Chapter 186 – Turbulent Times

Chen Xiang flapped those huge but very flexible Vermillion Bird Fire-Wings and exited the Netherworld Abyss. He landed on the ground, enjoying the warmth of sunlight, he had stayed down for three months, and the absence of sunlight in that place made him very uncomfortable.

Regarding the five divine beast forms in his dantian, fifteen grains had already been illuminated in each beast forms. These fifteen grains were evenly illuminated under his control. At this time, the richness of True Qi in all of the five beast forms was exactly the same, this made him feel that the difference between his current and previous strength was like heaven and earth. Although he was currently in the 2nd level of the True Martial Realm, he had confidence that he could challenge a 3rd level True Martial Realm martial artist unarmed.

“Lu Family, look how I fix you up! I’ll make you pay with blood!” Chen Xiang clenched his fists and madly roared. A tremor suddenly ran through the ground, one after another, cracks spread in all directions. In the forest, the birds that were resting were immediately scared and flew into the air in a panic. One after another, beast roars resounded from the forest.

Chen Xiang spread his wings and soar into the clouds, at this time, his Vermillion Bird Fire-Wings size could be changed. If they were bigger, he could fly even more faster and its strength would become even more powerful. Of course the consumption would also be many times more. Although at this time, he was using the smaller version of Vermillion Bird Fire-Wings, his speed was still ten times faster compared from before. The aura exuded by the wings was also different from the past. Before, they were in a fiery-red color, but now, they were like glaring sunlight, as if a god had flew out from the sun!

Chen Xiang, while in the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, had crippled a lot of True Martial Realm disciples from the Beast Martial Sect, True Martial Sect and the Free Immortal Sea. In these past three months, these three forces have been looking for Chen Xiang for trouble, however, even Chen Xiang’s shadow could not be seen. The Extreme Martial Sect’s attitude was also very firm, they were not willing to pay and were also not going to punish Chen Xiang.

Many people knew that after entering the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, they were unable to use their True Qi inside, however, Chen Xiang was somehow able to. That was why he could cripple this many True Martial Realm martial artists, and he had even crippled a few Extreme Realm martial artists, moreover, he crippled all of them in one breath!

When this information spread, many didn’t believe it, however, as the time went on, many people found out that the True Martial Realm disciples of the Beast Martial Sect and True Martial Sect were indeed fewer, only at this time was everyone convinced.

The most shocking thing was that Chen Xiang had not even spared his own school disciples. However, his approach was supported by many people, because at that time, all these True Martial Realm martial artists wanted to seize the big Hell Spirit Grass and those huge Monster Dans that he had obtained.

Accompanied with the tragedy that occurred inside the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, the Free Immortal Sea gradually surfaced. This was a giant force established offshore of the Chenwu Mainland. Nobody knew the true circumstances about this force, however, rumor has it that they could be a super sect on par with the Extreme Martial Sect.

Because Chen Xiang could not be seen, the True Martial Sect, the Beast Martial Sect and the Free Immortal Sea had no way to target the Extreme Martial Sect. Private fights between sect’s disciples only included individuals, it had no connection with the sects themselves.

Of course, the secret hidden was even more shocking, and that was Chen Xiang had all of a sudden killed a good few Nirvana Realm martial artists, and also killed the Dean of the Beast Martial Sect. Not many people knew about this matter, and they would not even reveal it, because it would not bring any benefits to anyone. This would only exacerbate conflicts between the few sects within the Chenwu Mainland, and this would cause great chaos. The martial artists of both sides of these sects would suffer, and at last, the five Devil Sects would be the fisherman between the clam and the snipe*.

[TLN*: It is an Idiom, more about it you can browse here

In a huge square in the Extreme Martial Sect, many disciples were surprisingly gathered, and the atmosphere was very serious. Gu Dongchen, Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming were standing on the stage, while in front of them, there were some old men and women whom many of the disciples have never been seen before. Just behind these old men, there was a team of capable and vigorous young men or burly middle-aged men, with an extremely cold complexion. Their whole body was saturated with powerful Qi, and these people were also a bunch of individuals which many of disciples had never seen before.

This made numerous Extreme Martial Sect’s disciples secretly amazed, because today, the individuals gathered were disciples and high level executives who were rarely seen. Elder Courtyard’s elders, and also the disciples of the usually empty Martial Courtyard from one to ten were also present, they were the backbone of the Extreme Martial Sect.

