Chapter 183 – Past Of The Fire Beast

After Chen Xiang had gone through a torment that made him suffer a fate worse than death, he was able to find a little bit of comfort. At this time, he very much wished to use an inferior alchemical furnace to try refining a set of Building Foundation Dans and take a look how much benefit did this Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit brought him.

Of course he was currently more worried about leaving this damned place, this Netherworld Abyss was very deep, moreover, there was also a bizarre suction, which made it very difficult for Chen Xiang to use the [Vermillion Bird Fire-Wing] to fly up.

“I’m much better now, within five thousand years, I should be able to come and help you leave this place.” Chen Xiang slightly suck in a mouthful of air, his face was brimming with a happy smile, he had finally obtained the long-wished Fire Spirit.

“Big lion, how will you send us up now?” Long Xueyi asked.

The Ancient Fire Beast replied, “This place have a suction force, all of this is because of the Hot Qi released by deity and the Yin Qi mixed in together. Now that deity have given you the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, you will not be again sucked in by this suction force. If you are still unable to leave this place even after this, then it is just because you are too weak.”

Chen Xiang could obviously leave this place, even without the help of Long Xueyi now.

Just with the [Vermillion Bird Fire-Wing], he would be able to fly up, not to mention the newly illuminated ten true element grains in his Vermillion Bird beast form, the Vermillion Bird True Qi was now very vigorous, it could already be considered to have the same level as the 2nd level of the True Martial Realm.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, “If it is as such, then it will definitely be much easier!”

The Ancient Fire Beast lowered its head, looked at Chen Xiang and said, “Do you have to go now? Don’t you want to know why deity was stuck here?”

The Ancient Fire Beast had been trapped here for too long, and now that he saw someone, moreover, also the one who gave him hope, he could not help but want to say something. From its roar, it was pretty clear that it was very sad and lonely.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, lying on his back on the ground. With his head cushioned on a cold stone, looking at the at the Ancient Fire Beast, he said, “I’m in no hurry to go, I want to hear your story.”

In fact, he wanted to know who was the one who sealed him here.

The Ancient Fire Beast let out an emotional long sigh, then started talking non-stop. It happened a very, very long time ago, that he couldn’t remember how long it was anymore. He only knew that at that time, by relying on the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, he was born, and in order to continue elevating his own strength, he arrived down here, at this deep bottomless crack, in order to find the legendary Earth Core Fire.

He found the Earth Core Fire and had also completely engulfed it. Afterwards, he slept down here. When he woke up, this place had turned into a heavy Yin Qi zone, moreover, a human mysteriously appeared, who laid down a lot of restrictive spells, trapping him in here, reasoning out that it was in order to punish him because he had swallowed all the Earth Core Fire.

“Humph, deity didn’t simply swallow all the Earth Core Fire, otherwise, who can trap me! Deity, at most, only swallowed the flame seedling released by that Earth Core Fire!” The Ancient Fire Beast angrily spoke.

“Fortunately, there is an Earth Core Divine Tree in here, and very soon, it will bear fruit!”

On one side, when Long Xueyi, who was eating dans as if she was eating peanuts, heard the words of the Ancient Fire Beast, she suddenly became high-spirited, with both her eyes shinning, she asked, “Where is the fruit? What fruit?”

Chen Xiang smacked down on her head, laughed and said, “You only know how to eat all day, one day, you will turn into a fat dragon.”

The Ancient Fire Beast shifted his huge body, and at the corner of one side, a three zhang high giant tree with red leaves became visible. On the tree top, four round things wrapped in flames could clearly be seen, that was the Earth Core Divine Tree.

“You can only see the very top of the tree, but this tree had grown up after penetrating many layers of the earth, and the Earth Core Fire is still deep down below. Deity has only eaten the Earth Core Fire that followed along with the top of this tree.” The Ancient Fire Beast’s voice was filled with injustice, this injustice had trapped here for many years, making him extremely furious.

Long Xueyi’s beautiful big eyes were glittering like a golden star, gluttonously staring at those few, just about to mature fruits on top of the tree. Her small tongue was licking her lips, and her appearance was as if she had been suffering from hunger for a few months.

“Big man, can you share one with me?” Long Xueyi spoke sweetly and greasily, with a kind of irresistible expression in her eyes, as she stared at that Ancient Fire Beast.

“Little dragon, deity’s condition today can only be blamed at your imperial dragon’s family, only a guy from your imperial dragon family knew that I came down here looking for the Earth Core Fire. When deity woke up after being sealed, the guy that sealed deity was most probably related to your imperial dragon family.” The Ancient Fire Beast moved his ass and blocked that Earth Core Divine Tree.

“Really stingy!” Long Xueyi pouted and tenderly snorted, then she tugged Chen Xiang’s sleeves, and once again, with that irresistible expression in her eyes, looked at Chen Xiang as she cutely said, “Brother Chen Xiang, I want to eat the fruit, can’t…”

Chen XIang pursed his lips, squeezed her face and said, “I don’t have any means, unless this big lion give me one.”

“Deity can give you one, but you have to wait here for sometime, because they still have not matured. During this time, you can cultivate in here, you have both [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise] and Yin and Yang divine vein, cultivating here will be much faster.”

Long Xueyi shook Chen Xiang’s arm and spoke in a flighty manner, “Brother Chen Xiang, I want to eat…”

Chen Xiang mischievously laughed, “No way, I have only one, I also want to try, if you want to eat… hei, hei, you know!” He stuck out his tongue, and a little green liquid appeared on his tongue, this was the Dragon Saliva that could accelerate plant growth.

Seeing this, Long Xueyi nodded in excitement, jumping up and down.

“Don’t expect planting the Earth Core Divine Tree, this is not any ordinary plant, it mainly relies on the absorption of Earth Core Fire to grow its fruit.” The Ancient Fire Beast disdainfully said.

“Big man, you have four, how about giving me one too? I’ll become stronger in the future, and can also help you leave this place. I can promise you, if I find that sinister guy from my clan, I’ll help you beat him up.” Long Xueyi said while pouting, her appearance was very lovely.

Ancient Fire Beast was not a human, no matter how beautiful a woman appeared to be, in his eyes, there was no difference between looking at her and looking at stone.

“I won’t give!” The Ancient Fire Beast closed its eyes, laid down on the ground, and no longer paid any attention to Long Xueyi.

Long Xueyi, who was facing the Ancient Fire Beast, made a grimaced face, then angrily ate some dans.

Chen Xiang helplessly smiled, sat cross-legged on the ground and swallowed a Building Foundation Dan. He began cultivating, he also wanted to quickly elevate his strength, compared to those who had entered the Extreme Three State, his strength was way far off!

“Surnamed Lu, don’t think you won’t need to repay the gambling debts this way, I will make you repay me tenfolds, no hundred folds!” Chen Xiang secretly said in his heart, as he operated the divine exercise. On one side, he was absorbing the Yin Qi, while on the other, he was refining the Building Foundation Dan, and through this, he could cultivate a large amount of True Qi, compressing it inside those five elements beast forms.

Amidst his cultivation, Chen Xiang didn’t realize the time passing by, and Long Xueyi, this little greedy dragoness, ate fully then slept. After enjoying the sleep, she ate again, and so forth. At this time, her legs were hanging in the air like a turtle lying on the ground on his back and sleeping. With some saliva left on the corner of her mouth, and a bubble blowing in and out above her nose, it looked very indecent.


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