Chapter 19 – Baptizing Marrow Dan

Yao Tianhu’s fair and handsome face started to turn ugly. His face muscles were slightly twitching. He was also chocked by Chen Xiang’s alchemy technique. He had not thought that there was another young alchemist in this world that was on par with him!

Chen Xiang placed the five [Quenching Body Dans] on his palm. Like eating candies, he popped them into his mouth, while smiling he said to Yao Tianhua “Now, can you please give me those herbs for the [Baptizing Marrow Dan]?”

Watching Chen Xiang causally eating the freshly refined [Quenching Body Dans], the corners of everyone’s mouth started twitching as they cursed Chen Xiang’s prodigal skills. They wish they could ruthlessly trample him with their feet. Treating dans like snacks dealt an extremely heavy blow to them. Do all alchemists usually treat dans like candies!?

Chen Xiang placed the five Quenching body dan on his palm. Like eating candies, he puts them in his mouth, and while smiling, he said to Yao Tianhua: “Now you can give me those herbs for Baptizing marrow dan.”

Spirit Dan Hall’s lord’s two hands were shivering as he gave three sets of herbs to Chen Xiang. Wearing a look of surprise, he asked “You aren’t going to try and refine a [Baptizing Marrow Dan] are you?

Chen Xiang scratched his head. “There’s a first time for everything, and they’re not always bad things. Your Spirit Dan Hall is now selling these dans at such an expensive price, so I can only resort to refining my own dans.”

Chen Xiang received the herbs and turned around to leave. He turned his head back when he reached the door and said to Yao Tianhua. “Young Master Yao, a few days later the time of our alchemy competition will arrive! At that time, I hope that you will be able to raise the gambling stakes and actually bet with me! Since it is a competition, it should have a little more flare and fun. At that time, I will also raise the stakes. If you are unable to match them, you don’t need to show up and compete with me.”

Chen Xiang left with his mischievous words residing in the hall. Everyone inside Spirit Dan Hall suddenly began discussing about his terms. A Thousand Year Old Blood Spirit Grass as a bet was able to scare even heaven, much less man, and he still wanted to raise the bet!

[TLN: Too exaggerating :)]

Yao Tianhua coldly snorted with anger before he headed upstairs.

Inside Spirit Dan Hall, it’s lord murmured, “Impossible. He is only sixteen years old. It would be impossible for him to refine a [Baptizing Marrow Dan]…”

Chen Xiang’s mood was extremely good from getting the three sets of [Baptizing Marrow Dan] ingredients for free. Soon he would be able to refine the [Baptizing Marrow Dan].

“Little Devil, do not turn the boat in a trench. It’s better to be careful!” Su Meiyao reminded him.

“Compared to other things, alchemy is really boring! You should just go and chop him up into pieces.”

Bai Youyou’s chilling voice came. Hearing this statement, Chen Xiang could not help but shiver. He knew that Bai Youyou was a peerless she-devil lord that was practicing Devil Exercises. Suddenly he doesn’t want to practice Bai Youyou’s Devil Exercies anymore.

Chen Xiang returned to the Chen Family Villa. He inquired Chen Tianhu and learned that both Xue Xianxian and her father were staying as a guest in the City Lord’s Villa. Furthermore, many other families from Wohu City were frequently paying them a visit. It must be known that Xue Xianxian’s father was someone with many connections.

Chen Xiang arrived at the secret underground stone room. To refine the [Baptizing Marrow Dan] he first needed to concentrate and could not be bothered.

Opening the package, Su Meiyao fiddled with the herbs in her exuberant smooth fingers and nodded with satisfaction. “Fifty year old Blood Ginseng, Fifty year old Spirit Leaf Grass, Profound Elemental Fruit, and Yang Fire Flower. The quality of these four herbs are pretty good. As for the rest of them, they are of ordinary quality but would not affect the refinement of the [Baptizing Marrow Dan]

Chen Xiang picked up a white fruit that was the size of a walnut and picked up a small flower that resembled a sunflower. These were the Profound Elemental Fruit and Yang Fire Flower respectively. Thier prices were very expensive as they took dozens of years to mature.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou did not want to stay all day inside the ring, so whenever they got the chance they would come out. At the same time, they often chatted with Chen Xiang which helped keeping them from feeling too bored.

