Chapter 178 – Betrayal

Chen Xiang followed behind Gu Dongchen’s group and ran along the large river. Along the way, the trio also learned that Chen Xiang had crippled more than a hundred True Martial Realm disciples, and some of them were even from the Extreme Martial Sect! Despite this, they weren’t able to say anything. He even dared to kill the Dean of the True Martial Sect and the Beast Martial Sect, what was crippling a few True Martial Realm disciples?

“What is the background of the Free Immortal Sea? It seems they are very formidable!” Chen Xiang asked.

“They are very formidable, they were overseas for a very long time. Rumor has it, they have a lot of Nirvana Realm martial artists. However, our Extreme Martial Sect has been standing on the apex of the Chenwu Mainland for a very long time, we aren’t vegetarians!” Gu Dongchen replied.

The Extreme Martial Sect was truly powerful. Currently, Chen Xiang had yet to see it’s full strength, he knew that there were definitely many martial artists hidden in the Extreme Martial Sect on the same level of Gu Dongchen! Since each generation, not many martial artists from the Extreme Martial Sect were able to ascend to the Heavenly Realms, in other words, there were a lot of elders from past generations that have been hiding in the Extreme Martial Sect. This was their most frightening and terrifying aspect.

“This Mysterious Realm appears to be man made. After the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor was removed, it’s started becoming unstable.” Elder Dan said, while looking at the Spirit Qi surging in the sky.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, “That’s why we have to quickly leave.”

If it wasn’t for this, Chen Xiang would still wish to stay here. Before, when he had arrived here, he had heard a strange beast’s roar. He had still not seen that ancient giant beast, that desolate roar filled with vicissitudes of life still had not left his mind.

“It seems that roar didn’t come from this Mysterious Realm, and was instead, transmitted from somewhere else to this Mysterious Realm!” Long Xueyi said. Her divine sense was relatively a stronger, and strangely, she was somehow even more sensitive than Nirvana Realm martial artists.

Chen Xiang asked, “What was that demon beast?”

Long Xueyi thought for a moment, replied, “I too don’t know, there’s nothing like that in my hereditary memories.”

Chen Xiang followed the trio back through the original way they came from. At this moment, he was thinking about future plans. He just had gotten bunch of spirit herbs, naturally he should first start learning to refine dans and elevate his strength. As for the revenge from the True Martial Sect and the Beast Martial Sect, it didn’t even cross his mind it at all. With just a little disguise, no one would even recognize him. As long as he was a little careful, nothing would happen.

If they seeked him out, then he would have Gu Dongchen and others block them. If that didn’t work, at most, he could have to spend some time with his insane teacher and wait for the rumors to die down. Then, he would once again come out, although those days might be a little bitter.

“Little alchemistress, didn’t you say before, that as long as I defeat you, you’ll marry me? Let’s have a fight now.” Chen Xiang suddenly spoke, his face was brimming with a wide smile.

Elder Dan’s charming body suddenly jolted, she coldly said, “It doesn’t count in this case.”

“I knew you would lie, but I seem to remember you saying that I can challenge you anywhere.” Chen Xiang pursed his lips, and contemptuously said.

Elder Dan no long spoke, she could only respond with silence. If she and Chen Xiang fought here, she would suffer an instant loss.

“Little featherhead, don’t you have any woman? Or are you nestling! Haha…” Chen Xiang laughed.

Gu Dongchen was extremely unhappy in his heart, only that insane old man would dare to call him that! However, he could not say anything.

“Young martial uncle, could you be a little serious? You have to act according to your seniority, you need to keep a positive image!” Gu Dongchen said.

Chen Xiang scratched his ear, once again mischievously laughing and said, “You should be aware of the matter between me and Xue Xianxian! She is my wife, when you see her, what are you going to call her?”

“Young martial uncle, your identity is extraordinary! Your identity can not be revealed, even to your own wife!” Elder Dan said in a cold voice. If the matter of Chen Xiang getting the Huang Jintian’s inheritance was leaked, it would cause no small amount of trouble for the Extreme Martial Sect.

Chen Xiang stuck his tongue out. With both his hands behind his back, he leisurely continued walking.

