Chapter 179 – The Netherworld Abyss

Chen Xiang’s wrist had already been deadly clutched by that tall and thin old man. Chen Xiang was seriously injured, so he was unable to mobilize his True Qi, his body was suffering from serious trauma. On that flying magic equipment, he had no way to cast the [Water Escape] and escape.

“Brat, if you don’t want to die, then quickly pay out all the good things you have! I at most will just cripple you, I don’t wish to kill you!” That tall and thin man said with a happy smile and a sinister expression on his face.

Chen Xiang had not expected that the elder of the Extreme Martial Sect to actually use such ruthless means against him. It must be known that this elder had acquired the trust of Gu Dongchen and others, and that was also the reason why Chen Xiang was totally unprepared and was successfully attacked. This elder was also very powerful, with just a smack of his palm, he had almost lost his life.

The flying spirit equipment of this tall thin old man was very fast, and they have arrived at the place where just talking about it would make people lose their countenance. They were now floating directly above a thousand zhang wide, infinitely extending, deep and bottomless canyon.

This was a very well-known location very close to the Black Tortoise Mountain, known as the Netherworld Abyss. Nobody knew what was at the bottom, it also had the divided line from the True Martial Sect. It was said that Huang Jintian had once went down, however, he came out after some ten days, because he was not able to endure the Yin Qi at the bottom. After he came out, he spend a very long time to heal his injuries, it was perfectly evident how frightening below was.

“Brat, if you do not give me I’ll throw you down!” That tall and thin old man vigorously clutching Chen Xiang’s wrist, once again smacked a palm at Chen Xiang.

“Are you not afraid if the Extreme Martial Sect came to know? If I gave them to you, you would most likely kill me to silence me, right!” Chen Xiang spat and coldly said, he now had nowhere to run, they were now floating in the middle of that canyon and unable to fly, the only way for him to escape was to jump down.

“Ha ha…. since you are like this, I’ll let you know before you die, my surname is Lu! Now you know why, this is what you brought upon yourself.” That tall and thin old man madly laughed and subsequently smacked palms at Chen Xiang’s abdomen, blasting him away.

Chen Xiang didn’t utter a cry, with pair of resentful eyes, he just looked at that tall thin old man, he was unable to move and quickly fell into that abyss. He only heard the mad laughter of that tall and thin old man coming from above.

Ten thousand years ago, Chenwu Mainland’s strongest martial artist didn’t have any way to withstand this place, others certainly didn’t have even more chance to survive here. This was also a good place to murder someone mysteriously, if killed somewhere else, his soul would be released into the atmosphere, and it would be possible to summon the soul using some Spirit Runes. At that time, he would be discovered and certainly be killed, however, nothing could be done here near this Netherworld Abyss, after he had died directly below.

Early on, when Chen Xiang had left the Extreme Martial Sect, this Elder Lu had sent people to assassinate Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang had not expected that Elder Lu could actually be regarded highly by Gu Dongchen and the other two. Otherwise, he would not be harmed even the slightest and would have not been plotted against.

Only after seeing Chen Xiang’s figure disappear in that endless huge abyss did Elder Lu flew away.

After Chen Xiang fell below, he only felt freezing cold, and at this time, an aura flashed from his arm, a fair and clear girl appeared. Long Xueyi directly tugged his arm, she was having difficulty pulling him, “This is somewhat annoying, the suction force from below is too great!”

Chen Xiang was unable to move any part of his body, he already knew that the little greedy dragoness would save him, so he smiled and said, “You just pull me like this, just don’t let me fall and smash on the ground.”

In Chen Xiang’s hand, a Hell Spirit Grass suddenly appeared, Long Xueyi took it from his hand and looked at it while licking her lips. She could not wait to take a bite, she very much wanted to try the flavor of this Hell Spirit Grass, however, she knew that she have to feed it to Chen Xiang so that he could be healed. Only after licking it with her tongue did she stuff it into Chen Xiang’s mouth, and with a look of envy, she gazed at Chen Xiang as he started chewing that Hell Spirit Grass.

Long Xueyi fiercely swallowed her saliva, licked her small lips and asked, “Is it tasty?”

Chen Xiang laughed, “Little girl, as long as I’m not dead, if I have the opportunity, you will be able to eat more tasty things! Don’t forget I have the [Dragon Saliva Exercise].”

