Chapter 193 – Betting Head

Because of Lu Zhengnan’s negligence, he made his family lose three Building Foundation Dans and a Nine Sun Flames Fruit. How could it be possible that there were no repercussions? At this moment, his hate for Chen Xiang had reached an extreme peak.

“Was the previous loss still not miserable enough for you?” Chen Xiang grinned as he indifferently replied back. In the square, there were many people. Upon seeing such a spectacle, their spirits were suddenly stirred.

“The Martial Courtyard’s new rules states that as long as the strength is about the same, no challenge can be refused! It was made to have better exchanges between disciples.” Lu Zhengnan clenched his fists. With a fierce look in his eyes, he glared at Chen Xiang.

Obviously, Lu Zhengnan wanted to challenge Chen Xiang. Both of them were True Martial Realm martial artists, and the Extreme Martial Sect’s martial courtyard system had just been changed, ushering two True Martial Realm martial artists into a fierce battle, this stirred up the crowd’s spirit once again.

“If you want to challenge him, you have to go through me first!” A middle-aged man suddenly walked over and stood in front of Chen Xiang. This caused Chen Xiang and others to be slightly surprised. This middle-aged man with an extraordinary bearing was precisely Yao Haisheng, the apprentice that had been cheaply taken in by Chen Xiang previously!

“Mister…Mister Yao, you… why would you act like this!?”

Lu Zhengnan obviously recognized Yao Haisheng. Although everyone knew Yao Haisheng was Chen Xiang’s apprentice, they didn’t take it seriously, it was only treated as a joke. Moreover, many people respected Yao Haisheng a lot. After all, he was a Level-3 Alchemist. For many years in various alchemy competitions, he was among the top, one of the high and most notable figures. His alchemy talent was not bad, and had quite the reputation in the alchemist community of the Extreme Martial Province.

“He is my teacher!” Yao Haisheng dismissively replied. If it was before, he was far too embarrassed to say so, however, now it was different. At the moment, Chen Xiang was not only a True Martial Realm martial artist, he was also a Level-4 Alchemist, an entire level higher than Yao Haisheng! Although it was only one level, the difference was like heaven and earth. He wouldn’t be ridiculed for having such a teacher now.

Chen Xiang smiled and said, “Haisheng, you’ve been in closed door training all this time, what are the results? As a teacher, I’ve been far too busy these past few years and had no time to guide you in alchemy, please forgive me!”

If Chen Xiang said so in the past, it would surely be laughable. However, now no one dare to laugh, because now he possessed the qualifications to speak like this to Yao Haisheng!

Now Yao Haisheng was already convinced in heart and by word. He had finally accepted Chen Xiang as his teacher. Naturally, Chen Xiang was also happy to receive such an apprentice, because he wanted to establish his own influence and as an alchemist, Yao Haisheng met the requirements to join and help bolster Chen Xiang’s forces.

“This apprentice has been concentrating on the True Elemental Dan and the White Jade Dan. I can barely refine True Elemental Dan now, it’s just that I don’t have enough herbs.” Yao Haisheng respectfully replied. Chen Xiang was able to refine the True Elemental Dan and the White Jade Dan, and also of very high quality. This alone made Yao Haisheng feel reverence.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, took out a storage pouch and handed it to his apprentice, he slightly smiled and said, “These are fifty set of herbs for both True Elemental Dans and White Jade Dans, take them and practice! You don’t need to intervene in my matter!”

Yao Haisheng was stunned, everyone looked dumbfoundingly at the storage pouch. Everyone wanted to know whether those things were truly there or not. Chen Xiang could actually be so generous, and gave away so many herbs in one shot!

Yao Haisheng took the storage pouch, just after he injected his divine sense to look, his whole body quivered. Repeatedly in a quivering voice, he expressed his gratitude. Everyone looked on and thought that it was not a false scene. In their hearts, they secretly guessed that Chen Xiang must have obtained many good things in the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, This lead them to have greedy looks in their eyes as they looked at Chen Xiang.

“Lu Zhengnan, you want to challenge me, right! Do you dare to bet once again?” Chen Xiang said with a happy smile. With a ruminating look, he looked at Lu Zhengnan who was still dazed in surprise.

