Chapter 190 – Fire Spirit’s Crisis

Chen Xiang received the storage pouch and looked inside. There were indeed fifteen sets, and were already well processed, lacking only the Azure Profound Fruit.

“So now let’s talk about the price!” Chen Xiang mischievously smiled and said. Even if it was Elder Dan, he would mercilessly slaughter her with one strike.

“Three hundred thousand for one dan, I’m also providing you with the majority of the herbs!” Elder Dan immediately replied, apparently she had already considered this well beforehand.

The price was quite generous, especially for Chen Xiang. With one set of herbs, he was able to refine four Building Foundation Dans, a grand total of 1.2 million crystal stones! An Azure Profound Fruit could equally be sold for 1.2 million crystal stones.

“Four hundred thousand!” Chen Xiang scratched his ears, while with other hand he extended four fingers.

“Humph, I’m not as rich as you imagined!” Elder Dan coldly snorted and said, “Martial uncle, please be a little kind!”

Chen Xiang felt somewhat funny, Elder Dan was actually using this as an excuse to keep the price down.

“If I auctioned my Building Foundation Dans, it could be sold for more than three hundred thousand! If operated it properly, it could even be sold for double!” Chen Xiang said dismissively, he didn’t offer even slightest bit of concession. He didn’t believe for a second that Elder Dan was not rich, she was someone who have been living for thousands upon thousands of years! Besides, she was also an alchemist, and was also so powerful. Not to mention she was also in charge of dans and a lot of crystal stones in the Extreme Martial Sect, how could such a person be poor?

Chen Xiang firmly believed that she must be overflowing with riches. He sighed and said, “Forget it, I had good intentions to sell you, but you are being perfunctory to me with such a low price. You truly broke the heart of your martial uncle.”

“As you wish, four hundred thousand. After properly refining them come find me!” Elder Dan stamped her foot, turned away and left. She certainly knew the price stated by any alchemist could not be counter-offered.

Chen Xiang secretly calculated that with fifteen sets of herbs, he would be able to refine exactly sixty Building Foundation Dans. He intended to just give fifty to Elder Dan, and leave ten for himself, this way he could still get twenty million crystal stones.

However, no one would generally use so many crystal stones as payment. They would usually use dans instead of crystal stones for such a large amount. If True Elemental Dans were used here, then it would be equivalent to four thousand True Elemental Dans!

Chen Xiang also began refining Building Foundation Dan, he estimated that it would take some more time for Yun Xiaodao and others to wake up.

With the help of the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, refining the Building Foundation Dans had also become very fast. However, in order for Chen Xiang to refine four dans at once, he became more careful. If it was before, he would unscrupulously refined and compared with refining the True Elemental Dan there would be no difference between the speed. However, it was somewhat slower now.

In one hour, Chen Xiang was able to refine five sets of herbs, with four dans in each set, moreover the quality was also excellent. Chen Xiang was extremely satisfied with this result. He secretly praised the formidability of the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit. After acquiring this Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, even when baking some relatively oppressive herbs, he was able to easily deal with them, which left him a lot more time!

Three hours passed, Chen Xiang had entirely refined all fifteen sets of Building Foundation Dan herbs with four dans per set, each with excellent quality. Chen Xiang was considering whether to go and deliver them now or not, he was worried that Elder Dan would faint from shock with this kind of speed.

That being said, Chen Xiang liked to show off in front of this extremely proud woman from the start. So, with a proud smile, he left his private room, arrived at the room of Elder Dan and knocked.

Seeing Chen Xiang came so quickly to find her, Elder Dan coldly asked, “Is the price not appropriate, do you still want to add some more?”

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “If you want to add some more, I would certainly not refuse!”

“Then why did you come?” Elder Dan asked

“I came to deliver, fifty Building Foundation Dans, take it!” Chen Xiang threw a storage pouch to Elder Dan. She subconsciously caught it, she found it difficult to believe. Only three or so hours had passed, and Chen Xiang had already refined fifteen sets of herbs?

