Chapter 181 – Ancient Fire Beast

According to Long Xueyi, there were a lot of lifeforms here, however, Chen Xiang didn’t find any signs of them. He only felt that this was a very strange place, here there was a kind of bright green mist, as well as the mysterious beastly roar, not to mention the large number of lifeforms and the river stream.

Chen Xiang, after considering for a good while, walked along the river towards one direction, this was the direction from where the beastly roar was coming. He felt that this beastly roar was more akin to crying, as if crying for help.

“Little girl, you can also be consider as a beast, can you understand what that demon beast’s roar is trying to convey?” Chen Xiang asked. Long Xueyi was bouncing and vivaciously following behind him, and inside her mouth, there were a few good dans, she looked very adorable.

“This guy is simply roaring and shouting, it does not convey anything, however, I can ask him. But doing so will expose our whereabouts.” Long Xueyi replied, while munching on those True Elemental Dans.

Chen Xiang, at this time, let the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor appear on his body, guarding him from the erosion of the Yin Qi. What made him feel surprised was the fact that the Yin Qi down below was not so heavy.

“You ask that guy what is its background, if he is a powerful guy, we should pay attention to that point.” Chen Xiang said while touching Long Xueyi’s small head, lightly pinching her headdress which was exuding a white light.

Long Xueyi’s whole body was covered in a snow white dress, fair-skinned, which made Chen Xiang very eager to bite on that cute and beautiful face of her.

Little greedy dragoness, after thinking for a while, said, “Feed me a True Elemental Dan, then I will do it.”

Chen Xiang ruthlessly pinched her face and then threw a True Elemental Dan in her mouth. Only after Long Xueyi ate it off in two to three bites did she slightly open her little mouth. However, she uttered a deafening dragon roar which scared the daylights out of Chen XIang.

Very soon, a thundering roar came from far away, this time, the roar was completely different from before. This roar was carrying a kind of excitement with it, moreover, it also echoed out a little bit longer.

Long Xueyi wrinkled those cute, small and curvy eyebrows and said, “This guy is the Ancient FIre Beast and is actually trapped in this place, he really have a bad luck.”

“Ancient Fire Beast?” Chen Xiang said in both surprise and doubt, he had never heard of this kind of demon beast.

Su Meiyao exclaimed, “Is it the strange beast of five elements bred out from flames?! This is a very powerful demon beast, as soon as it is born, it will have a terrifying strength. For example, if this Ancient Fire Beast casually opened its mouth and spew out flames, it could burn off a mountain range.”

Immediately after, that Ancient Fire Beast once again roared, Chen Xiang, while walking over that direction, also learned that the Ancient Fire Beast was trapped and he had nothing to fear.

Long Xueyi softly laughed and said, “This guy’s luck is very bad, he was actually trapped by a person in here. Only after the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm is opened will some of the restrictive spells trapping him would break open, and it can allow him to transmit its roar. And now that the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm has dissipated, those restrictive spells don’t have any use anymore. It can constantly roar, however, he is trapped in a very small place and cannot come out.”

Chen Xiang was slightly taken aback, he speculated that the very same person who created the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm was the one who trapped this Ancient Fire Beast. However, who in the end was that person? Surprisingly, he was so powerful, not only did he established the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm and the Heavenly Dragon Mysterious Realm, but also trapped an Ancient Fire Beast down here.

“This guys is asking you to save him, he said that if you can save him, he will be extremely grateful to you!” Long Xueyi continued speaking, the roar was constantly coming in order to convey the message.

Chen Xiang said with a frown, “Save? What if we are eaten off, then what to do?”

Long Xueyi replied, “This guy’s divine sense and strength have been sealed, so he could only send message across through the roars, however, if you are close to it, it can use its weak divine sense and communicate with you, this level of demon beast can directly communicate with humans.”

Chen Xiang nodded his head and ran forward, he also wanted to get a glimpse of this Ancient Fire Beast.

Three hour past, Chen Xiang was still running down the river, when he suddenly felt that it was not as cold as before, and the beastly roar was also increasingly becoming clear. He saw a huge cave entrance on a cliff just in front, and waves after waves of fire light was gushing out from the cave entrance.

“Is this guy very large?” That huge cave on the cliff gave a fright to Chen Xiang.

“Very large, at least as large as a small mountain!” Long Xueyi replied.

Chen Xiang ran over, looking at the giant cave on the cliff across the river stream, he felt a scorching Qi waves surging out from the inside. It was very hard for him to figure out how he could even feel heat in such a heavy Yin Qi region, this, in itself, was the very proof of how powerful the Ancient Fire Beast was.

Long Xueyi pulled Chen Xiang, floated high in the air, flew over the river stream and entered into that giant cave entrance. Inside the entrance, a fiery red aura was rising, with twists and turns like a snake wriggling. After Chen Xiang entered the cave, he felt an even more scalding temperature.

“Deity is in the most deepest part, you can come in without any worry. If the deity wanted to hurt you, you would not even be able to walk in here!” A powerful sound resounded in Chen XIang’s mind, it sounded as if it had some kingly spirit.

Chen Xiang mumbled in his heart, “Deity your head, you had been trapped here and you are still so haughty!”

“I didn’t expect a humankind would actually be able to get along with a dragon with imperial blood from the dragon clan!” That Ancient Fire Beast once again spoke.

Dragon clan’s… imperial blood! Chen Xiang turned his head and looked at the cute little girl only thinking of eating behind him. He had not expected that Long Xueyi would turn out to be one of the most noble dragon in the dragon clan. Originally, he didn’t believe in the existence of a dragon, however, after encountering Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou and learning more about many of the confidential secrets from them personally, he finally had some understanding with regards to these noble lifeforms. And a dragon with imperial blood from the dragon clan were the strongest of the bunch.

After Chen Xiang had gone through a few bends, he finally saw the Ancient Fire Beast. It was very huge, its size was that of a small mountain with an appearance of a lion, whose whole body was burning in red flames, and claws that were so huge that it could easily grasp an arbor. With such a humongous and terrifying body, it appeared very daunting.

“Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, you really obtained it! You frail human, how were you even able to obtain it? Not only did you obtain the recognition of the Imperial Dragon Family, you have also obtained this powerful divine weapon!” The Ancient Fire Beast spoke, at this time, he was laying in a corner, while not far away in front of him, there was a greenish light screen, and he was unable to leave that light screen.

Chen Xiang was very unhappy, this Ancient Fire Beast was very arrogant. However, him looking down on humankind was also justified.

“You don’t want me to help you out?” Chen Xiang asked in an indifferent tone, he would not be afraid of this imprisoned Ancient Fire Beast.

“The strength of this little imperial dragoness as well as yours is worse than I expected, you will absolutely not be able to save the deity!” Ancient Fire Beast spoke with a cold snort.

Chen Xiang smiled, “Being unable to save you now does not mean that I won’t still be able to save you in the future! It is an undeniable fact that in this world, I’m the only one who is able to come down here, because I have the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, you must have stayed here for a long time! If you can let me out of here, wait for me to increase my strength, I will definitely come back to save you.”

This huge mountain-sized lion suddenly lowered his head, and with a pair of enormous eyes flashing in flames, it looked at Chen Xiang as it spoke in a heavy tone, “Show me your ability, if you can make Deity see hope in you, Deity will make a deal with you!”


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