Chapter 188 – Wild Ambitions

Chen Xiang arrived at the Martial Courtyard of Yun Xiaodao and others, he immediately saw that both Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong were busy moving their things.

“Squinted dragon?” Chen Xiang asked, he had not seen Yun Xiaodao and others for three months. To his surprise, he found the True Qi within their body was actually a lot more vigorous. He secretly thought that these guys definitely had a frutious encounter.

Upon seeing that Chen Xiang had returned, Yun Xiaodao put down the tree in his hands and ran over, shouting with a loud laugh, “Elder Brother Chen, you’re truly a masterpiece! All of a sudden, you’ve crippled so many True Martial Realm martial artists!”

Yun Xiaodao had already received the news, and was extremely excited afterwards. However, he was also a little worried about Chen Xiang, it should be known that the majority of the True Disciples he had crippled came from powerful families.

Zhu Rong ran over, smiled and said, “Chen Xiang, in the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm you must have acquired a lot of good things. If you have any intention to sell them, for the sake of the friendship between us, I’ll definitely give you a good price.”

Yun Xiaodao kicked his foot, and shouted, “Go fuck your mother, dead fatty! You are not even sparing your own friend and dare to try and cheat him. The deeper someone is acquainted with you, the more badly you’ll make them suffer.”

At this moment, Xu Weilong returned. When he saw that Chen Xiang was here, a stiff smile appeared on Xu Weilong’s face, “I thought you were going to hide for forever!”

“What are you saying? I’m not going to be afraid!” Chen Xiang laughed.

“Ha ha, now I’m also a little eager to catch you. The Free Immortal Sea, the True Martial Sect, and the Beast Martial Sect have all posted a reward for you. Each one of them have offered a million crystal stones, in addition the families of the true disciples you crippled had also offered some rewards. Currently you are now worth ten million crystal stones!” Zhu Rong loudly laughed and declared.

Chen Xiang was shocked in his heart, a grand total of ten million had been posted as a reward for his head! This large bounty even made him tempted, however, after thinking for a while he came to realisation. After all, he had crippled more than a hundred True Disciples. If the families of these disciples all posted even a tiny reward, reaching such a sum would be an obvious outcome.

“As early as a month ago, many people started creating squads one by one, as if they were hunting a precious beast! You have to be careful! I think not long after, Tianmen City will become very lively with many people waiting for you outside!” Xu Weilong said.

Yun Xiaodao snorted, “It’s not stopping there, even some small scrubby families and a number of assassin organisations are eyeing for you! However, Elder brother Chen’s means are many, you should be fearless of them!”

Chen Xiang mischievously smiled, “As long as that statement of our Dean still counts, I don’t have anything to fear!”

If the people targeting down Chen Xiang had higher cultivation than him, then the entire Elder Courtyard of the Extreme Martial Sect would be dispatched. Such power, no matter how many families gathered up, were still not enough to destroy or even match the fearsome strength of Elder Courtyard. Now only a few small forces under the support of squads came here to kill Chen Xiang.

“Are you very busy right now?” Chen Xiang asked.

“Not too busy, the allocation of the Martial Courtyard had nothing to do with us, we are only waiting for the allocation results to come out, and then we will directly go to that Martial Courtyard. Regarding the alterations of the martial courtyards, that’s something Outer Courtyard’s Disciples have to worry about.” Yun Xiaodao said with a smile.

Chen Xiang took out three pieces of the Earth Core Divine Fruit’s pulp. He have been together with Yun Xiaodao and the rest for so long, and understood their characters and natures. They were worthy for a long-standing and deep-rooted friendship. That’s why Chen Xiang bluntly gave them this divine fruit to eat, anyway, he would be able grow them in the future .

“This is some good stuff!” Zhu Rong said as his eyes shone, while he rubbed his hands.

Chen XIang smiled and said, “Lao Zhu, if you want to eat it, you have to help me do one thing.”

“Just say it!” Zhu Rong readily agreed.

“Help me clearly understand the ins and outs of the Lu Family!” Chen Xiang lowered his voice and said.

After hearing Chen Xiang’s request, Zhu Rong nodded his head. Yun Xiaodao and Xu Weilong glanced at each other. Knowing that Chen Xiang might do something that would make him go missing again, they were secretly worried.

“Xiaodao, squinted dragon! You guys have always been trying hard to succeed your families, the competition in your families is also no doubt very brutal. Blood brothers always each trying to hoodwink each other, are you not feeling tired?” Chen Xiang said with a happy smile.

“Elder brother Chen, whatever you want to say speak freely!” Yun Xiaodao sternly said, “Father is already tired, for me, my family is now the most disgusting place to be. Nevertheless, I’m still somewhat happy being here.”

Xu Weilong also nodded, “If nothing else, I’m also too lazy to go back! At first, I didn’t want to compete for the family position. However, some people thought that I would fight, and were worried that I’ll pose a threat to them, which is why I was forced to compete with them, otherwise I’ll be toppled!”

Zhu Rong also sighed, among the children of these large families, there were not any deep feelings.

Chen Xiang smiled and asked, “Have you ever thought if establishing your own force?”

After hearing this, Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong and Xu Weilong, could not help but be startled. They had thought it over, however, it was not an easy thing to do. But now that Chen XIang brought it up, it was clear from his words that he also want to do establish his own force.

“If we unite, we can secretly nurture our own force! Leave the dans to me, Lao Zhu is responsible for resources, Xiaodao, you are responsible for training and nurturing while squinted dragon is responsible for finding people who have intentions to join us!” Chen Xiang explained, he already thought of this plan beforehand.

“No problem, I’ll also take out crystal stones. If Lao Zhu had to bear the cost alone, then he certainly wouldn’t want to participate!” Yun Xiaodao immediately nodded in affirmation.

“En, I also agree, since we have a Level-4 Alchemist, I’m also extremely confident!” Xu Weilong agreed. Chen Xiang’s alchemy speed and quality of the dans he refined was obvious to everyone. If they had lot of dans to offer, it would also be easy to rope in other people. Even more important, it would be easier to make their force grow stronger very quickly.

Zhu Rong took a deep breath, smiled and said, “I also want to do this, it can be considered a big investment for me, a big business deal! However, in order for me to get back returns, it will probably take a very long time!”

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “Good, after you finished eating this thing, follow according with my guidelines. Xiaodao, you are responsible for gathering martial exercises and skills. Lao Zhu, you first go and gather intelligence about Lu Family. Squinted dragon, you are responsible for finding those who are not affiliated with any families, however, those martial artists must be very hard working in cultivation.”

Zhu Rong asked, “Younger brother Chen, what do you want to do with the information about the Lu Family?”

Chen Xiang’s complexion sank, “When I went to investigate the Black Tortoise Mountain, just a little away from the Tianmen City, I was attacked by two 2nd level True Martial Realm martial artists. They were both from Lu Family, or sent by Elder Lu. Since the Lu Family wants me dead, I can not allow them feel any better!”

After Yun Xiaodao and others heard, they suddenly came to realize why Chen Xiang suddenly attacked Lu Shang. Only they were curious, wasn’t Chen Xiang carried down for punishing? How was he so quickly released?

Zhu Rong and others ate the Earth Core DIvine Fruit, and then entered a state of cultivation. Seeing this, Chen Xiang quietly departed and returned to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard. It was quiet in here, he looked everywhere but didn’t see Wu Qianqian, so he was forced to return to his private room for alchemy.

Since quite a while back, Chen Xiang wanted to see how quickly he could refine dans after using the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit.


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