Chapter 194 – Evil Dragon Martial Technique

Once Chen Xiang heard these three words, ‘Dragon Martial Technique’, a glimpse of a smile appeared on his lips. He was fearless of the Dragon Martial Technique because he cultivated the strongest of them all, the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise]. As long as he understood the depths of the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise]’s mysteries, not only would he be able to restrain all other Dragon Martial Techniques, he could also create new Dragon Martial Techniques!

Ever since yesterday evening, Zhu Rong had been investigating all night. He wanted to know why Lu Zhengnan had so much confidence. Zhu Rong had not expected Lu Zhengnan to actually have a Dragon Martial Technique as assurance, in the eyes of the Chewu Mainland’s martial artists it was something sacred, it was on a similar level to those Divine Martial Skills!

Lu Zhengnan had already arrived, he wore a golden tight light-armor, with one look, it was quite clear that the rank of this armor was not bad. If one possessed this sort of defensive equipment, they would be able to block a part of attack, and the individual would avoid getting seriously injured during a fight.

“King Scale Armor, a 7th level spirit equipment, this guy is pretty rich!” Xu Weilong coldly said, squinting as he looked at Lu Zhengnan.

In order to compare notes better, the usage of weapons were not allowed during the competition. However, armor and defensive equipment could be put on. Last time, Lu Zhengnan lost to Chen Xiang in alchemy, however, Lu Zhengnan was very confident in regards to his strength. Although he knew that Chen Xiang crippled a ton of True Martial Realm martial artists in the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, that was under the situation where Chen Xiang was able to use his True Qi, while other could not. Lu Zhengnan believed that he could also have crippled all those people under the same circumstances.

Yun Xiaodao and the others had already left the martial arts field, going halfway up the mountain to watch the fight. They also looked all around them but still didn’t find any Elders present.

“Chen Xiang, you will not have any chance to regret your actions because you will definitely die today!” While shouting, Lu Zhengnan’s eyes turned red. That originally white face of his was completely covered in black Qi, a few black facial muscles bulged out, his appearance truly looked grim.

Suddenly, an Evil Qi surged out from Lu Zhengnan’s body, making Chen Xiang retreat a few steps back. Looking at this appearance of Lu Zhengnan, Chen Xiang’s complexion turned incomparably heavy, in his heart, he was even more shocked.

“This is the Evil Dragon Martial Technique! It’s a skill that was created as a result of modification of Dragon Martial Technique by some devil path martial artist, this kind of Dragon Martial Technique is very harmful to people. It is harmful for both the cultivator and others, at the early stage, the cultivator would not be able to notice anything wrong, furthermore it would grant a giant boost to their strength. However, if the cultivator is able to reach the later stages, then the cultivator would basically cease to exist, they will first lose their conscience, and then become an extremely evil person.” Bai Youyou said with a surprise. From the very beginning, she was a cultivator from devil’s path, she had a very deep understanding in regards to most things related to devil path.

This Lu Zhengnan’s Evil Dragon Martial Technique gave a scare to Chen Xiang and everyone else present. Then next scene gave even more of a shock to everyone as both of Lu Zhengnan’s hands suddenly turned pitch black. Afterwards, they slowly started swelling, transforming into two pitch black dragon claw, the tip of the claw was very long, looking very grim and frightening.

“Chen Xiang, it’s time for you to die!” Lu Zhengnan’s voice had turned a lot more hoarse, it seemed as if a ferocious beast was talking. At this point, his appearance was very frightening. There were dark scales bulging out on his face, each filled with that Black Qi. Combined with those dark grim dragon claws, it was quite a frightening scene.

Looking at Lu Zhengnan, his appearance was similar to that of a beast-man.

People felt a surge of nausea, and felt fearful of the Evil Qi shrouding the valley. Chen Xiang felt a hostile True Qi filled with evil intentions locking onto him, arising a sense of crisis in Chen Xiang’s mind.

“What kind of teacher does he have!? The technique his master passed down actually turned him something like this!” Chen Xiang secretly thought. At this time, a black mist suddenly flew towards him, followed by a gust of wind. He felt a ruthless and tyrannical force approaching.

With an electric flash, Chen Xiang dodged sideways. If he was even a little bit slower, he would have been struck by those pair of dark dragon claws. Although he had the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, he would inevitably be seriously injured facing such a terrifying evil True Qi,.

This Evil Dragon Martial Technique indeed could allow the cultivator to become very powerful, Chen Xiang secretly sighed at the burst of power that came from Lu Zhengnan just a moment ago.

