Chapter 0198 – A Man’s Heart Is Incomprehensible

As the gate of the Extreme Martial Sect opened, those originally loud screams suddenly all quieted down. After the gate was opened, a mighty pressure pressed down upon them, making those people quickly retreat at least a few steps.

Suddenly, many people surged out from the gate. Furthermore, each and every one of them was very strong. The crowd couldn’t help but be worried, if the Extreme Martial Sect, regardless of righteousness, arrested all of them and killed them, then their families wouldn’t have any say in the matter.

The majority of the those who came to crusade against Chen Xiang were high-level figures of various families, even the patriarch and elders of families came. Their strength was above the True Martial Realm, but now faced with so many powerful True Disciples from the Extreme Martial Sect, they lacked self-confidence in their hearts. At the same time, they were secretly shocked at the strength of the Extreme Martial Sect.

Chen Xiang also didn’t expect Wu Kaiming to actually call a good twenty to thirty True Disciples. Also, many of them were stronger than the 9th level of the True Martial Ream, a few of them were even in Extreme Realms. Such a lineup was very scary, the crowd was nearly scared to death.

Those who came to crusade against Chen Xiang, noticed the masked Elder Dan as well as a bald man with white eyebrows and a beard. All of them quivered and they were all suddenly drenched in a cold sweat. These were two of the top figures in the Extreme Martial Sect, and Chen Xiang walked beside them!

Contrary to everyone’s expectations, Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming, these level of figures, actually stood up for Chen Xiang, this made everyone hesitate.

“Weren’t you all looking for me, some things are better said in person. If I remember correctly, I didn’t kill those people, just crippled them. It shouldn’t be that difficult for them to personally come here! This matter is between me and them, make those people come and stand in front of me. Let’s take a look at who’s to blame!” Chen Xiang coldly said. With both his hands behind his back, he stepped forward and gazed over those people.

“You better not talk nonsense, the disciples of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire have confirmed that your people had wanted to rob Chen Xiang first. Him crippling them is also a matter of course!” Wu Kaiming sneered. He stared at those people, just one glance of his made these people not dare to release their anger.

Chen Xiang loudly shouted, “Speak, why are you not speaking now? Before didn’t you all curse me very happily? Said I was devil lord, said I was unethical, said I was evil… This is equal to slandering me.”

While speaking, Chen Xiang’s slaughtering heart following his mood fluctuations and erupted with a tremendous amount of Slaughter Qi. These people were suddenly extremely scared and alarmed, and quickly retreated even further.

“According to the junior of my Li Family that you crippled, you attacked him for no reason whatsoever. He didn’t even try to rob you, he only stayed on the island to explore for treasure.” A middle-aged man took a deep breath, and spoke loudly, “The Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire’s disciples are not speaking the truth, I think you’ve brought them over to your side.”

Others also steeled their hearts as they all started shouting one by one.

“If you didn’t hurt our children for no reason, we wouldn’t have posted so high a bounty for you!”

“Exactly, your Extreme Martial Sect is relying on numbers for advantage, this is savage and unreasonable!”

“Chen Xiang, you better give us an explanation!”

Chen Xiang frowned, and said in a heavy tone, “You call those crippled guys of yours over, I’ll give everyone a satisfactory explanation.”

“Don’t expect us to do that! Is it not enough that you have crippled them? You also want to stab and poke at their wounds?” A man shouted.

Elder Dan, Wu Kaiming and the others only observed because Chen Xiang said he wanted to deal it himself and didn’t need them to intervene. They also wanted to take a look at how their young martial planned to deal with these guys in the end.

Chen Xiang suddenly took out a Building Foundation Dan, and said, “This is a Building Foundation, whoever admits that their people wanted to rob me, I will give this Building Foundation Dan to them.”

That crowd of people suddenly quieted down. Everyone glanced at each other, having some hesitation. Although these people hadn’t seen a Building Foundation Dan before in their lives, they had seen a few pictures in the book. They also knew that Chen Xiang had won three Building Foundation Dans from the Lu Family. A single Building Foundation Dan was worth a good few hundred thousand crystal stones. If given to a 10th level Mortal Martial Realm martial artist, it could even allow them to enter the True Martial Realm. If it were auctioned, five to six hundred thousand crystal stones were nothing difficult to obtain.

