Chapter 184 – Earth Core Divine Fruit

Chen Xiang had already eaten three Building Foundation Dans and cultivated for a month or so. Upon seeing Chen Xiang eat those Building Foundation Dans, Long Xueyi became very envious and greedy. However, Chen Xiang didn’t give her so much as a glance before swallowing them, this made her very jealous.

After swallowing three Building Foundation Dans, plus absorbing rich Yin Qi, Chen Xiang’s cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds. A large amount of True Qi was always surging into his dantian, compressed inside the beast forms. Those tiny true element grains were slowly being illuminated. At this moment, ten true element grains from his Azure Dragon beast form had already been illuminated, catching up with the Vermillion Bird Beast Form. Afterwards, he began cultivating the Black Tortoise beast form.

The [Black Tortoise Divine Exercise] was mainly for defence. The more vigorous the Black Tortoise True Qi became, the safer Chen Xiang would be. However, he had already obtained the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor so his defense was now very powerful.

Although Long Xueyi ate True Elemental Dans every day, she was eating with a bowl and looking at the pot. Moreover, she was looking at two pots! Chen Xiang’s Azure Profound Fruit and the Earth Core Divine Fruit of the Ancient Fire Beast. All day, she had been thinking about those two pots. This little greedy dragoness was actually very patient. Everyday, she would pester the Ancient Fire Beast….

Once again, another month passed. Chen Xiang had managed to successfully illuminate the ten true element grains of the Black Tortoise beast form. In here, the Yin Qi was much easier to convert to water attributed True Qi, which was also why cultivating the Black Tortoise True Qi was much faster. Every single day, Yin Qi was being constantly absorbed by Chen Xiang.

In Chen Xiang’s dantian, thirty true element grains had been illuminated. At this time, the richness of his True Qi was far denser than someone from the same level. However, with this peculiar way of cultivation, he was still only at the 1st level of the True Martial Realm!

Once ten grains from all five divine beast forms were lit, the five elements True Qi would then perfectly fit together. At that time, it could be considered as Chen Xiang breaking through to the 2nd level of the True Martial Realm. His True Qi quality would be sublime and his strength would increase by several folds! If he casted the Universal True Qi, then it would be even more frightening.

Of course, because he was not like other True Martial Realm martial artists who congealed nine beast form from True Qi and fused as well as compressed them together, that’s why the amount of strength increased would not be same as those ordinary True Martial Realm martial artists, however, it would definitely be a lot stronger.

The 1st and 2nd levels of the True Martial Realm were very different. This was because, in order for a martial artist to advance into the 2nd level, they needed to first congeal nine True Qi beast forms, and then fuse and compress them together. Turning it into a high-density, high-quality True Qi beast form. If the martial artists wanted to again advance into the 3rd level, they would have to once more cultivate those nine True Qi beast forms of the very same high-density and high-quality, and fuse them together, and so on. This was why each stage would be a lot stronger than the previous ones. Meanwhile, Chen Xiang’s way of cultivation was to illuminate the true element grains, so there was no need to fuse them. His cultivation amount was not much different than the others.

Last time, When Chen Xiang was besieged by two 2nd level True Martial Realm martial artists, he had almost lost his life. If not for the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil blade, this divine weapon, it would have been very difficult for him to kill them so quickly.

Chen Xiang’s Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade not only possessed the instant burst of hundreds of thousands jins of power, it could also easily cut through those strong True Qi shields. As long as he slashed his blade with all his might, that blow would be very hard to block, this was the most frightening part of this divine weapon.

While Chen Xiang was in cultivation and Long Xueyi was sleeping, a sudden roar woke them both up. Both of them secretly cursed that huge lion, random roars from time to time was somewhat scary.

“This deity’s Earth Core Divine Fruit has matured, Hahaha!” The Ancient Fire Beast started laughing.

Long Xueyi quickly became very excited, however, after thinking about how there was no portion for her, her cute little face was filled with disappointment and she muttered, “Not going to give them to me for eating, what are you doing waking me up? You must compensate me, give me one!”

With his mane, the Ancient Fire Beast plucked a fruit and threw it towards Chen Xiang. Upon seeing a ball flying over with flame rising from it, Chen Xiang hurriedly caught the projectile.

