Chapter 18 – First Confrontation

Divine Weapons? Weapons used by gods? Wouldn’t it clearly be very powerful? Furthermore, there were even four in total! But listening to the previous statements, these Four Beast’s Divine Weapons were extremely special and even ethereal.

Bai Youyou said “These Four Beast’s Divine Weapons were born with the [Divine Exercise of Four Symbols.] Our teacher only got the [Divine Exercise of Four Symbols] while the actual Divine Weapons were lost with no trace. It is said that only someone who practices the [Divine Exercise of Four Symbols] can even hope to gain the recognition of the Four Beast’s Divine Weapons!”

Su Meiyao spread her hands and said, “Although I practice the [Divine Exercise of Four Symbols], I have no intention of ever finding those Four Beast’s Divine Weapons. I’m simply not interested.

Chen Xiang and the two girls chatted for quite some time. From these discussions, he learned a lot about the world of martial arts.

Chen Xiang took ten thousand spirit coins from Chen Tianhu and arrived in a hurry at Spirit Dan Hall. He wanted to seize the time to refine a Middle-Grade Mortal Level Dan. This was not only to defeat the Yao Family genius, but also to help him quickly elevate his strength.

“What, the price was actually raised by three fold!” Chen Xiang standing near the counter knitted his eyebrows together while looking at the Spirit Dan Hall’s Lord.

The Spirit Dan Hall’s Lord caressed his beard and said “This is the stated price. If you have any questions, you can ask the owner.”

Spirit Dan Hall’s owner! This was the first time Chen Xiang even heard of someone like him. In the past, was it not what the Hall Lord said that counted?

“Starting today, as long as a Chen Family member is the one to buy any dans, it will be five times the price.” At this time, an arrogant voice was heard. Chen Xiang knew that this voice belonged to Yao Tianhua.

The Spirit Dan Hall was unexpectedly purchased by the Yao Family!

The Spirit Dan Hall suddenly became quiet. Everyone was silently looking at the teenager who was walking down the stairs. He was quite handsome with fair skin. He wore luxurious golden attire and behind him were two old men with sharp gazes. His pair of eyes were full of pride. Glancing at everyone, his line of sight finally stopped to rest on Chen Xiang.

This teenager was the Yao Family genius, Yao Tianhua!

Inside Wohu City, dans were only sold at… Spirit Dan Hall. They had the final say on their prices, buying them or not was all up to the individual. Now that Spirit Dan Hall was controlled by the Yao Family, the jealousy and hatred of Yao Tianhua seeped towards Chen Xiang and definitely played a part in the new attitude towards the Chen Family.

“You are buying the herbs to refine a Baptising Marrow Dan. Moreover, the seedlings. What, are you going to refine them?” Yao Tianhu said with a face full of disdain.

“So what? Could it be in this world you are the only one who can become an alchemist?” Chen Xiang sneered.

“I heard that you can release decent True Qi flames, but that doesn’t mean you could use them for alchemy, for alchemy is awfully picky when it comes to flames! If a poor ruffian like you could refine pills then the world would not have so little alchemists.” Yao Tianhu sneered in reply.

In Chen Xiang’s mind flashed one thought, he just thought of an ingenious plan. While laughing he said “Yao Family genius, this poor ruffian does indeed, truly understand alchemy. How about we make a bet, well assuming you dare to bet with me that is.”

Yao Tianhu suddenly laughed. “You… understand alchemy? You should not be refining dans through bragging. Good, good, good! What do you want to be? I will accompany you until the end!”

Looking at the fish that just took the bait, Chen Xiang felt happy in his heart as he took out a blood red spirit grass. This spirit grass is around the size of a plate and released a bizarre kind of smell. This was the Thousand Year Old Blood Spirit Grass that he won from Chen Haohai.

After this Blood Spirit Grass was put forth, everyone in Spirit Dan Hall could not help but change their expression. Even Yao Tianhua’s face was filled with surprise. He was a Yao Family junior and could with one glance recognize that this Blood Spirit Grass was at least a thousand years old. This was a very expensive spirit herb, and as a result had no set market price.

