Elder Dan exclaimed, although Zhen Jiuxiong was stabbed with a sword, he still had abundant strength to spare, he waved his twin hammer towards Elder Dan, mainly preventing her from helping Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang wasn’t able to complete his strike at Zhen Jiuxiong, and was stabbed by a sword, however, this sword thrust was unable to penetrate his body, it was blocked by the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor under his skin.

A golden light directly broke out from Chen Xiang’s left fist, True Qi surged into his wrist, transforming into the dragon aura. He punched out, and with dragon aura bursting out one after another, his fist struck on the chest of that elder from the Beast Martial Sect. A thunderous sound suddenly reverberated in the mountain ridge, before a miserable howl from that elder was echoed out as a giant hole appeared on that elder’s chest, it was extremely terrifying.

Just a fist of Chen Xiang had heavily injured that Beast martial Sect’s Elder! Soon, he sidestepped and dodged the incoming giant hammer of Zhen Jiuxiong. As he dodged, he chopped towards another elder, and that elder’s head was chopped down. Blood burst out like a fountain, from the sky, it sprayed down on Zhen Jiuxiong’s body.

Chen Xiang had once again killed an elder of the Beast Martial Sect, and both of them were Nirvana Realm martial artists! They were extremely strong, but now in front of Chen Xiang, they were fragile as weeds, among the three, two had already lost their lives!

Chen Xiang retreated to Elder Dan’s side, while Zhen Jiuxiong’s eyes were very red. Looking at this fallen corpses on the ground, his whole body was trembling in anger. He had a completely furious look as he turned his head and fiercely glared at Chen Xiang, “Chen Xiang…you…”

Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming were both surprised with Chen Xiang’s unexpected appearance. Moreover, he was also able to use True Qi, and in one breath, he had actually killed two elders of the Beast Martial Sect! Both Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming stopped their respective fights and arrived besides Elder Dan, at this moment, the people of the True Martial Sect and the Free Immortal Sea were secretly shocked in fear, all of them gathered together, lest Chen Xiang attacks.

They were unable to understand why Chen Xiang was able to use True Qi. Normally, they could slaughter Chen Xiang with just a finger, however, Chen Xiang was now as strong as them.

Chen Xiang coldly looked at Zhen Jiuxiong, the Slaughter Qi emanating out from his body was getting heavier by the minute. It permeated into each and everyone’s heart, making it harder for them to breathe, it was also the very first time they felt Chen Xiang was unexpectedly so strong!

Chen Xiang clenched the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. Ten thousand years ago, his teacher, Huang Jintian had killed the Dean of the Beast Martial Sect, and today, he had the opportunity to kill the new Dean of the Beast Martial Sect!


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