“I know, it just that I cannot bear it!” Long Xueyi pulled Chen Xiang’s arm and the speed of their descent gradually decreased, if not for that great suction force from below, even ten Chen Xiang’s would not be a problem.

If she had appeared earlier, Elder Lu would have seen her, and Long Xueyi would also be attacked. Although she was a dragon, she was still too young, and she simply cannot deal with that Elder Lu, that was why she could only wait for Elder Lu to leave, and only then did she dare to come out. In fact, by, relying on her strength, she could just walk away and totally ignore Chen Xiang. However, she still decided to stay, pulling Chen Xiang, making his fall slow down, Chen Xiang was quite moved by this.

Below, there was indeed a dense Yin Qi, waves of cold Qi struck at him one after another, making Chen Xiang howl and tremble.

“Sister Meiyao, sister Youyou, have you heard about this place?” Chen Xiang asked.

“I have heard about it, it is a very frightening place, I just know a little about it, that’s all.” Su Meiyao replied, her voice was full of worry.

Bai Youyou replied, “I once thought that this place was very good for my cultivation, I came here for sometime, however, in the end, I was also not able to endure.”

Chen Xiang only felt that the Yin Qi was getting heavier and heavier as he descended, if it continued like this, he would certainly die!

“His mother’s pussy, father have Yin and Yang divine vein, it’s just a little Yin Qi, how can I not endure?” Chen Xiang proudly said, he quickly operated the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise], absorbing those Yin Qi which had seeped into his body.

At the beginning he really was not able to absorb the Yin Qi, he could only convert it to True Qi, and then once again, through the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise], he had refined it into five elements True Qi. He was only able to do this at the beginning, however, after a little more than two hours passed, he suddenly discovered he was absorbing the Yin Qi more and more, and his refining speed was having a very hard time to keep up with it. Without any choice left, he had to exercise these Yin Qi out of his body.

The Yin Qi was getting denser and denser as he kept on descending. Chen Xiang had finally understood why so many people after going down weren’t able to endure, the Yin Qi below, in a steady stream, was constantly gushing like it was coming from the underworld.

Chen Xiang’s complexion was getting paler and paler, his whole body was shivering from coldness. In the end, even his teacher, Huang Jintian wasn’t able to stay here, he himself didn’t have the confidence to do so, and now he could not also go up, he could only depend on Long Xueyi’s strength to gradually descend.

Long Xueyi from the start had been cultivating Shinto, for her, these Yin Qi didn’t have any effect whatsoever, but as of this moment, Chen Xiang was also secretly worried that down below, there might be some danger she would not be able to cope.

“Right, don’t you have the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor? Try to see whether or not it could block the Yin Qi!” Su Meiyao suddenly spoke, listening to her, Chen Xiang’s mind suddenly jolted, with a thought, a golden light flashed, and an armor suddenly appeared on his body, wrapping him whole. Although his head was still exposed, Chen Xiang, at this time, most of the Yin Qi that was permeating into his body was blocked, making him feel a lot better.

The Yin Qi coming was still a lot, however, this Yin Qi was accompanied by a large amount of Yin Spirit Qi, and by virtue of the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise], he was able to refine it. He was able to convert it into pure True Qi, and once again, by the help of the five elements Beast Forms, he was able to convert it into five elements True Qi and store it in his dantian.

During his fall, Chen Xiang was healing, and at the same time, he was cultivating. He originally had Yin and Yang Divine Vein, and by their virtue, he was able to absorb a large amount of Spirit Qi within these Yin Qi, quickly refining it afterwards. Unknowingly, inside the Azure Dragon Beast Form in his dantian, a true element grain was once again illuminated, and a total of four grains in the Azure Dragon Beast Form had already been illuminated. Once he had illuminated ten grains, he could start cultivating other Beast Forms. These five Divine Beast Forms had a total of fifty dimly lit true element grains, so he could only enter the 2nd level of the true Martial Realm, however, at this time, he could still have an even more vigorous True Qi.

Long Xueyi was pulling Chen Xiang, making him descend slowly, although it seems very laborious, she was very leisurely eating dans and some fruits. When she decided to follow Chen Xiang, they had established a contract, and also for this very reason, she fancied Chen Xiang, she also knew that a martial artist cultivating the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise would definitely have a promising future.


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