“I would like to bet this Thousand Year Old Blood Spirit Grass, Can this young master of the Yao Family afford to bet with me?” Chen Xiang said with a faint smile, “As long as I can refine a pill, I win. Opposingly, if I am not able to refine one, I lose. Simple as that, how is it? Do you dare to bet with me?”

Looking at Chen Xiang’s appearance, it was as if bringing out the incomparably precious Thousand Year Old Spirit Grass was simply not valuable based on how casually he brought it out.

Yao Tianhua had a very arrogant nature, being extremely concerned about face. In any case, he would definitely not reject the bet, but the betting stakes were simply too high this time. Although he was the Yao Family genius and carried along a large amount of money, but he was still unable to compare it with this Blood Spirit Grass.

Chen Xiang actually carried around a Thousand Year Blood Spirit Grass. This made many people hold him in high esteem. No one even dared to have any thought of robbing him. After all, in Wohu City, the Chen Family was very respected.

Currently, Chen Xiang’s father was the Chen Family Patriarch. Chen Xiang’s status could only be imagined by looking at the Thousand Year Old Blood Spirit Grass.

After seeing Yao Tianhua’s complexion become extremely ugly, Chen Xiang felt good inside his heart. He pointed at the top of a small piece of the Thousand Year Old Blood Spirit Grass and said “Young Master Yao has only come to Wohu City for the first time, so you didn’t know I was just joking with you. Let’s bet this small piece. If I win, you just have to give me three sets of mature herbs required to refine a Baptising Marrow Dan.

A fingernail size section of that Blood Spirit Grass was more than enough to exchange for three sets of [Baptising Marrow Dan] ingredients. Yao Tianhua’s complexion became a lot better as he heaves a heavy sigh of relief in his heart, replying “No problem, let’s begin!”

After Chen Xiang retrieved the Blood Spirit Grass, he immediately took out his inferior alchemy furnace and let the Spirit Dan Hall’s Lord examine it. After confirming there was no issues with the furnace, Chen Xiang took out some herbs and began to process them.

At this time, everyone was intently watching Chen Xiang. Everyone who came here, more or less, yearned to become an alchemist, and actually witnessing the process of alchemy was a somewhat rare occasion for them. No one was against watching the various processes of alchemy, not to mention if it was a teenager that was the one doing it!

True Qi flames poured out from Chen Xiang. The Spirit Dan Hall’s lord’s old face was filled with regret from Chen Xiang refusal to become his apprentice. Upon seeing the flames, he knew that this was the flame best suited for alchemy. After seeing the flames, Yao Tianhua could not help but frown as his complexion became very grim. He cursed in his heart “Damn brat, he has been hiding his abilities well!”

Watching Chen Xiang’s skilled motions and calm look, Yao Tianhu secretly gritted his teeth. He had determined that Chen Xiang had a certain amount of experience in regards to alchemy, furthermore it was no worse than his!

Chen Xiang was definitely the most adept in refining a Quenching Body Dan. This pill was not only easy to refine, but required very little herbs. If one also had good control of their flames, they could refine many pills at once.

When the crowd witnessed the relaxed expression on Chen Xiang’s face, they were amazed. They had never seen someone refining dans so leisurely before. Unknowingly, an hour passed by. After watching Chen Xiang’s slightly serious complexion vanish, everyone knew that Chen Xiang had passed the most crucial step of refinement.

“Done!” Chen Xiang opened the lid of his alchemy furnace. Overflowing herbal fragrance drifted inside the hall. Everyone came and crowded around the furnace while staring sindie. They all saw white mist slowly winding around five snow white pills.

The crowd sucked in a deep breath, Chen Xiang had actually refined the Quenching Body Dan!

The Spirit Dan Hall’s Lord’s face froze. Seeing those five Quenching Body Dans in front of him was hard to believe. He was also an alchemist so he was able to clearly distinguish the quality of these Quenching Body Dans from their color and aroma. Yet because it was of a superior quality and refined in only a short period of time, furthermore from this inferior quality alchemy furnace, most people could not accept the fact that this was refined by a sixteen year old.


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