Chapter 195 – Duel

Lu Zhengnan’s ankle was crushed and it was an extremely painful experience. He was furious and fiercely smacked a palm towards Chen Xiang. Lu Zhengnan pounced with all his strength, aiming directly at Chen Xiang’s head.

Chen Xiang’s response was very fast. He raised his hand and welcomed those grim clams with his own palms. The two palms struck each other and erupted with a thunderous sound. A sudden tremor ran through the ground thereby shaking the valley.

Lu Zhengnan let out another painful howl. His huge grim palm was completely covered in blood. When Chen Xiang extended his palm a moment ago, he used the [Profound Aura Finger] and the [Shocking Heaven Palm] simultaneously, two Earth Level Martial Skills! Not only did his blow pierce through Lu Zhengnan’s palm and completely crush it, a terrifying and powerful Qi also entered his body through the palm.

This terrifying and powerful Qi passed directly through Lu Zhengnan’s arm, shaking it from the inside out and crushing it inch by inch. His arm dangled by his side, rendered completely useless.

Just a few seconds had passed, yet Chen Xiang had successfully counterattacked, messed up Lu Zhengnan’s rhythm, gained the upper hand, and crushed Lu Zhengnan’s arm and foot. As a result, Lu Zhengnan completely lost his sanity and howled over and over, turning even more ferocious! Relying on his remaining foot, he leaped towards Chen Xiang. Lu Zhengnan’s other palm smacked towards Chen Xiang, those five sharp claws on that hideous palm were completely covered in an evil and frightening aura.

Chen Xiang didn’t dodge, he mobilized all the Azure Dragon True Qi in his body instead. His arm was immediately covered in Azure True Qi and transformed into an Azure Dragon Claw.

The Azure Dragon claw and the Dark Dragon claw struck each other, appearing evenly matched. However, Chen Xiang had released all of his Azure Dragon True Qi and his blow was a lot stronger compared with Lu Zhengnan’s.

Both claws collided with each other and the entire valley fiercely shook once again. A thunderous sound rang throughout the horizon, immediately followed by a blood-curdling scream coming from Lu Zhengnan. His entire arm had disappeared, Chen Xiang’s Azure Dragon claw swept through everything in its path and blasted everything to smithereens.

Lu Zhengnan reverted back to his usual state. Chen Xiang couldn’t help but admit that if he was not careful a moment ago, he definitely would have been squeezed to death by Lu Zhengnan’s frightening claws. When he had turned half-beat half-human, his strength and speed increased exponentially. Especially that explosive force, it even left Chen Xiang with a lingering fear.

“Chen Xiang…You…You’re also in the 2nd level of the True Martial Realm?” Lu Zhengnan’s complexion turned completely pale from fear as he looked at Chen Xiang, panicked.

Lu Zhengnan originally believed that after he had stridden into 2nd level of the True Martial Realm, and also learned such a powerful Evil Dragon Martial Technique, Chen Xiang would not pose any threat. How could Lu Zhengnan have known that Chen Xiang also entered the 2nd level of the True Martial Realm, and he would be so powerful despite being in the same level. In addition, Chen Xiang still had the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, his strength was unfathomable. He had once used that blade to behead 3rd level True Martial Realm martial artist when he was only in the 1st level of the True Martial Realm.

Suddenly, True Qi rushed out from Chen Xiang’s left arm, transforming into a blade shape. A weapon created from vigorous True Qi would also be very sharp. Depending on how rich the True Qi was, the weapon formed could also be a lot more formidable and could even be compared with some spirit weapons.

“Chen Xiang, you can not kill me!” Lu Zhengnan was panic-stricken, as he hastily shouted.

Chen Xiang gave him a deadpan look. While Lu Zhengnan was still processing Chen Xiang’s response, he had already appeared in front of Lu Zhengnan in a flash. Chen Xiang waved that broadsword of True Qi, hacking on Lu Zhengnan’s neck, and completely separated his head.

Looking at the head tumbling on the ground, with the wide opened eyes filled with fear belonging to Lu Zhengnan, everyone present felt horrified in their hearts. Especially some True Martial Realm martial artists, compared to those Mortal Martial Realm martial artists, they had a deeper understanding of the battle, and Chen Xiang’s strength gave them a huge shock.

