Chapter 177 – The Martial Uncle’s Ferocity

Zhen Jiuxiong, with a hideous countenance, glared at Chen Xiang, those two elders who had just been killed were both top ranking martial artists of the Beast Martial Sect, however, now, they had been beheaded by a little devil at the True Martial Realm.

It was even more surprising for Gu Dongchen and company, at the most crucial moment, they surprisingly had been rescued by their young martial uncle, and for the very first time, they felt that this young martial uncle was worthy of that status, so they suddenly had a newfound respect for Chen Xiang.

“Brat, today I’ll definitely kill you!” Zhen Jiuxiong, at this very moment, was extremely angry, he quickly brandished his twin hammer towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang sneered and said, “You seem to be forgetting the fact that you, in this place, are not my match!”

Chen Xiang clasped the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, rushed over and faced Zhen Jiuxiong’s attack head-on. The Spirit Veins on the in his blade suddenly glittered, and in the next moment, an azure dragon appeared above the blade. As Chen Xiang poured his Azure Dragon True Qi, it let out shocking roars one after another, similar to an angry dragon.

What Chen Xiang had just casted was one of the moves of the [Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cuts], the [Furious Dragon Strike]. After casting this move, Chen Xiang would represent someone who was carrying endless anger, and without any reservation, he would endlessly pour the Azure Dragon True Qi in the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, constantly releasing power, releasing his own anger.

Chen Xiang fiercely raised the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and directly slashed downwards. In that very moment, it was followed by a burst of waves of azure lightning, and in between heaven and earth, a billowing thunder also broke out, sounding very dreadful.

At this moment, the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade was carrying thousands upon thousands jin of power, and with a mighty momentum, it swept away all the obstacles in its path. The thunderous sound shocked the whole Mysterious Realm, and Zhen Jiuxiong’s giant twin hammer had already been destroyed by the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. That huge blade body’s swiftly struck the body of Zhen Jiuxiong, drawing out a huge hole on his body as blood violently surged out. It was a scene filled with brutality.

Waves of blood-like flower shot out, splashing into a blood mist that gradually filled the air, shocking everyone’s mind; Zhen Jiuxiong was dead!

A dignified Dean of the Beast Martial Sect had actually died in the hands of a feather brat, and had also died in such a miserable way! Everyone had an ashen look, and with an unbelievable expression, they looked at Chen Xiang who had a dull look on his face. He had just killed a dean, and yet he still had such a calm look, as if nothing special had happened.

Tang Yichao, the Dean of the True Martial Sect was even more ashen. The Dean of the Beast Martial Sect was not any weaker than him, and now his fate had come to an end, it can be described as very tragic.

Gu Dongchen’s complexion was extremely dignified, he now knew why Chen Xiang had been fancied by Huang Jintian, just this kind of decisive character was enough reason, and regarding this matter, they could not compare with him. If it were them, they would be a lot more hesitant, after all, that was still a Dean of a sect, however, Chen Xiang didn’t even bat his eye, not even once, as he hacked the other party to death with a blade strike.

Chen Xiang coldly glanced at the people from the Free Immortal Sea and the True Martial Sect, his eyes were brimming with murderous intention, he had already killed three experts of Nirvana Realm, and he would definitely not hesitate to behead the rest of them.

Kill the witness! As long what happened here was not leaked, no one would know that he was the one who did it. After all, in this Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, they were unable to use their True Qi, a dean dying in this place was nothing surprising.

The martial artists of the Free Immortal Sea and the True Martial Sect were afraid, currently, they were unable to use their True Qi. Even if their body had an armor or weapon that they could use to protect themselves, it would still be rendered useless while facing Chen Xiang. This slaughtering god, with his broadsword, made everyone of them very fearful, because they knew they had no chance of winning.

“Chen Xiang, what do you want to do?” Wu Kaiming hastily asked while looking at Chen Xiang who was moving straight towards Tang Yichao.

“One will not remain!” Chen Xiang ruthlessly said and immediately leapt into the air.

“Chen Xiang, by doing this, you have made the Extreme Martial Sect fall into a state beyond redemption, you this…” Tang Yichao spoke only till here, while in the sky, a huge golden palm created from vigorous True Qi suddenly appeared. It fiercely pressed downwards, and in that moment, Tang Yichao took out a Spirit Rune. After he pressed the Spirit Runes, Tang Yichao’s figure turned into a red light, retreating towards a direction as he quickly shot away.