While Chen Xiang was startled, Lu Zhengnan leapt over like the wind. He fiercely stretched out a claw towards Chen Xiang’s face. Five sharp claw tips shining with a cold glint pierced through the air like five sharp knives accompanied by a powerful burst of Qi. Chen Xiang once again dodged sideways, however, that powerful blow still drew two bloody scratches on his face.

Lu Zhengnan was very quick, just as Chen Xiang had dodged, Lu Zhengnan once again launched another barrage of onslaught. With those incomparably hard and indestructible dark dragon claws, he attacked Chen Xiang. In that way, it was equivalent to Lu Zhengnan using two powerful weapons to attack Chen Xiang.

Meanwhile, Chen Xiang wasn’t able to use his weapon, and for the past while he has fallen under the wind.

Chen Xiang leaned his head once again and dodged sideways. Those rainstorm like sharp claws flew right at him even though he was moving very rapidly. His figure had already disappeared from the field, yet Lu Zhengnan was still able to determine his position accurately! After Lu Zhengnan turned half-beast, his five senses were elevated by many folds, it was very difficult to deal with.

Lu Zhengnan had gathered a lot of True Qi on his arms. As a result, whenever he drew an attack with his hideous arms, he was able to gather a large amount of force and momentum, in that way, his sharp claws became even more powerful.

At this moment, the ground was fully covered in claw marks as a result of the lingering Qi waves released from each strike.

“This guy is actually faster than me!” Chen Xiang was secretly shocked in his heart. Although it was only a tad bit faster, it rendered him unable to fight back.

Once Lu Zhengnan’s onslaught broke out, his power and speed was something to reckon with. It even made some 3rd level and 4th level True Martial Realm martial artists in the audience ashamed of themselves!

But those who truly understood what was going on were actually scared by Chen Xiang. Because despite facing this kind of terrifying onslaught of dragon claws, he only had a few scratches on his face, nothing more. Chen Xiang was basically uninjured, his breathing remained stable, and there was not an ounce of panic on his face. It also appeared that under such circumstances, he was also slowly getting familiar with Lu Zhengnan’s rhythm. Though Lu Zhengnan’s attacks appeared very fierce, you could say that Chen Xiang’s defense was even more formidable.

After having no visible results even after attacking for such a long time, Lu Zhengnan was running out of patience. Suddenly, he emitted a gloomy roar as a black Evil Qi surged out from his body. Both of his arms expanded rapidly in size as scales started popping out on his arms. His appearance became even more grim, his whole body became bloated and larger. Once again, the sight of this transformation made the scalp of onlookers tingle.

“I want your head!” Lu Zhengnan smacked out another palm, however, a lot faster than before. The sudden change in speed caught Chen Xiang off guard, however, he had very rich battle experience. In that instant, a water screen appeared guarding his head. Despite this, he was still sent flying from the force of the dark claw and that water screen just bursted under the pressure.

After Chen Xiang was smacked away by Lu Zhengnan, he transformed into a black silhouette chasing down his victim as his dark claws stamped down on Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang escaped with a quick roll as a Qi cover shrouded his entire body. This was the [Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover] and had extremely powerful defensive capabilities.

Although Lu Zhengnan’s blow failed to hit Chen Xiang, the entire ground was smashed from that one strike, the entire valley shook as a tremor through the ground!

Such a powerful blow, yet Chen Xiang had managed to dodge it. Lu Zhengnan was extremely furious. He uttered an insane howl once again and smacked a palm downwards at the rolling Chen Xiang.

This palm strike caused another sudden tremor to run through the ground. It was clearly evident how powerful Lu Zhengnan’s attacks were. The ground beneath Chen Xiang was completely crushed and sunk in. Nothing happened to Chen Xiang, but his [Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover] was scattered into pieces from the attack.

While Lu Zhengnan’s palm strike was coming towards Chen Xiang, he also stretched out his arm that had been covered in a light mist and grasped Lu Zhengnan’s ankle in a counter attack. Suddenly, crackling sounds were heard, followed by a furious howl from Lu Zhengnan. Chen Xiang had used the [Profound Aura Finger], the formidable martial technique capable of easily destroying spirit weapons just by pinching them! At this time, Chen Xiang had already stepped into the 2nd Level of the True Martial Realm and with his terrifying Universal True Qi, he completely crush Lu Zhengnan’s ankle!

When Lu Zhengnan’s ankle was crushed, he felt indescribable pain coursing through his leg.

With the sudden impulse of intense pain, Lu Zhengnan spewed out blood. That bloated grim body of his was slowly getting smaller…


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