Chapter 187- Slaughter Qi

Only a few people knew about Chen Xiang falling into the Netherworld Abyss. Lu Shang didn’t dare spread this information out, otherwise it would be very easy for suspicion to fall on his head, after all Gu Dongchen made him keep it a secret.

Chen Xiang swooped down from the sky and landed in front of those elders of the Elder Courtyard. He frowned and carefully glanced through those old men. Soon, his gaze transfixed on Lu Shang’s figure.

Upon seeing Chen Xiang had returned, Lu Shang was even more astonished in his heart. He remembered that before Chen Xiang fell into the Netherworld Abyss, he was heavily injured. It was absolutely impossible for him to come out! However, facts proved otherwise, he was currently standing alive and well right in front of everyone!

Lu Shang had lived for so long, yet this was the first time he had been so panicked. However, he soon restored his calm demeanor. He decided that he would rather die than admit what happened, no matter what Chen Xiang’s accusations were.

Once Chen Xiang returned, he said nothing, just gave a deadly stare towards Lu Shang. The expression in Chen Xiang’s eyes were giving off murderous intentions. Gu Dongchen, and the other members of the trio had already noticed that something was about to happen. They started having some doubts and suspicions regarding this matter, after all, the Lu Family still owed Chen Xiang the gambling debts, three Building Foundations Dans and a Nine Sun Flames Fruit. It was quite painful for the Lu Family, however, if Chen Xiang was dead…

An old man of the Elder Courtyard loudly shouted, “Chen Xiang, you’re too impolite!”

Just as that old man finished speaking, a large blade suddenly appeared in Chen Xiang’s hands. He poured his True Qi into this large blade as an azure aura burst out. Simultaneously, an intense Slaughter Qi gushed out from Chen Xiang’s body, just as his figure disappeared. This made many elders shocked. Just as many of them wanted to act, Gu Dongchen coldly snorted.

“All of you, hold your hands!”

Chen Xiang suddenly felt a pressure enveloping his body, constricting him for being able to swing down his blade. He had already re-appeared in front of Lu Shang and all the elders were extremely shock. They didn’t understand why Chen Xiang wanted to so recklessly and ruthlessly attack Lu Shang. They admired his courage even more, daring to do such things even in the presence of the Dean, this was extremely disrespectful!

Once the front row elders and a few True Disciples were able to see what was happening, they were stunned. Chen Xiang actually dared to attack an elder. Looking at his posture, it was highly likely that he wouldn’t regret killing that elder no matter what.

Chen Xiang had even chopped up the Dean of the Beast Martial Sect and killed a few Nirvana Realm martial artists, was there anything he would be afraid of? At this time, his Slaughter Qi was unimaginable. He had been cultivating the [Slaughtering Heart], Slaughter Qi would be accumulated constantly, not only after killing someone. At the same time, it would also absorb the Slaughter Qi possessed by the deceased. It must be known that the Dean of the Beast Martial Sect, as well as those Nirvana Realm martial artists, had all killed no small number of people. At this moment, the accumulation of all that Slaughter Qi had gathered in Chen Xiang’s body, just imagine how frightening this was.

Chen Xiang had already been restricted by Gu Dongchen, but that fierce Slaughter Qi was still surging out, enveloping the whole square. This made many people’s heart tremble endlessly in fear, shivers ran down their spines. This vast and dreadful Slaughter Qi made everyone feel suffocated and short of breath.

On the high stage, Gu Dongchen, Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming couldn’t help but be astonished. Even they were unable to understand how Chen Xiang possessed this level of Slaughter Qi at such a young age. These eternal tycoons had also accumulated a large amount of Slaughter Qi, however Chen Xiang’s amount was many times beyond theirs. If you ignored Chen Xiang’s strength, just his Slaughter Qi alone would make it very easy for him to be mistaken for a Nirvana Realm martial artist.

Lu Shang was the closest person to Chen Xiang, and was also the target of his killing intent, which was why Lu Shang was also the one who could most clearly sense the formidability of the Slaughter Qi which made him extremely horrified.

