Chapter 185 – Five Elements Profound Dan

After eating the Earth Core Divine Fruit, Chen Xiang, Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao could not help but close their eyes and enjoy that warm, comfortable feeling. Only Long Xueyi ate the Earth Core Divine Fruit in large gulps. She was cultivating Shinto so she could not feel the bodily benefits brought by the Earth Core Divine Fruit, for her, it only felt tasty.

When Chen Xiang opened his eyes, ten days had already passed. It was totally out of his expectations that such a small piece of Earth Core Divine Fruit would actually give such tremendous benefits to his body, it elevated his physical strength by a lot.

“Sister Meiyao, Sister Youyou, I had a strange sort of energy in my body, it appeared to be light gold in color!” Chen Xiang surprisingly found this scene upon looking inside himself, so he quickly consulted with the two sisters.

“You have actually entered the 2nd stage of Immortal and Devil Body! This Earth Core Divine Fruit is surprisingly very useful for you, this is very good!” Su Meiyao spoke with surprise.

Bai Youyou said, “We just cultivated for two days and completely refined the Earth Core Divine Fruit’s energy, while you needed ten days. It is clear that your body is currently very weak, after you completely absorb this Earth Core Divine Fruit’s energy, the benefits are pretty obvious.”

“This is still a divine fruit, it should have also gave no small benefits for you two, right?” Chen Xiang said doubtfully. The Earth Core Divine Fruit was a very high rank herb after all.

“We ate very little, besides, we are unable to completely absorb its energy! If combined with other herbs and refined into a dan, its effect will certainly be very great. This is indeed a divine fruit, with this kind of herb you can refine a divine dan!” Su Meiyao’s words made Chen Xiang secretly astonished. He still had the Earth Core Divine Fruit’s seed and he definitely wanted to culture this tree.

One must know, Chen Xiang needed to use both his hand to completely embrace this huge fruit, and they had only eaten a small part of it, yet it still brought them tremendous benefits. If he ate some of it again, the combined effect would definitely not be so simple. Chen Xiang was secretly somewhat scared. Meanwhile Long Xueyi, this little greedy dragoness, had a look of pure satisfaction on her face. It was the first time Chen Xiang had seen her eat something with such an appearance.

“Young man, this deity will wait for you to come back! Don’t disappoint this deity!” The Ancient Fire Beast said in a heavy tone.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, “Then I’ll take my leave, I’ll definitely come back and save you!”

With Long Xueyi, Chen Xiang traced back his steps. The Ancient Fire Beast roared again and again, giving them a unique send-off. However, Long Xueyi would often look back along the way with a dismayed appearance, she missed the Ancient Fire Beast’s Earth Core Divine Fruit.

“Little girl, don’t think about it. Sooner or later, I’ll grow this tree!” Chen Xiang touched her head.

“I just don’t know what month or year this will be possible!” Long Xueyi stuck her tongue out, and transformed into a white flash, returning onto his arm.

Chen Xiang arrived at the cave entrance, and looked at both sides of the abyss. He came to know from the Ancient Fire Beast that there was indeed some life, deep down below in this abyss. It was just that these lifeforms were at the depth of both ends of the abyss. These lifeforms were very dangerous, the Ancient Fire Beast exhorted Chen Xiang at least a million times to not go anywhere near there.

Looking upward at that green mist, Chen Xiang mobilized his True Qi as the Vermillion Bird True Qi soared through his body and was released. After the fusion with the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, the Vermillion Bird True Qi had become even more overbearing. Immediately after, a pair of ten zhang wide firewings suddenly appeared on his back. Those intense Qi flames were constantly gushing forward, confronting with that Yin Qi.

Chen Xiang was secretly astonished upon seeing that pair of huge Vermillion Bird Fire-Wings behind him. This was a clear example of the benefits from fusing with the Fire Spirit. As long as he utilized the flames, it would become several times more powerful, he could also manipulate it as he wished.

