Chapter 191 – Golden Dragon Saliva (Part 1)

Chen Xiang silently calculated how many True Elemental Dans he had. Adding on those he had previously refined along with those he had obtained by participating in the Extreme Martial Grand Tournament, he now had a total of five thousand five hundred True Elemental Dans. Even he heaved an emotional sigh while thinking about how a True Martial Realm martial artist possessing so many True Elemental Dans! He intended to take some time and find some rare spirit herbs, refining those into dans would be very useful.

“Little girl, I want to purchase some herbs for refining Five Elements True Elemental Dans, where would I be able to find them?” Chen Xiang asked with a grin. As long as there was no one else present, he would very casually refer to his martial nephews and niece.

The Five Elements True Elemental Dan was ordinarily given to martial artists who were simultaneously cultivating two or more types of True Qi, it was more useful than the True Elemental Dan. However, it’s herbs were relatively rare and also quite expensive. In the market, it could be bought for more or less two hundred thousand crystal stones.

In the Chenwu Mainland, martial artists that cultivated multi-attributed True Qis were very rare. These individuals were all very talented and would be vigorously nurtured by sects. This was also why the Five Elements True Elemental Dan was very expensive as well as scarce.

Elder Dan already knew that Chen Xiang had the Yin and Yang Divine Veins and cultivated the Five Elements True Qi. That was the only way Huang Jintian would fancy to take Chen Xiang as his apprentice, therefore, the fact that he wanted to refine this kind of dan was also not that surprising to her.

“Currently, I also don’t know. In other words, the herbs for this dan is very rare, I’ll keep my eyes open for them!” Elder Dan replied. Although she and Chen Xiang often bickered, their relationship was pretty good overall.

“Thanks, at that time you can ask for any price freely. Your martial uncle is currently overflowing with wealth.” Chen Xiang chuckled and said.

Elder Dan lightly scoffed, “Don’t be captured by others, your bounty has already reached ten million crystal stones now! Plus, a lot of people knew you had obtained many giant Monster Dans and a big chunk of the Hell Spirit Grass from the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm. As such, it will be even more dangerous for you.”

Chen Xiang was not worried about it, he just had to be a little careful, as long as his whereabouts were not found by others, he had nothing to fear.

“Little girl, can you do a small favor for me?” Chen Xiang suddenly remembered something.

“Just say it!”

“Help me get three Building Foundation Dans and the Nine Sun Flames Fruit from the Lu Family.” Chen Xiang said with a grin, “Little girl, I have a seed of Earth Core Divine Fruit. I’m not afraid to tell you, the thing I gave you to eat was precisely the pulp of the divine fruit.”

Elder Dan’s tender body trembled, her chest was heaving up and down. She was clearly stunned, she asked in a heavy voice, “Is that true?”

Just as Elder Dan’s question fell, a fist-sized red gemstone like thing appeared in Chen Xiang’s hand, it looked very beautiful, with a flame burning at its center.

“I’ll help you get the betting stakes from Lu Family! But you have to keep in mind, don’t plant this divine fruit for now. Wait for me to better reinforce the Extreme Dan King Courtyard’s array and defense first! Also, you absolutely can not allow anyone know about you possessing the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit!” Elder Dan turned very serious. Only after exhorting him again for some time did she leave.

“Who in the end is she? Did I tie some past life knot with her?” Chen Xiang rubbed his chin. He was more and more curious about this Elder Dan. He suddenly felt that the relationship between him and Elder Dan had become more intimate.

Chen Xiang laid on the ground under the shade of the Azure Profound Tree. Sunlight shone upon his eyes through the leaves. As he saw the sunlight, suddenly something clicked in his mind.

“Sister Meiyao, does the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit belongs to Fire Spirit of Creation?” Chen Xiang hastily stood up and asked.

Both the Purple Moon Fire Spirit and the Blue Star Fire Spirit could bring flames of life to the Mortal World, which was why they belong to the category of Fire Spirits of Creation.

