Chapter 192 – Golden Dragon Saliva (Part 2)

The Golden Dragon Saliva in the small cup was absorbed in the blink of an eye, this made Chen Xiang and Su Meiyao extremely astonished; if it was the Azure Dragon Saliva from before, it would still need to be poured bit by bit, in order to help make the absorption efficient. If poured too much all of a sudden, it would take a lot of time and much of it would be wasted.

[TLN: 一小杯的黄金龙涎瞬间就被吸收,这让沈翔和苏媚瑶都震惊不已,要是之前那种青色的龙涎,还得一点点的去滴,如果一下子放多了,这是为了有利于吸收。

I think author made some mistake in typing and missed a line, so I added a line considering the description author made in the previous chapters.]

If the absorption was faster, it meant that the quality of the Dragon Saliva was better, it could facilitate the spirit herbs to grow faster. When he cultivated the [Dragon Saliva Exercise] before, he still needed to dilute it with water.

Chen Xiang immediately raised his head and look above, he couldn’t help but quiver in excitement. He saw forty small buds, and only with pouring everything at once, it already made the tree blossomed, moreover, it also doubled the amount from before! Chen Xiang calculated for a moment, if he used a small cup of Golden Dragon Saliva everyday, it might be possible for him to make the tree bore fruits in a month or so!

“It… b…blossomed once again!” Elder Dan just came back, she felt the Azure Profound Tree seemed different. She raised her head to look and immediately saw forty small azure lanterns-like buds. This Azure Profound Tree from the start made her unable to understand its existence, and made her even more unable to understand how this Azure Profound Tree could bear fruits so quickly; if this continues, it won’t be long before it bore fruit once again.

Chen Xiang grinned, “I just woke up and I suddenly saw it blooming again, ha ha… I soon will have forty Azure Profound Fruits!”

Looking at that proud appearance of Chen Xiang, Elder Dan was very jealous. This tree was really too strange, so she doubtfully asked, “Did you do something to this tree? The Azure Profound Fruits have a lot of Spirit Qi. To bear fruit, it needs to absorb a lot of spirit Qi, right, it is never so fast!”

The Azure Profound Tree indeed absorbed a lot of Spirit QI. The Golden Dragon Saliva altered this tree, allowing the tree to absorb Spirit Qi quicker, it extracted all the Spirit Qi from deep underground. So, since Chen Xiang used the Azure Dragon Fruit to bred out this tree, the tree had been madly absorbing Spirit Qi day and night.

In other words, Chen Xiang’s Dragon Saliva transformed the ‘veins’ of these flowers and trees thicker, and simultaneously, it made these flowers and trees have ‘Spiritual Vein’, which could quickly absorb Spirit Qi. Especially the moment when the Dragon Saliva was poured, the rate of absorption was the most.

The efficacy of the Golden Dragon Saliva was even more, because it contained elemental life force in it. This was something which came to existence in primeval period, and even now, various living beings can not do without the life force inside the sunlight.

“I’ll tell you, but only if you let me take a look at your true appearance!” Chen Xiang, after thinking for a while, replied.

“Humph, I will not let you look! I’ll make you curious to death!” Elder Dan tenderly snorted and said. Now, the only way she could feel a little better was thinking about how her true appearance could make Chen Xiang’s heart itch.

She once again asked, “What you said is true? Did you truly do something?” If so, then the ability Chen Xiang grasped is truly too heaven defying. If those forces hunting Fire Spirit came to know about it, Chen Xiang would be in a lot of trouble.

Chen Xiang pursed his lips and said, “I trust you that’s why I’m telling you, however, you do not trust me, why don’t you let me see your true appearance? Likewise, I’ll not tell it to anyone!”

Elder Dan was startled in her heart, however, she coldly replied, “I won’t let you see my face, I’ve got my own reasons, rest assured, I have not arrived at the point of stupidity and tell about this to others!”

“I’ve resolved your things, you still need to be careful, the Lu Family hate you to death!” Elder Dan threw a storage pouch to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang took the storage pouch and chuckled; that day, Elder Dan had witnessed the bet, so it was certainly normal to go and help Chen Xiang acquire the betting stakes. Besides, Chen Xiang was living in the Extreme Dan King Courtyard, and the Lu Family was not unable to give. However, Lu Family in order to not to pay the stakes, had already lost two 2nd level True Martial Realm martial artists, and that was very serious for a family; its worth was far more than the betting stakes, it was as if they had tried to steal a chicken, and only ended up losing the rice used to lure it!

