Chapter 189 – An Astonishing Speed

Chen Xiang was an alchemist, he should be occupied with alchemy all the time! However, he was occupied with too many things right now, and if these things weren’t handled well, he would be unable to learn how to refine new dans with a calm heart. This was why he was still only able to refine High-Grade Spirit Level Dans at best.

True Elemental Dan, the most commonly and also relatively better priced dan. This dan was given compulsorily to disciples by many of the sects, because this kind of dan contained a large amount of True Qi.

Before, it took Chen Xiang half an hour to refine one set of herbs. However, with the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, he was now able to release flames like hot sun which quickly baked the herbs into herbal powder. At the same time, it also made those oppressive Herbal Spirit Qi calm down. Now he finally understood why alchemists with the Fire Spirits were able to refine dans so easily and leisurely, the flames released by the Fire Spirit could easily bake the herbs while also suppressing that oppressive Herbal Spirit Qi, and also could easily make various herbs fuse together.

Chen Xiang was also using that poor quality alchemical furnace, but even then it only took him half an hour to refine one set of True Elemental Dans! Furthermore, five dans were refined out at once and all of them were of high quality! This made him secretly excited, if the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace was used, then wouldn’t the speed be even more terrifying?

Inside the Black Tortoise Realm, he obtained enough herbs that he could almost refine ten thousand sets of True Elemental Dans! Furthermore, in accordance with his estimation, he would be able refine at least four dans with each set!

“Refine using the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace now, I want to take a look the fastest speed that can be reached!” Su Meiyao was also excited, of course, Long Xueyi was even more excited than her, because this meant that she would be able eat more True Elemental Dans as well as more often!

“Ok!” Chen Xiang’s heartbeat became faster as he took out the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace. If he could refine dans faster, that meant he could quickly obtain a large number of dans. Such as the True Elemental Dan, albeit commonly used, he would still not lack them even a little bit.

An hour passed, Chen Xiang had already refined ten sets of True Elemental Dans. He had not expected that coordinating with the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, would actually allow the process to be even easier and smoother, ten times faster than the ordinary alchemical furnace!

The most surprising fact was that he could utilize each set of herbs to the extreme and thus refine five True Elemental Dans with each set, and each of those of high quality!

“Ha ha…” Chen Xiang started loudly laughing, and gave ten dans over to Long Xueyi. At this moment, he had not shortage of these True Elemental Dans, and now he was even more confident in nurturing his own forces.

Another hour passed, Chen Xiang had refined out twenty sets of White Jade Dan, two dans in each set. If Elder Dan this Dan Founder came to know about this kind of speed, it would definitely scare the daylights out of her, even Su Meiyao was having difficulty believing this speed!

“Sister Meiyao, Sister Youyou, you can now eat a lot of dans, would you be able to recover your strength this way?” Chen Xiang asked.

“It would not work. It would only serve to waste these low-grade dans. If want us to recover, only a high-grade dan can finish the job! You should leave these dans for your own growth!” Bai Youyou replied.

Five days passed, Chen Xiang suddenly felt someone was outside. In these five days, he had already refined one thousand two hundred True Elemental Dans and one hundred twenty White Jade Dans. If they were all exchanged for crystal stones, it would be quite a vast fortune. However, Chen Xiang would not use them indiscriminately. He wanted to exchange these resources to acquire even more precious herbs, that way, he could quickly elevate his strength.

Chen Xiang took a bath, before coming out to the hall. He saw Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming and Elder Dan waiting for him in the hall. Chen Xiang noticed that Gu Dongchen’s and Wu Kaiming’s complexions were pretty good, their faces were glowing along with a slight smile on their face. Chen Xiang could see that the Earth Core Divine Fruit had brought them a lot of benefits.

At this point, Chen Xiang was certain that Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao were far stronger than these three tycoons of the Extreme Martial Sect. According to Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao, even the Earth Core Divine Fruit had little effect on them because their bodies had already reached a certain stage, such a small amount of Earth Core Divine Fruit had only a tiny effect on them.

“Young martial uncle, what was that thing in the end? After eating it, I felt that my body has become a lot more stronger!” Gu Dongchen said while laughing. Now, when he was referring to Chen Xiang as young martial uncle, it came out fluently and smoothly. Gu Dongchen was calling Chen Xiang this from the bottom of his heart, not reluctantly like before.

Wu Kaiming also laughed and said, “Young martial uncle, you should have gotten a lot of good things in the Netherworld Abyss, right?”

Elder Dan uttered a low scoff, and said, “If it was used to refine dans, its usefulness could be displayed even better. If I knew it earlier, I would not have eaten it.”

“Sure enough, you little girl knows your stuff, hei hei. I specifically left some to give it to you three. I, this martial uncle of yours, is fairly kind!” Chen Xiang sat on a chair, crossed his legs, and said with a happy smile.

After thinking about it, Gu Dongchen and others felt that Chen Xiang was indeed actings more and more like a true martial uncle. Not only had he saved them at the most crucial moment, he also gave them this precious thing. It should be known that Chen Xiang was currently very weak, and this kind of thing would be more useful for himself. However, he still gave some of it to them, this act of his moved their hearts.

“Hei hei, you do not need to thank me, this is what a martial uncle should do!” Chen Xiang said with a proud smile. He then lowered his voice, “I’m planning to act against Lu Family. A while back, when I left for the Black Tortoise Mountain, two 2nd level True Marital Realm martial artists attempted to assassinate me on the road. They were sent by the Lu Family, I almost lost my life. The Lu Family is acting against me again and again, I can not let them go.”

“As you wish, this is your personal matter, we old men will not intervene!” Wu Kaiming laughed and said.

“Then you have to be careful, Lu Shang is a lot stronger than you. You have already provoked him, he may also act recklessly against you.” Gu Dongchen warned.

Chen Xiang was obviously not afraid of him. After Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming left, he asked Elder Dan, “Where is Qianqian? How come I haven’t seen her?”

“Humph, she went into closed-door training! Why are you looking for her?” Elder Dan uttered a low snort.

“Give this to her.” Chen Xiang once again took out a piece of Earth Core Divine Fruit, and handed it over to Elder Dan.

Elder Dan was surprised for a moment, she had not expected Chen Xiang to be so generous. He was actually willing to give this kind of thing to Wu Qianqian. Elder Dan knew very well this kind of unknown pulp was definitely a very high-grade spirit fruit. Not to mention the True Martial Realm Wu Qianqian, it was greatly beneficial even for Nirvana Realm martial artists!

“You are truly promiscuous, might I remind you still have a fiancee!” Elder Dan said with tender scoff. It seems she was rather jealous, this caused Chen Xiang to be surprised.

“Are you not going to use it to refine dan?” Elder Dan still felt it was better to use this mysterious fruit for refining dans.

“Of course I will when possible. However, do you know how to refine with this? Which herbs can go with it? I know it takes a lot of attempts, numerous trials and errors to figure this out. However, I only have a little of this stuff, is it enough for you to fiddle around for few attempts?” Chen Xiang pursed his lips and said.

Elder Dan could only let out a soft snort, because what Chen Xiang just said made a lot more sense.

“These are the herbs I gathered for Building Foundation Dans, a total of fifteen sets! You said before, If I wanted to buy Building Foundation Dans I can trade with you!” Elder Dan handed Chen Xiang a storage pouch. She had not expected that one day, she would ask others to help her refine dans. Who would have thought Chen Xiang could refine more Building Foundation Dans than her, and even more so, twice the amount at once!


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