That giant palm pressed down with terrifying power, filled with endless Slaughter Qi. With hundreds of thousands jin of pressure, it thunderously slammed down, covering the martial artists from the Free Immortal Sea and the True Martial Sect. The whole plain suddenly shook, accompanied with a burst of explosive rumblings. Under that explosion of True Qi, a thick layer of ground was scrapped out as rocks were broken apart, it was very shocking.

In the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, Chen Xiang was invincible, he suddenly felt his own True Qi was somewhat inexhaustible. Just as he had completely consumed his True Qi, it would be quickly replenished, the Spirit Qi of the whole Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm would surge into his body like it had a will.

The giant palm disappeared, those five Nirvana Realm Martial Artists were all crushed and buried underneath, mixed in with dirt. Their bodies were mutilated so badly that their death was already a certainty.

Originally, these martial artist were standing at the peak of the Chenwu Mainland, however, now, they were just like plain mortals facing their death, all of them were so fragile.

“One got away!” Chen Xiang gradually landed on the ground, and with a frown, he looked at the direction Tang Yichao disappeared.

Gu Dongchen, Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming, the trio all suck down a mouthful of cold air, this was unprecedented in these ten thousand years. In just one day, so many Nirvana Realm martial artists had died, and looking at that calm look of Chen Xiang, all three of them could not help but secretly be afraid of him.

“Worthy of that madman’s apprentice!” This thought suddenly emerged in the heart of the trio, however, when thinking of the mess they had to clean up, they had immediately felt a headache.

“Hei hei, uncle had just saved you before, you guys have seen me and still not going to greet?” Chen Xiang mischievously laughed, the Slaughter Qi emanating from his body from before had already vanished like a gust of wind.

“Greetings Martial Uncle!” The trio simultaneously saluted, which made Chen Xiang nod in satisfaction.

“Let’s quickly get out, I already have the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor!” Chen Xiang proudly said. Before, all of them had totally not expected that Chen Xiang would be able to get the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor.

The trio were once again surprised for a moment, then they suddenly understood why Chen Xiang was able to use True Qi. From what they heard from their teacher, as long as one was able to get the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, one would be like taking a stroll in his lawn in the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm.

“Young Martial Uncle, after you go out, you would definitely face no small trouble, in here, you are indeed invincible, however, on the outside, you, in the eyes of these guys, are nothing but an ant.” Gu Dongchen said.

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “Eldest martial nephew, are you telling me that, after I go out, in your eyes, I’m also an ant?”

Gu Dongchen angrily glared at him, “I’m telling you that after you go out, it would be very troublesome for you, it is better to safely stay here.”

Elder Dan, “Dean is right, it would be best for you to stay here and cultivate till you have reached the Nirvana Realm, the Spirit Qi in here is enough for you reach that level.”

Chen Xiang shook his head and said, “If the entrance is closed, then what should I do? Besides, unlike before, the Mysterious Realm is now without the support of the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor. It’s difficult to tell how long it will take before this Mysterious Realm will vanish and transform into Spirit Qi then flow in between heaven and earth.”

“You have to protect me!” Chen Xiang said, both of his hands were behind his back as he walked in the front, “Also there is that, if you’re unable to protect me, I’ll be thrown in the forbidden land, but I yet don’t wish to stay with teacher for so many years. I have killed these people for the sake of saving you, moreover, they had the intention to kill you.”

Gu Dongchen, Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming had an ‘you look at me and I look at you’ stare at Chen Xiang. With this kind of stare, they could not help but sigh, they now also had no way to handle this young martial uncle. Before, Chen Xiang had indeed saved them, and if Chen Xiang had not appeared, they would have probably been killed.

Chen Xiang picked up the storage ring from those blood and flesh scraps, then he threw it to the trio as he laughed and said, “I don’t want it, consider it as a reward from me, I know you will have to work hard for quite a while.”

Inside the storage ring, there were crystal stones and some dans. However, they didn’t have anything Chen Xiang fancied, and he might as well play generous and reward his own martial nephews and niece.


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