Elder Dan took out the ten boxes from the storage pouch. In each box, there were five Building Foundation Dans. All of them were still warm, releasing rich herb fragrance into the atmosphere, signifying very good quality. With just a glance, she knew they had refined out recently, this made her completely dumbfounded.

In just three hours, Chen Xiang had refined fifteen sets of herbs of Building Foundation Dans, furthermore, with such quality! Elder Dan found no sign of any short of trickery!

“How?” Elder Dan still could not believe, although the facts were right in front of her.

“Hei hei, you are not only one with the Fire Spirit!” Chen Xiang mischievously smiled.

Elder Dan’s whole body quivered. She said in a quivering voice, “You…you have Fire Spirit!? Come in and tell me about it!” She pulled Chen Xiang and dragged him inside her room.

“Which Fire Spirit!” Elder Dan asked in a heavy tone. She appeared very serious, and Chen Xiang wasn’t clear why she was acting like this.

Chen Xiang said in a low voice, “Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit!”

Heard these four words, Elder Dan’s body trembled a little. She was gasping for breath. She sat down on a chair for a long time in silence, Chen Xiang didn’t know why she would receive such a blow!

“What? Now do you think that you’ll lose? You said that If I defeat you, you will comply with whatever I ask!” Chen Xiang teased while smiling.

“Humph, the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit is indeed better than my Purple Moon Fire Spirit! However, you have to remember, in any case, you should not let anyone else know that you have a Fire Spirit! I also instructed this to Qianqian, so that she would not arbitrarily expose her Blue Flames. Fortunately you have Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, the flames don’t look like anything special!” Elder Dan seriously said.

Chen Xiang felt doubtful, he suddenly found that Elder Dan turned so mysterious because he now owned Fire Spirit. It seems that she had hidden Wu Qianqian very thoroughly.

“Chen Xiang you better listen, I’m certainly not trying to scare you! In this world, there is an extremely powerful influence, this influence is dedicated for hunting those who have Fire Spirits! They posses a method to forcefully pull out other people’s Fire Spirit!” Elder Dan suddenly stopped. She clenched her fists as her voice became heavy with resentment, pure hate could be detected in her voice as she resumed speaking, “In the Purple Moon World, they have already arrested many alchemists who possessed Fire Spirits. Afterwards, they pulled out their Fire Spirit, destroying their cultivation!

Chen Xiang frowned, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou’s complexion also turned serious. It seemed that they knew a little about this matter.

“This force has not extended their hand in this world for now. In short, many mortal worlds have their shadow! They are also very powerful, they would intentionally suppress their cultivation to the pinnacle of the Nirvana Realm. After they forcibly ripped out the Fire Spirit, they would then send it to the Heavenly Realm! As for how they do such a thing, I’m not clear on the matter!” Elder Dan said.

Chen Xiang seriously nodded his head, “I will pay attention to this, now pay me!”

After Elder Dan learned Chen Xiang had a Fire Spirit, she was no longer surprised with his speed in alchemy. She secretly praised Chen Xiang for his alchemy talent. Given some time, it would not be any trouble for him to surpass her.

Elder Dan thought Chen Xiang had easily earned so much wealth, she could not help but utter a low snort.

“You want crystal stones or True Elemental Dans?” Elder Dan asked.

“True Elemental Dans!” Chen Xiang knew that many auction houses received True Elemental Dans as payment in place of crystal stones. True Elemental Dans were considered consumables, moreover, many sects need it. Not to mention they were required in small numbers compared to crystal stones, and thus easier to store.

Elder Dan clenched her teeth before handing over four thousand True Elemental Dans to Chen Xiang. If any other sects could get so many Building Foundation Dans at once, not to mention four thousand True Elemental Dans, they would readily pay five thousand! Elder Dan knew that she was getting a bargain and Chen Xiang had indeed given her a great discount.


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