“Disperse! Chen Xiang had ignored the elders, and then tried to attack an elder, violating the rules of the Extreme Martial Sect, Elder Wu will carry him down and severely punish him!” Gu Dongchen loudly shouted, Wu Kaming flew down, arrived behind Chen Xiang, held his shoulder.

Chen Xiang converged that unconsciously over flowing Slaughter Qi, however, his eyes still carried carrying murderous intentions towards Lu Shang.

Lu Shang saw Chen Xiang was being taken away, and proudly smiled. However, in his heart, he was still secretly worried. But after he thought about it, he was an elder, both his identity and strength were a lot stronger then Chen Xiang’s. Furthermore, Chen Xiang had again provoked a bunch of people, he reckoned that the Dean would not even hear out Chen Xiang’s complaints.

Chen Xiang followed Wu Kaiming and left. In the Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm, in a relatively secret place, there was Elder Wu’s residence. The two were there along with both Gu Dongchen and Elder Dan.

“Young martial uncle, it’s good that you’ve safely return. However, in the future, you should pay some attention. Don’t do such outrageous things again, it makes my job very difficult!” Gu Dongchen had a look of helplessness on his face.

“Humph, that elder surnamed Lu must die!” Chen Xiang clenched his fists.

Elder Dan coldly asked, “Young martial uncle, did you truly fall down in the Netherworld Abyss?”

Chen Xiang snorted, “I was precisely thrown down by that elder surnamed Lu. I was struck by his palm and seriously injured. If is wasn’t for the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor being able to resist that Yin Qi, I would already be dead.”

Wu Kaiming’s voice became extremely cold, “We trusted that guy, yet he actually did this kind of thing! Just a moment ago, he was also very calm, he most likely thought that we would not hear you out or trust you.”

Gu Dongchen slammed his palm on a stone table and smashed it to pieces, his whole face was brimmed in anger. Not only had Lu Shang wanted to kill Chen Xiang, Lu Shang had also deceived them, this made Gu Dongchen extremely furious.

“Dean, you destroyed my table!” Wu Kaiming said with a bitter smile.

“It’s just a table, nothing more, are you planning to haggle about these things with me?” Gu Dongchen suddenly discovered that this was not his home, he had overdone it.

Seeing this, Chen Xiang secretly had a good laugh.

Elder Dan gently said, “It’s good that you came back alive, were you able to reach the bottom of the Netherworld Abyss?”

Even Huang Jintian had not reached the bottom during those days, while Chen Xiang currently had the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor. Furthermore, those fire-wings of his were also significantly larger, so it would not be very difficult for him to come up from below.

Chen Xiang was very pleased upon seeing that these two martial nephews and niece were rather concerned about him, and were not as heartless as he had imagined. He happily smiled and replied, “Of course, I also brought back a good thing. Come, your martial uncle missed you very much down there.”

Chen Xiang took out three palm-size Earth Core Divine Fruit pulps, and placed it on three dishes. He let the trio have a taste, although this Earth Core Divine Fruit was bred out by the Earth Core Fire, it wasn’t only beneficial to fire-attributed martial artists, it was beneficial to everyone.

Looking at that tomato-like pulp wafting with a bizarre aroma, Gu Dongchen and the rest of the trio all wanted to taste this thing Chen Xiang retrieved from the bottom of the Netherworld Abyss.

A piece for each one, they completely ate it all at once. For that kind of taste and flavor, all three of them were not short on praises, during their repeated praises, they were suddenly startled. The trio immediately sat down cross-legged, and circulated the Earth Core Divine Fruit’s energy in their bodies.

Chen Xiang also wanted to see how effective this Earth Core Divine Fruit was on Nirvana Realm martial artists. Taking advantage of these three tycoons digesting the benefits brought by the Earth Core Divine Fruit, he quietly left. Chen Xiang was ready to take a trip to the Herb King Mountain, and seek the Lu Family to settle their accounts.


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