Soon, they had arrived at the end of the river. Next to the river, there was a huge round entrance exuding white light. This was the entrance of the Mysterious Realm, which was also known as the edge of the Mysterious Realm.

“Stick with us, once we are outside, you will face immense danger.” Gu Dongchen seriously said, previously they had taken many dans for recovering their physical strength, they all knew after they went out, inevitably a big battle would occur, and it was most important to protect Chen Xiang.

After passing through the passage, Chen Xiang only saw a land filled with messy stones in front of him. He already knew that after the passage was opened, Black Tortoise Mountain would be destroyed.

The flow of time inside the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm and outside was different. Chen Xiang had almost spent two months inside here, however, only twenty days had passed outside.

Soon, Chen Xiang saw Tang Yichao, the Dean of the True Martial Sect. At this moment, he looked very angry, and was glaring at Chen Xiang. Beside him, there were a good number of old men. From all of their bodies, a very powerful True Qi breath was emanating. They were all in the Nirvana Realm, this made Chen Xiang suddenly feel a lot of pressure.

Many bystanders escaped far away. They didn’t know what had happened inside the Mysterious Realm, but looking at Chen Xiang following behind Gu Dongchen, they all knew Chen Xiang must had done something to once again anger the True Martial Sect.

Tang Yichao would certainly not reveal what had occurred inside. Many people had colluded to bully a few others, and were close to killing them, but instead, Chen Xiang had suddenly jumped out, killing the entire enemy group and completely routing them. Tang Yichao was the only one to escape, but this was nothing glorious. He also knew Chen Xiang and others would also not reveal this.

“This is the site of the Extreme Martial Province, I have already said, we do not welcome you, quickly leave!” Gu Dongchen voice was thunderous like the sound of ringing bells, as he glared at Tang Yichao and others.

Wu Kaiming waved his hand and called some people, these were all elders from the Elder Courtyard. They would rarely show up, however, they were all very strong.

“Protect Chen Xiang and leave!” Gu Dongchen said to these elders. Just a moment ago, he had glanced all around them, there were only a few powerful martial artists in front of them who would give them a little challenge. He, Wu Kaiming and Elder Dan were enough to deal with them.

Under the protection of a good few elders, Chen Xiang left that place full of tension. As Gu Dongchen and other two were here, Tang Yichao’s group had no way to leave and chase Chen Xiang down. As long as they made a move, a great battle would erupt. Chen Xiang had killed two Nirvana Realm martial artists of the True Martial Sect, Tang Yichao could absolutely not just forget it.

“Chase them, you must definitely kill Chen Xiang!” Tang Yichao loudly shouted, a few silhouettes jumped out from the faraway forest, and rushed towards Chen Xiang’s group.

Those few elders seeing this, were shocked in their heart. At that moment, a tall and thin old men took out a square slate. This slate was very large, it was more than enough to carry a good amount of people.

“You block them, I’ll take Chen Xiang and escape!” That tall thin old man hastily said, he grabbed Chen Xiang, and manipulated that square slate, making that slate quickly dart out.

This slate flying speed was very fast, Chen Xiang reckoned this was definitely a ranked spirit weapon. Unexpectedly it was so effective that in just the in blink of an eye, they were very far away from the Black Tortoise Mountain.

“Elder this thing is good, how did you come by it?” Chen Xiang asked, as he glanced at that tall and thin old man.

Chen Xiang didn’t know this elder, however, he knew the majority of the elders in the Extreme Martial Sect were good and were all very powerful.

“It was a gift.” That tall thin old man laughed.

At this time, Chen Xiang looked at his surroundings, with a frown he said, “This does not seem to be the way to the Extreme Martial Sect!”

Just as finished speaking, that tall thin old man blasted a palm at Chen Xiang’s dantian. A powerful palm fiercely bombarded on Chen Xiang’s dantian, glutting his limbs and numerous bones. He became unable to move from to pain, it seemed as if his Five Zhang and Six Fu were breaking apart. With a horrified complexion he turned to look at that tall thin old man.

Blood overflowed from Chen Xiang’s mouth, enduring his pain he asked, “Why!?”


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