Those huge wings fluttered as Chen Xiang quickly left the ground and flew straight up, quickly penetrating the numerous layers of Yin Qi. At this time, dealing with that rich Yin Qi was simply a piece of cake for him. Of course, if he didn’t possess the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, it would not have been this easy.

“To reach the top, you still need quite sometime. Taking advantage of this, you should take that dan you obtained in the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm!” Su Meiyao suddenly said. She had just remembered about this matter.

Chen Xiang gradually soared through the dark abyss, he replied, “What is this dan?” The last time when he acquired the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, he got a Dragon Blood Dan, it allowed him to successfully cultivate his Immortal and Devil Body to 1st level, now this dan accompanying the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor should certainly be marvellous.

Bai Youyou replied, “It’s a Five Elements Profound Dan, a High-Grade Earth Level Dan! It contains very rich True Qi of five elements, and can be quickly refined. It is very precious, however, when compared with the Dragon Blood Dan, it is still somewhat lacking.

Surprisingly, it was a High-Grade Earth Level Dan! Chen Xiang sucked down a mouthful of cold air. Although the Dragon Blood Dan he ate last time was formidable, it didn’t have an accurate rank assigned to it. However, this Five Elements Profound Dan had, and it’s rank gave him a quite a shocking surprise! Even the Low-Grade Profound Level Building Foundation Dan was extremely precious, let alone a High-Grade Earth Level Dan!

Chen Xiang took out that Five Elements Profound Dan. It was a white dan with the size of pigeon egg. After looking at it for some time, he swallowed it in one go. Long Xueyi let out a tender snort in jealousy.

After Five Elements Profound Dan entered into his body, five rich elements of True Qi quickly gushed out from the ingested dan. It was like a large river suddenly began flowing, surging into his limbs and various parts of his body. After running a few cycles, the energy entered into his dantian, while the Five Elements Profound Dan kept on releasing the True Qi of elements, as if it was endless!

On one side, Chen Xiang was flying, while on the other, he exercised his powers and accelerated the refining. A day passed, however, that Five Elements Profound Dan was still constantly releasing True Qi of five elements in a steady stream. He was actually dismayed in his heart by this. If only he had much more of this dan, wouldn’t he be able to vastly elevate his strength in an even shorter time? However, he knew that the herbs for refining this Five Elements Profund Dan were definitely very rare.

“Don’t think of refining this dan, this kind of dan is rather common only in the Heavenly Realm! However, you can try refining the Five Elements True Elemental Dan. That is a Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, however, its herbs are also too hard to find like the herbs of the Building Foundation Dan!” Su Meiyao replied.

Acquiring these herbs caused a headache for Chen Xiang. He had been constantly accumulating wealth, precisely for these rare herbs. If he encountered them, he would not hesitate to buy them at any costs. Afterwards, with the help of the Dragon Saliva, he could grow a large number of these herbs.

“I also want to eat!” Long Xueyi grumbled.

“Who would not want to?” Chen Xiang himself, wanted one more dan, but he didn’t have any. However, at this time, the dan in this body had still not been digested.

Multitudes of True Qi was constantly being compressed inside the five elements beast forms, those true elements grains were constantly being illuminated one by one, it was amazingly fast, making Chen Xiang’s heart crazily pound. This was precisely the enchantment caused by the High-Grade Earth Level Dan! He now understood why high-level alchemist’s were considered noble existences, this was obviously because high-level dans could allow martial artists to cultivate many times faster!

“Holy shit… this speed is too quick!” Chen Xiang was extremely excited. At this time, the five elements beast form True Qi degree inside him was also like him constantly soaring, making him extremely pleased.


Chen Xiang burst into a wild laughter as he finally broke through the darkness and flew out of the Netherworld abyss. At the same time, he had also entered the 2nd level of the True Martial Realm! With such an easy breakthrough, he could not help but laugh cheerfully!


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