Nine Sun Flames Fruit was the main ingredient for refining the Profound Sun Fire Dan, this was an ingredient for High-Grade Profound Level Dan. Although it was only one, it was still very precious. Chen Xiang, looking at that bright red fruit, could not help but grin, “Getting it was not totally a waste of effort.”

After Elder Dan left, Chen Xiang began operating the Dragon Saliva Exercise, creating that Golden Dragon Saliva. Three days passed and the Azure Profound Tree bloomed once again; it was now exuding an azure brilliance, looking very beautiful.

Early morning, the first ray of sunlight shone, and Chen Xiang had a knowing smile. He left the martial courtyard, fully knowing that the Azure Profound Tree will bear fruit very soon, so he now went to look for Yun Xiaodao and others.

Almost ten days had passed since Yun Xiaodao and others ate the pulp of the Earth Core Divine Fruit, they had already woken up. They had already been waiting for Chen Xiang, and seeing Chen Xiang had arrived, they instantly bombarded Chen Xiang with questions about the pulp. However, Chen Xiang only told them that he obtained a fruit in the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm.

“Considering I gave this good thing to you, you should tell me, in the end, what did you pick up again? The elevation of your cultivation is not slow!” Chen Xiang asked with a smile.

Zhu Rong laughed and said, “Nothing, our luck is just good, we found a large chunk of top-grade crystal stone, afterwards, these two guys sold some of it.”

Most of the time, middle-grade crystal stones were used for trading; both high-grade and top-grade crystal stones were anyhow never used because they were very rare. What the high-grade and top-grade crystal stones contained was not the Spirit Qi, because after the compression, the Spirit Qi inside them was already transformed into pure True Qi. Just a thumb-sized top-grade crystal stone had such a large amount of True Qi, that it could make martial artists rapidly cultivate after absorption.

“Do you want? I can sell you some!” Zhu Rong laughed.

“No need, you can use it for yourself, I can now refine True Elemental Dan, I am not lacking with regards to resources for cultivation.” Chen Xiang smiled and said.

“Right, now should be the start of the allocation of the martial courtyards, let’s go take a look!” Yun Xiaodao slapped his head, because he realized ten days had already passed.

Chen Xiang waited Yun Xiaodao and the others to fully clean themselves, and afterwards, they arrived at a huge square; everywhere in the square, the martial courtyard allocation list was being announced.

“Only fifteenth martial courtyards, a martial courtyard actually have more than thousand disciples, how can I bear this? And also together with a bunch of Mortal Martial Realm disciples!” Unhappiness was clearly visible on Yun Xiaodao’s face, all four of them were allocated in the same martial courtyard, and it was something to be rejoiced about.

“Wu Qianqian is also there, Elder Brother Chen…Hei hei!” Yun Xiaodao smiled very sinisterly.

“I and she are both from the Extreme Dan King Courtyard and already meet regularly, what about it?” Chen Xiang gave him a blank look.

“The pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first, isn’t that young girl already received by you?” Zhu Rong said with a evil smile.

[TLN: Idiom: Taking advantage due to being close to some influential figure or due to some circumstances, as here both stay in Extreme Dan King Courtyard]

“Don’t talk nonsense! She and I are just friends!” Chen Xiang looked at some martial courtyard related rules, among them, a rule made him somewhat depressed; every year, one must complete a task, otherwise, they would be thrown into the Hell Martial Courtyard to accept punishment.

At this time, Xu Weilong suddenly shouted, “Look, Lu Zhengnan is also with us in the same martial courtyard, this is going to be exciting. I also see a lot of famous young True Martial Realm martial artists names, there are also many family disciples names, some of these families have grudges with you!”

Zhu Rong also nodded his head, “Mortal Martial Realm disciples have nothing to fear as long as they don’t enter the True Martial Realm. They are never going to be treated as family, however, if it was a True Martial Realm disciple, in the family, they will be the same as treasure!”

“Chen Xiang, finally now you have appeared!” An angry shout suddenly came from far away.

Chen Xiang was slightly surprised, this was Lu Zhengnan’s voice!


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