Although these families could afford a few hundred thousand crystal stones, the Building Foundation Dan was a rare dan with no definite market price. At this point, all of them were faced with a great temptation.

Seeing these people completely silent, Chen Xiang again took out another Building Foundation Dan and coldly smiled.

“Two, if someone admits their own family member wanted to rob me, I will give them these two Building Foundation Dans. There are so many people in here as witness, I will absolutely not go back on my words!”

Upon seeing this, Elder Dan secretly clenched her teeth and quickly transmitted to Chen Xiang, “You might as well as give these two Building Foundation Dans to me, I will help you deal with them!”

Chen Xiang replied back, “I’m not someone who will suffer loss, little girl just see how this martial uncle will deal with them!”

Suddenly a middle-aged man shouted, “I admit that our family disciple indeed fabricated the facts and deceived me. Just a moment ago, after thinking about it, I felt his words had a lot of flaws and the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire’s disciples are honest. What they said should be true, and indeed our family disciple wanted to snatch your treasure first.”

This man’s words made many people curse him in their hearts. Just a moment ago, this very person insisted that Chen Xiang had crippled family member for no reason. However, now for two Building Foundation Dans, he completely turned his back on his family member. They didn’t expect this man to actually be so thick-skinned.

Chen Xiang smiled, “So you are not going to pursue the matter?”

That man nodded, “Not going to be pursued!”

They were already crippled, to pursue this matter would also not result in any better conditions. All he had to do was just say few words and he could get two Building Foundation Dans, why not do it?

“What is your name? I’ll have to remember which family is speaking and that they’re not going to pursue me!” Chen Xiang asked.

“I’m Li Chang from the Li Family of the True Martial Province, I’m an elder of Li Family, and can make Li Family not dwell on this matter.” That middle-aged man immediately replied, while staring at those two Building Foundation Dans in Chen Xiang’s hand.

Before, the ones who cursed most fiercely were the members of the Li Family. However, now they were also the first to change their stance. Chen Xiang already knew these people came here to ask for compensation, because he had a lot of precious things. These sorts of people had long been eyeing them.

Chen Xiang relying on money to prove his innocence was also a normal thing to do

Chen Xiang happily smiled and said, “Good, these Building Foundation Dans are now yours. However, you have to remain here.”

As the two Building Foundation Dans Chen Xiang threw over landed on Li Chang’s hands, his hands slightly trembled. He had lived for so long, yet it was still first time touching the Building Foundation Dans, moreover, two at once!

The Extreme Martial Sect’s members were also very surprised, they had not expected Chen Xiang to actually use this kind of method to resolve the problem. This made them quite disappointed, at the same time, they also felt their hearts ache. Two Building Foundation Dans were so cheap to this young man.

“Chen Xiang, the Li Family is Li Family, and our Luo Family is different.” A middle-aged man suddenly shouted. He was very envious, he didn’t expect this Lu Shang to actually be so fast to speak. Even more so for him to be so thick-skinned, as well as obtaining two Building Foundation Dans.

One by one, those people started shouting.

Chen Xiang slightly smiled, and took out four Building Foundation Dans. The instant these four Building Foundation Dans appeared, everyone continuously rushed to admit their family disciple was wrong at first, and wanted to rob Chen Xiang.

A good fifty to sixty people had come. Of course, Chen Xiang would not give all of them Building Foundation Dans. Instead, Chen Xiang just smiled and said, “Thank you, everybody, for proving my innocence.” After he finished speaking, he retrieved those Building Foundation Dans.

Those people were dumbfounded. At this time, they remembered that Chen Xiang hadn’t expressed that he would give them these four Building Foundation Dans like before. Moreover, because they were worried other people might get in front of them, they all hurried to admit their own juniors fault.

Chen Xiang grinned and said, “Rest assured, I won’t let you go back empty-handed. I will reward those four Building Foundation Dans for the head of Li Chang. As long as someone kills him, I’ll give them these four Building Foundation Dans!”


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