More than twenty thousand disciples came to watch the fight. When they saw Lu Zhengnan being killed, everyone broke into hubbub. After all, Lu Zhengnan was a rare talented True Martial Realm disciple of the Extreme Martial Sect, not to mention he was also an alchemist. Furthermore, he also had the famous Lu Family from the Extreme Martial Province supporting him. Now that Chen Xiang killed Lu Zhengnan, there was no doubt that a ridge had been forged between Chen Xiang and the Lu Family.

Just as Chen Xiang bent down to pick up the storage bracelet belonging to Lu Zhengnan. A loud shout “Zhengnan!” was heard from far away, just as the shout resounded, Chen Xiang felt a burst of powerful Qi approaching him. He instantly jumped back to dodge, while a trembling old man appeared next to Lu Zhengnan’s dead body.

Lu Shang! He was precisely that Elder Lu who had viciously acted against Chen Xiang that day. Chen Xiang didn’t expect Elder Lu to actually make an appearance now.

“Chen Xiang, did you do this?” Lu Shang faced Chen Xiang and shouted, sounding extremely furious.

“He and I bet our heads, he lost, so I cut off his head!” Chen Xiang dismissively said. At the same time, he was secretly mobilizing his True Qi, he feared Lu Shang would launch a sneak attack. Regardless of anything else, one must know that Lu Shang was a lot more powerful than Chen Xiang.

Lu Shang glared at Chen Xiang and roared, “Chen Xiang, you have already won our Lu Family’s Nine Sun Flames Fruit along with three Building Foundation Dans, how can you still act like this!? You’re actually still being so unreasonable and killed our Lu Family’s rare genius!”

“Hahaha…” Chen Xiang suddenly broke into laughter, “Old mongrel, you are already clear about the matter and still came here to bark lies. It was him who first challenge me, furthermore, the knot between me and your Lu Family is already impossible to unravel!”

“The last time I left the Extreme Martial Sect, your Lu Family sent two 2nd level True Martial Realm martial artists to assassinate me. Fortunately, I had a good weapon, and it was the only reason I was able to turn the tables and kill those two guys.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Shang’s heart was shaken. The Lu Family’s two 2nd level True Martial Realm martial artists were killed by Chen Xiang! This made Lu Shang even angrier.

Seeing Lu Shang’s sore point had been pricked, Chen Xiang continued speaking, “Your Lu Family didn’t want to pay up those betting stakes, and thought of killing me again and again! When I managed to deal with the people sent by you to assassinate me, you still attacked and seriously injured me last time in the Black Tortoise Mountain, forcing me into the Netherworld Abyss. Fortunately, my luck was not bad, and I was able to come back alive.”

“Chen Xiang, don’t make slanderous accusations! Fell down into the Netherworld Abyss and was still able to come back alive? Speak only if you have evidence!” Lu Shang retorted.

His voice was loud. After everyone around them heard, they were all very surprised. However, most of them were suspicious regarding Chen Xiang’s claims. Anyone who fell down into the Netherworld Abyss truly had never come back out.

Chen Xiang had already guessed Lu Shang would rather die than admit his crimes. Chen Xiang once again sneered and said, “Take your Lu Family’s genius corpse and go, he sought his own death.”

The anger in Lu Shang’s heart had already reached the boiling point, he roared, “Chen Xiang, you are provoking our Lu Family again and again. Not only did you trick Lu Zhengnan into a betting fight with you using sinister tricks. You also slandered my Lu Family, I’ll kill you, I simply cannot forgive you!”

Lu Shang became resolute in his heart and swooped over towards Chen Xiang. Lu Shang punched out as a deep and strong True Qi overflowed from his arm. Striking through the air, crackling sounds could be heard as a thick layer of soil was scraped off from the ground from the resulting wind.

This was the strength of 9th level of the True Martial Realm, it was several times more powerful than Chen Xiang’s blow.

Looking at that terrifying punch coming from Lu Shang, everyone believed Chen Xiang was dead, without any exception. Just as they expected Chen Xiang to become a pile of meat from the punch, he actually also punched out. He attacked like lightning, his strength was also very powerful. Accompanied by the explosion of True Qi from the fists was a fierce wind that smashed everything in its path into pieces.

Wasn’t Chen Xiang in the 2nd level of the True Martial Realm? Now he actually had strength equivalent to the 9th level of the True Martial Realm!


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