“I…I just want to challenge you, exchange pointers with you in martial arts!” Lu Zhengnan wanted to bet, however, he had nothing to bet.

Chen Xiang’s complexion changed, became extremely gloomy. Time and time again, the Lu wanted to kill him. He had already decided to pay them back tens of hundreds of time over.

“You can bet you head, are you going to bet or not? If you lose, I’ll cut off your head. If I lose, I’ll give you my head!” Chen Xiang sneered, “My head is worth ten million crystal stones, do you agree or not?”

Wasn’t this gambling their lives? In other words, a life and death battle, which was allowed in the sect. However, it seemed Chen Xiang was getting shorter end of the stick, because his head was worth ten million crystal stones, while Lu Zhengnan’s was worthless.

Chen Xiang had already noticed earlier that Lu Zhengnan had entered into the 2nd level of the True Martial Realm. However, the True Qi within his body had also changed a lot, it was a lot stronger than before.

Lu Zhengnan suddenly madly started laughing, “Ha ha… Don’t think you’ll always be the winner, I admit I don’t have anything else to bet with you, however, I have this life to bet! This time, I’ll definitely recover everything I lost along with interest!”

Chen Xiang coldly smiled, silently said in his heart. “Lu Family, I’ll first kill off Lu Zhengnan, and then officially declare a war on you. With Lu Zhengnan’s head, I’ll declare that I, Chen Xiang, am not so easy to bully!”

“Tomorrow morning, Extreme Martial Dazzling Sun Valley!” Lu Zhengnan coldly spoke and then turned around and left.

The Extreme Martial Dazzling Sun Valley was a valley inside a mountain range on one side of numerous martial courtyards. The ground in this valley was very sturdy, furthermore, this valley was fully covered in arrays. Even if True Martial Realm martial artists fought here, it was very difficult to destroy. This place was actually given to True Martial Realm martial artists for competitions.

Zhu Rong began gathering some information about the Lu Family. Meanwhile, Yun Xiadao and Xue Weilong began searching for True Martial Realm disciples with no background, or some 10th level Mortal Martial Realm disciples with good qualifications. These were the kind of people they wanted to rope into their new force.

Chen Xiang, along with Yao Haisheng, went to Yao Haisheng’s residence in the Extreme Dan Courtyard. Chen Xiang guided his disciple in refining True Elemental Dan and White Jade Dan. Which for him, was a very easy thing to do. After all, the other person had called him teacher, he certainly had to act as a teacher should.

Chen Xiang passed down his experience in refining True Elemental Dans and White Jade Dans. Through his clear and simple guidance, Yao Haosheng learned a lot and benefited greatly. This made him admire Chen Xiang even more.

The elders of the Extreme Martial Sect also gathered together to discuss the facilitation of disciple’s effort and cultivation methods. Chen Xiang always felt the Extreme Martial Sect did such in order to deal with the besiegement of other sects, or anything else in that matter.

Chen Xiang had also entered the True Martial Realm for quite some time, however, he still had not seen those legendary ‘Divine Martial Skills’, the heaven level martial skills. This was also one of the Extreme Martial Sect’s core confidential secrets. Ordinarily, one must wait till they entered the True Marital Realm. After advancing, if they had dedicated themselves towards the Extreme Martial Sect to some extent, only then would they be able to learn one of these skills, or if they had a teacher, their teacher could impart these skills onto them.

However, now the rules had been modified. As long as the individual got approval from the Extreme Martial Sect, they could get the Divine Martial Skill. It’s just that the approval standard hasn’t been introduced yet.

The next morning, Chen Xiang arrived at the Extreme Martial Dazzling Sun Valley. The mountainside around it was already filled with a large audience. Once Chen Xiang came, Zhu Rong, Yun Xiaodao and Xue Weilong rushed over.

“Younger brother Chen, Lu Zhengnan’s forces cannot be overlooked. He has a very powerful teacher! That teacher of his has unclear antecedents, but he had mastered the Dragon Martial Technique! I think Lu Zhengnan had also learned it.” Zhu Rong said in a low voice.


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