Chapter 180 – The Mysterious Beast Roar

“Lu Shang, is it true? He fell into the Netherworld Abyss?” Gu Dongchen’s complexion turned ashen, Elder Dan’s and Wu Kaiming’s whole body quivered.

“I’ll go and take a look, maybe…” Elder Dan just turned around, however, she had been stopped by Gu Dongchen.

“Don’t go, we can only depend on his good luck!” Gu Dongchen heaved a long sigh, his face fully covered in sadness.

Wu Kaiming looked at the blue sky and sighed in emotion. Although Chen Xiang had encountered a lot of trouble, he was still able to kill a few Nirvana Realm martial artists. However, he did so in order to save them. Besides, he had also obtained the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, completing the long standing mission of the Extreme Martial Sect. Not to mention that he was also their martial uncle, however, now he had encountered such a crisis, which made all three of them very sad.

“I was entangled with a few black robed people, these black robed people were very strong, so I was not able pay attention to Chen Xiang. He at least pulled two black robed man with him together and fell down.” Lu Shang lamented, he was precisely that Elder Lu, a highly respected person from the Lu Family of the Herb King Mountain. At this moment, he was secretly shocked, he could see Chen Xiang was very important in the eyes for these three tycoons.

In particular was Elder Dan, usually, a lot of people would think that Elder Dan hated Chen Xiang to death, however, Elder Dan’s mood was very low now, and from her voice, it was evidently clear.

Not to mention Chen Xiang with his level of strength, even if it was them, after these Nirvana Realm martial artists fell into that Netherworld Abyss, it would be very difficult to survive, unless they came out without any delay.

If Chen Xiang quickly recovered from his injury and immediately use his [Vermillion Bird Fire-Wings] to fly out, perhaps he may be able to come out, however, now that he had already fallen very deeply, the suction force was already very big. Even if he used the [Vermillion Bird Fire-Wing], it would still be difficult to fly up because he was being sucked down little by little.

The Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm had slowly dissipated, and the Spirit Qi flowed towards the whole Extreme Martial Province, making the Spirit Qi of the Extreme Martial Province become even more abundant. At this moment, the Extreme Martial Sect also sent some people at the border of the Extreme Martial Province to take charge, lest other sect’s people to came over.

The True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect suffered heavy losses, not to mention the deaths of a bunch of True Martial Realm disciples. Most importantly, Nirvana Realm martial artists and a Dean had died in the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, only a few knew about this truth. The Dean of the True Martial Sect, Tang Yichao, only told the Beast Martial Sect that their Dean died in battle, this made the Beast Martial Sect even more hostile towards the Extreme Martial Sect.

This caused quite an uproar, ten thousand years ago, the Extreme Martial Sect had killed the Dean of the Beast Martial Sect, and after ten thousand years, the same feat had been done once again. However, many people felt that this was what the Beast Martial Sect brought upon themselves, they ran to other people’s site and tried to snatch their guarded treasure, it would be even more stranger if they were not killed.

Right now, the Beast Martial Sect and the True Martial Sect only dared to clamor on the surface, nothing more, they practically didn’t take any action. Because they had suffered greatly, even if they allied together, it would be extremely difficult to even shake the Extreme Martial Sect.

Among the martial arts sects of the Chenwu Mainland, the Extreme Martial Sect had the longest history, many martial artists of the Chenwu Mainland originated from there, and many sect’s martial arts came from the Extreme Martial Sect’s vein. Throughout the Chenwu Mainland, ancestors of many martial arts aristocratic families had some kind of relations with the Extreme Martial Sect. Such status could not be compared with other late formed sects.

Originally, the Extreme Martial Sect just wanted to spread martial arts, however, after the rise of many sects, many ambitious sects were also born. They always wanted to plunder the most important resources and always wanted to oppress and exploit the citizens. That was why without any choices, the Chenwu Mainland was separated into nine provinces, under the control of many forces. Otherwise, it would have not been long before all of them would have started fighting.