Chen Xiang also liked it when both stunning beauties would emerge from time to time. After all, they were very beautiful and their just appearances would make people feel pleasant and happy. Accompanying these two beauties was a very wonderful opportunity.

“Sister Meiyao, if I use the [Dragon Saliva Exercise] to mature the herbs for the [Baptizing Marrow Dan], how long do you think it would take?” asked Chen Xiang. He knew that the herbs for the [Baptizing Marrow Dan] required them to be at least dozens of years old.

Su Meiyao rolled her pretty eyes and said, “It will probably take ten days! You are now at the 6th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, you can now use more of the [Dragon Saliva Exercise]’s abilities.”

Only ten days to mature spirit herbs by dozens of years! This made Chen Xiang pretty surprised.

Su Meiyao said “Begin refining now. While refining the [Baptizing Marrow Dan], you need to pay attention to two main points! First, because more herbs are required to make the dan and each herb has different levels of flame resistance, you need to control your flames extremely accurately to make sure you don’t burn some of the auxiliary herbs! Second, when it becomes time to solidify and congeal the pill, you need to make sure you have comprehended the essence of the pill at that time.”

Chen Xiang tried to remember each and every word. Then he turned towards the not so far elegant beauty, asking,”Sister Youyou, can you please return to the inside of the ring? The Cold Qi emitted from your body will affect my control over my flames…”

Bai Youyou’s complexion immediately turned even more cold, causing Chen Xiang to hastily say “Sister Youyou… you are extremely beautiful. If it wasn’t a last resort, there would be no way I would want a stunning beauty like you to return to the inside of a ring!”

Su Meiyao heard this and laughed over and over. “Beautiful Senior Sister, don’t scare this little guy. Let him refine his dan in peace.”

A humph sound could be heard from Bai Youyou before she returned to the ring.

Chen Xiang started to refine the [Baptizing Marrow Dan], which is a Middle Grade Mortal Level Dan. One pill could be sold for five thousand spirit coins. Since Spirit Dan Hall’s prices were now increased, it could probably be sold for ten thousand spirit coins which was equivalent to one million small spirit coins!

After placing the herbs inside the furnace, Chen Xiang released his flames, simultaneously controlling the flames and temperature inside the alchemy furnace. The temperature of each region varied slightly in order to bake those herbs at the optimal temperature and completely release their respective Spirit Qi.

The herbs required for the [Baptizing Marrow Dan] were not easy to use. Chen Xiang spent more than one hour before he could grasp the characteristics of each of the herbs and identify their degree of fire resistance. At this time, a colorful Spirit Qi was drifting inside the furnace. This Spirit Qi was released by those Spirit Herbs during their baking through the True Flames. These were the main ingredients in the creation of spirit dans.

The herbs were slowly transforming into herbal powder. Chen Xiang’s divine sense was slowly wrapping around the herbal powder. At this moment, as long as this herbal powder and the released Herbal Qi were fused, he would be able to successful congeal the dan.

Everything started off well, but at the final step Chen Xiang was sweating. This Herbal Qi was very brutal in nature, making it very difficult to fuse different types of them together.

“No wonder divine sense is a requirement before refining the [Baptizing Marrow Dan]. These spirit herb’s Herbal Qi are very difficult to control!” Chen Xiang thought while adhering. He then concentrated his spirit and released even more divine sense, forcing these colorful Herbal Qis to fuse together. At least they started to turn into a Black Spirit Qi and started to fuse with the grey herbal powder.

“I must be successful and endure!” Chen Xiang’s heart only had this one thought. The herbal powder and Herbal Qi were gradually fusing, but he felt as if his Divine Sense was not powerful enough to successfully congeal them into pills.


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