“Definitely, can’t you tell that most living things are inseparable from the sun? The reason why Spirit Qi in the world can be constantly produced is greatly due to the Sun. The Blue Star Fire and Purple Moon Fire can bred out earth’s life, and these flames came from sun itself. Therefore the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit is far stronger than any other Fire Spirit. However, you’ve only fused with it recently, and the Fire Spirit is also at its infancy.” Su Meiyao replied.

Chen Xiang’s eyes rotated and said, “When I release the flames, it has a certain aura, isn’t it very similar to sunlight? If so, then I can also breed some life?!”

“This may be ill-advised, but I assume you have to first sense the life force in the Fire Spirit, and then attempt to extract this energy. Perhaps by combining it with the Wood Attribute True Qi, the Dragon Saliva created would have far better effects, but this is just a guess.” Some excitement could be detected in Su Meiyao’s voice.

The [Dragon Saliva Exercise] in the [Divine Exercise of the Four Symbols] was already something that defied heaven. It was truly an earth-shaking phenomenon that this exercise could create a growth accelerating essence, furthermore it also had a strength enhancing effect on the cultivator exercising it. If it was coupled with the powerful life force bred out by the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, wouldn’t it be even more fearsome?

Chen Xiang immediately calmed down his heart, relaxed his whole body, and began searching for the life force in the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit. The Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit was already fused with his body, and it would gradually grow with the absorption of the world’s Spirit Qi. As the Fire Spirit grew up, it would eventually start self-generating energy. At that time, Chen Xiang would have a steady stream of flames, and it would even be possible to nurture a Fire Spirit.

Although the [Dragon Saliva Exercise] could accelerate the growth of spirit herbs, Chen Xiang still felt it was not enough. For instance, if he wanted to make Azure Profound Tree bear Azure Profound Fruit, he needed to create Dragon Saliva for a good few months, then he needed another month to irrigate it. During this period, he further delayed his cultivation. Of course, if other alchemists came to learn about his thoughts, they would be scold him to death, he still had the audacity to say this was not enough!

There was no end to a human’s greed, and Chen Xiang was no exception. His divine sense flowed throughout his body, looking for the life force in the Heavenly Sun FIre Spirit that had fused with his body. Unconsciously, two days already went by, before suddenly his eyebrows started twitching in excitement; he had found it!

The life force was coming from a golden soft and bright mist. It was very, very small, and hid itself inside a flame element grain. It must be know that in various parts of Chen Xiang’s bodies, his bones, blood, and meridians, there were many very small flame particles. This was due to the aftereffects of fusing with the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit. As long as his soul wasn’t destroyed, these mystical flame particles, along with his cultivation, would continue to be produced. When he would release the flames, these particles would bestow him the powerful flames.

Chen Xiang immediately operated the [Dragon Saliva Exercise] and began congealing the Dragon Saliva. He constantly absorbed the life force inside these particles. After the Spirit Qi entered his body, these particle would once again produce this life force in a steady stream, that was why he didn’t stop extracting this life force.

Half a day passed, as Chen Xiang finally opened his eyes. He took out a small cup and opened his mouth. Immediately after, a big ball of liquid surging with golden light fell from his tongue into the cup.

At this time, Chen Xiang was extremely excited, because he was successful! However, he still didn’t know what the effects of this thing was!

“I was actually successful! Haha… Good, I’ll call it Golden Dragon Saliva!” Chen Xiang looked at the golden liquid inside that small cup with delight, it probably had about 40 drops.

He was already under the Azure Profound Tree, and he definitely wanted to test it on the Azure Profound Tree.

Chen Xiang estimated, this Azure Profound Tree would take at least three years to bloom once again, and even if the Dragon Saliva was used, it still needed at least half a year. However, he could use this to properly test the effect of the Golden Dragon Saliva.

Chen Xiang poured the Golden Dragon Saliva in the small cup on the roots, as it was all instantly absorbed by the Azure Profound Tree!


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