Surprisingly, the fruit was rather big. Chen Xiang had to use both his hands otherwise he was unable to hold it.

“Good, it’s big! Let me have a bite?” Long Xueyi’s saliva fiercely spewed out. With wide open eyes, she stared at the Earth Core Divine Fruit Chen Xiang held.

“Alright, but just a bite. It’s only because of this appearance of yours. Don’t take me for some generous fellow.” Upon seeing this little girl’s pitiful appearance, Chen Xiang knew that she had been crazily tortured these past two months. She knew there was some very good things, but she was unable to eat it.

Long Xueyi nodded her head like a chicken pecking grains. She only wanted to try its flavor.

Chen Xiang sat on the ground and peeled that thick skin off, revealing the red pulp. It’s appearance was very similar to that of a tomato. Immediately, Long Xueyi stretched her little mouth wide open. Moving her head closer, she took a large bite of that teared up peel.

Although she was just a little girl, the speed with which she ate was quite scary. Just as Chen Xiang blinked, this little girl’s mouth had already stopped moving. Her little brows were wrinkled, as if she was thinking about something. However, her eyes remained transfixed on that huge Earth Core Divine Fruit.

“How does it taste?” Chen Xiang asked with a smile.

Long Xueyi licked her lips and said in a low voice, “Just a moment ago I ate too quickly, I did… didn’t have the chance to try its flavor! Let me have another bite, this fruit is so big, let me have a bite again, there is still a lot left for you!”

Chen Xiang smiled, squeezed her cheeks, “Well, take another bite!”

Long Xueyi was glad, she once again widely opened her mouth and took a large bite.This time around, she chewed slowly, eating very ‘carefully’. However, she eventually still swallowed down into her stomach.

“It tastes very good, let me have another bite again!” Long Xueyi spoke in a low voice, she still stared at that Earth Core Divine Fruit.

Chen Xiang helplessly shook his head. He took out a long sword, and divided the fruit into two halves. At this time, he saw a fist-sized seed at the center of the fruit. It looked like a gem with an intense flame burning inside it, it looked very beautiful.

“Half for each of us, don’t ask me for any more!” Chen Xiang collected the seed, it left him a chance to plant it in the future. Originally he didn’t intend to give so much to Long Xueyi, however, he had not expected the Earth Core Divine Fruit to be so big, which was why he very generously gave her half. Afterwards, he once again sliced the fruit into few good portions. All of a sudden, there was so much fruit and there was plenty for him to eat, so he also wanted it to give it to Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao and let both of them try this Earth Core Divine Fruit.

Long Xueyi had not expected Chen Xiang to be so generous, which made her secretly pleased. When she faced Chen Xiang there was a pretty smile on her face, at the same time in her heart she was struggling a lot. She made a very tough decision, and eventually divided her own half into two and gave one half to Chen Xiang.

“I’ll give it back to you, I don’t need that much. I already said I just wanted to taste it.” Long Xueyi said with a sweet smile. However, the expression in her eyes was full of sadness, making her overall appearance look very funny.

Chen Xiang had not expected the meat bun he had thrown to a dog to be returned, this little greedy dragoness surprisingly gave half back to him. However, she still wanted to taste it, a quarter of the fruit was still too much for tasting!

“Humph, wasted deity’s good intentions, even gave this little greedy dragon this much!” The Ancient Fire Beast said with a cold snort, as he also started eating one. Although there were many fruits, they were still not enough to even stick in between his teeth.

Chen Xiang cut that sliced melon like piece into several small pieces. He wanted to slowly taste and savour it. Inside the ring, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also did the same. Chen Xiang’s actions showed that he was thinking about them, which also made them feel pleased in their heart.

Chen Xiang ate quite a few pieces, he had not expected this Earth Core Divine Fruit bred out from Earth Core Fire to be so cold and sweet, it tasted great! It let him indulge in pleasures without thinking about anything else. He wanted to eat few more pieces, however, he had to leave some for his friends and for those two martial nephews and martial niece of his. Besides, it might be useful in the future for alchemy.

After eating for sometime, Chen Xiang felt a hot sensation in his dantian, a bizarre and scalding hot power suddenly writhed in his body, surging into his limbs and bones. Just as it started to make him feel very uncomfortable, the feeling faded away and became very comfortable, as if a warm wind had begun blowing over his body.


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