However, the sudden appearance of the Free Immortal Sea brought a headache to Gu Dongchen’s group.

“Only teacher, that insane guy, dared to stay here for so long. As long as I can leave this place, even in death, I will never come back to this place.” Chen Xiang, at this moment, was was covered in endless darkness, his aura was overshadowed by black Yin Qi, but Long Xueyi’s, this little dragoness, whole body was exuding a white light. It appeared to be very holy and beautiful, she was only a little bit older, yet she was already such a beauty, if she had grown up, how stunning would she be?

“When will we arrive at the bottom?” Chen Xiang had a helpless look, at this moment, he can’t go up, so he could only take a look below and find some way to leave this damned place. Fortunately, he had acquired the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor before, otherwise, he would have already died.

Long Xueyi replied, “If you could survive your descent, only you can answer this question, I have helped you in getting the Black Tortoise Adamantyl armor, so you have to remember your promise to me and give me True Elemental Dans.”

Of course Chen Xiang remembered it, he had no shortage of the True Elemental Dan, he had also acquired a lot of herbs in the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm. Give him enough time, and he would be able to convert those herbs into dans.

In order to quickly reach the bottom, Chen Xiang made Long Xueyi release him. Once he had arrived at the bottom, she would once again pull him back. Chen Xiang was certain that this Netherworld Abyss had a bottom, it was just that the Yin Qi was too dense, and none was able to go down. However, he happened to have the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, and by its virtue, he was able to survive in such a deep place.

Falling so quickly, the rich Yin Qi was striking on his face, it was very chilly, making Chen Xiang very excited.

When Chen Xiang was gradually descending, he had already recovered a better part of his injuries, and he had simultaneously elevated his cultivation, making himself achieve the peak state, the reason why he dared to try!

Half a day passed, Chen Xiang suddenly saw that below him was slightly illuminated, this lifted Chen Xiang’s spirit. He hastily made Long Xueyi come out from his arm and pull him.

“Have we arrived at the bottom?” Chen Xiang looked below at those weak and fuzzy aura and said, “Little dragoness, did you sense something?”

Long Xueyi closed those cute eyes of her, and after a moment passed by, with a delighted look on her face, she said, “We have arrived, and there is also a very strong life aura below, there is actually a world down there!”

Chen Xiang, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were immediately shocked. In this kind of place, there was actually a living thing! In this ghastly place, they reckoned that this life definitely had the power to resist this intense Yin Qi, otherwise, none could ever survive down here.

While Chen XIang’s group was still caught in surprise, an intimidating beast roar suddenly exploded in Chen Xiang’s ears.It was just like thunder, and when Chen Xiang’s group heard it, they were once again surprised, because this roar was exactly the same as they had heard before in the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm.

It was desolate and filled with the vicissitudes of life, influencing Chen Xiang’s group. They had never expected that a giant beast would be in this Netherworld Abyss.

“Did it accidently fell down and got trapped down here?” Chen Xiang said, this demon beast was able to resist the Yin Qi. If it was not very strong, then it was exactly because it inherently possessed very tough defensive skills.

Splash, Chen Xiang fell into the water, a freezing coldness suddenly penetrated down to his bone marrow, if not for the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor covering his body, he would have definitely been frozen to death.

“You clearly knew there was water down below and you still dropped me!” Chen Xiang cursed in a low voice, he jumped and a pair of Vermillion Bird Fire-Wings appeared on his back, however, the flames were quickly being eroded by the Yin Qi down here.

Long Xueyi skimmed her mouth and said, “Nevertheless, let me pull you now!” She once again pulled Chen Xiang’s arm and brought him to the shore.

Surprisingly, there was a river below in this abyss, but there were also many green mist suspending above, exuding light, giving a little illumination to this abyss.

Just as he climbed onto the shore, that beast roar came again, slight waves appeared on the water due to shock.


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