At this moment, there must be some important matter to announce. Since the events at the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm had occurred, the Extreme Martial Sect’s members were jittery. The Extreme Martial Sect had not only killed the Dean of the Beast Martial Sect, they had also killed seven Nirvana Realm martial artists of the Beast Martial Sect, the True Martial Sect and the Free Immortal Sea. This was something unprecedented, Nirvana Realm martial artists had rarely fallen in these ten thousand years.

However this made many forces and many more people feel dread for the Extreme Martial Sect, given that they had surprisingly started slaughter in such a way! Of course, no one else knew that all of these was the work of Chen Xiang.

“Everyone should know what happened this time! Ten thousand years ago, the Extreme Martial Sect also encountered such a crisis, at that time, we easily crossed it! While this time too, we will definitely be able to handle it. I know that currently, all of you are feeling restless, and some are afraid of other sect’s revenge.” Gu Dongchen loudly said, his voice reverberated in the whole Extreme Martial Sect.

Gu Dongchen, after a pause, continued speaking loudly, “I have called everyone here today to tell you two things, first, our Extreme Martial Sect is absolutely not afraid of other sect’s revenge. If they dared to kill even a single disciple of our Extreme Martial Sect, we will make them buried with hundred disciples of theirs! I Gu Dongchen will hold my words true!”

His words made every disciples of the Extreme Martial Sect calm down, their Dean had spoken, so they would certainly be fearless!

“Second thing is regarding the new rules of the Extreme Martial Sect’s Martial Courtyard. Starting from today, aside from the Extreme Martial Sect’s Elder Courtyard and the Extreme Dan Courtyard, there will only be fifty Martial Courtyards, wherein there will be fifteen Inner Martial Courtyards and thirty-five Outer Martial Courtyards. The fifteen Inner Martial Courtyards and thirty-five Outer Martial Courtyards will be managed by bunch of True Martial Realm disciples or disciples with equal strength, they will be responsible for imparting martial skills. This is to enhance the overall quality of Inner Martial Courtyards, and everyone is required to double their efforts. And every half a year, an assessment will be held, and if the disciples are not upto the standard, they will be sent to the Hell Martial Courtyard and accept the hell training!” Gu Dongchen’s voice was extremely cold, many people could not help but feel a shiver ran through their spine just because of his voice.

Hell Martial Courtyard, what place was this?

At this time, Elder Dan dryly coughed twice, silencing the noisy square.

“In the future, if welfare is not fixed, and if you want dans, you have to deal with me! I have found some disciples are no longer cultivating and have always been idling about, not doing any mission, and yet they are receiving generous benefits! From now on, if you want to receive dan, you need to use your strength and potential to prove yourself, the specific rules could be learned from the Head of your own Martial Courtyard.”

Wu Kaiming, at this time, also spoke in a serious tone, “Starting from today, all of your rhythm must be a bit faster. The competitions will be more brutal, and in turn, the rewards will also be even more lucrative. I want to train a bunch of outstanding disciples! In the coming days, the Extreme Martial Sect will set up many martial art competitions in order to promote rivalry between everybody, it will allow more exchanges between everyone!”

Extreme Martial Sect suddenly had such huge changes, and this made many disciples feel extremely doubtful. They were contemplating whether or not the Extreme Martial Sect did so in order to cope with the possible outbreak of great battle between sects?

“Disperse!” Gu Dongchen’s voice faded, his pupil fiercely contracted while looking at a pair huge and shocking fire-wings in the sky faraway. Those were Chen Xiang’s fire-wings, however, it was much larger than before, and it was also emitting a glaring aura like the sun.

Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming also immediately noticed, both of them sighed in relief in their heart, however, they were extremely shocked. Surprisingly, Chen Xiang was able to return from the Netherworld Abyss, and from his fire-wings, it was evidently clear that his strength had been elevated a lot!

With a burst of blazing hot Qi shrouding over, everyone looked up and suddenly saw a pair of dazzling fire-wings. Although these fire-wings had become much larger, many people still recognized that these were Chen Xiang’s True Qi fire-wings!

Chen Xiang had been missing for three months, and he was finally back!


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