Chapter 199 – Inducements

Four Building Foundation Dans; it was but worth two to three million crystal stones and was actually given as a reward for one True Martial Realm martial artist. It was very generous; even rewards of those major sects was not so much.

When Li Chang heard this, his complexion suddenly changed. He immediately raised his guard, in his heart, he was cursing Chen Xiang. While the others had deathly stares at Li Chang, they were considering whether or not they should act!

The bounty on Chen Xiang was in itself ten million crystal stones, but now, no one dared to move their hands against him because Chen Xiang was at the entrance of the Extreme Martial Sect. If Chen Xiang was outside, these people would have already swarmed him.

“Li Chang is mine!” An old man coldly said as he took out a long blade. Cold Qi started overflowing from the long blade continuously, and the crowd could not help but spread out.

“Wang Lu, are you serious?” Li Chang was slightly startled as he loudly shouted. At the same time, he slowly and vigilantly retreated.

Chen Xiang, in his heart, was laughing; he knew all these people came from the same place, and all of them belonged to various great families As long as they were part of a great family, there would always be some kind of conflict between them. It was to the point that even some of them could not wait to find an opportunity to finish each other.

Elder Dan, Wu Kaiming and the other elders could not help but praise Chen Xiang’s methods. However, Chen Xiang had now taken out six Building Foundation Dans, and this was not worth the candle.

“Of course I’m serious. Your Li Family originally had enmity with our Wang Family, so what if I kill you!” Wang Lu made a sinister laugh, and, with a very unusual step, he instantly arrived beside Li Chang. He waved that long blade bursting with cold Qi in his hands and fiercely cleaved downwards.

At this moment, a gust of cold wind blew towards all four directions; everyone could not help but shiver from the cold. Chen Xiang noticed that Wang Lu was in the 3rd level of the True Martial Realm, meanwhile, Li Chang was in the 2nd level of the True martial Realm; there was a great disparity between them! No wonder Li Chang’s complexion was full of fear.

In just a few seconds, Li Chang was hacked by three blade strikes. However, his wounds were devoid of blood; they were sealed in ice, and fortunately, all of this happened in front of the entrance of the Extreme Martial Sect which had plenty of space, allowing him to cast his skills.

Under normal circumstances, there would always be a large gap between 2nd level and 3rd level True Martial Realm martial artists. A 2nd level facing someone at the 3rd level would be completely suppressed and could do nothing to fight back. During the battle, Li Chang could do nothing but dodge, and even escaping was not an option.

Of course, if it was Chen Xiang, this abnormal facing a common 3rd level True Martial Realm martial artist, the scenery would be completely reversed. If Chen Xiang used the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, almost all ordinary 3rd level True Martial Realm martial artists wouldn’t be able to do anything but wait for their demise.

“Wang Lu, I, Li Chang, even if I die, will not let you have it easy!” Li Chang viciously shouted. Regardless of that fleeting strength released from the long blade, he still punched out, and as the long blade’s thrust came over, he blasted a punch at Wang Lu’s dantian with all his might. A burst of Qi waves broke out, shaking the ground from the aftershock. Meanwhile, Lu Chang’s chest was also pierced.

Wang Lu had not expected Li Chang to actually exhaust all of his strength before death, opting to ruthlessly punch him. He retreated a few steps while blood flowed out from the corners of his mouth. After the cold Qi from the blade pierced Li Chang’s body, everything in his body was frozen by the cold Qi; he was already frozen to death.

Wang Lu pulled out his knife from Li Chang and retrieved the two Building Foundation Dans. Afterward, he covered his abdomen and coldly smiled. Although he suffered some serious injury, he still earned big time. In addition to the four Building Foundation Dans from Chen Xiang, he had altogether six Building Foundation Dans, so he felt killing Lu Chang was totally worth it!

Seeing this frightening scene, although many were lamenting in their heart because of the death of a True Martial Realm martial artist, many were actually more jealous. Wang Lu had obtained six Building Foundation Dans, and if it was used with caution, even three True Martial Realm martial artists could be nurtured. All of them hated themselves for being weaker than Wang Lu, otherwise, they would have already acted.

All these people before came united to crusade against Chen Xiang, however, now they were fighting among themselves for the Building Foundation Dans. They were brutally killing each other, and it was evident that in these people’s eyes, the interest of their family was more important!

Wang Lu came in front of Chen Xiang and said, “I killed Li Chang, my reward?”

Chen Xiang took out four Building Foundation Dans, and after pondering for a moment, he said, “Before I give you, I want to ask you a question, and you have to answer me honestly. Or else I will not give it to you!

Wang Lu frowned, from his wrinkled face, it was evident that he was slightly angry. He coldly replied, “Ask!”

“Did you know that I crippled those True Martial Realm martial artists only because they wanted to rob me?”

Chen Xiang was intently observing Wang Lu.

“No!” Wang, Lu after thinking for a while, replied.

Chen Xiang sneered, “So now are you also going to hold me accountable for crippling your Wang Family disciples?”

“I am not going to hold you accountable. Are you going to give me the Building Foundation Dans or not? Or is it you’re going to go back on your words in front of so many people?” Wang Lu in his heart was extremely furious.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give it to you, I just wanted to prove my innocence! I ask you, a while ago, you and Li Chang had the most conspicuous voice as you called me a devil and all sort of things, why are you suddenly not pursuing the matter anymore? So to say, you were slandering me before, right?” Chen Xiang asked.

“I admit, before we have truly slandered you, but then…”

“Enough!” Chen Xiang’s voice became heavy as a monstrous Slaughter Qi suddenly surged out from his body. Everyone only saw an azure flash, before a blood fountain shot out as Wang Lu’s head fell to the ground.

Blood dripping from the azure giant blade, while Wang Lu’s body and head was lying in a pool of blood, Chen Xiang actually killed Wang Lu, this action of his was totally out of everyone’s expectation, even more so for Wang Lu, that was the only reason Chen Xiang was so quickly able to behead him.

Chen Xiang coldly smiled and stared at those people who came for him, “In the end, he had slandered me, you all have heard him admitting himself that he had slandered me!”

These people’s heart started beating rapidly; they could not help but be horrified!

From Wang Lu’s headless corpse, Chen Xiang retrieved the two Building Foundation Dans. Looking at his actions, everyone could not help but admire his methods. At first, it appeared he had lost the Building Foundation Dans, however, now he not only prevented himself from suffering any loss, he had also made these people admit themselves from their own mouth that he did nothing wrong. At the same time, he had also made Wang Lu kill Li Chang, and at last, he had a just cause for killing Wang Lu.

“Previously, when I took out four Building Foundation Dans, you said so yourself that your family’s juniors were at fault first. Are you still not going to leave? Or is it you want to stay here to join two on their funeral? I don’t mind killing a few more!” Chen Xiang, with a deadpan look, glanced at all of those people.

“Things have been resolved. Previously, you yourselves have admitted to the fact that your disciples were wrong, and you also said so yourself, you no longer held Chen Xiang accountable. All of us have clearly heard it.” Wu Kaiming said in a clear voice.

“If you dare to lie, then don’t blame me for not being polite. Don’t harass my Extreme Martial Sect’s disciples!” Elder Dan’s voice sounded cold, it was brimming with Slaughter Qi.

These people moaned and groaned in their heart. However, they felt they were a lot better than Wang Lu and Li Chang, at least, they were not dead. All of them had previously thought Chen Xiang was a young and frivolous guy, however, contrary to their expectations, his subtlety was too deep, and just with few actions, he had neatly solved everything, not to mention the fact that they also could not refute anything anymore.

After returning to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard, Chen Xiang laid on a couch and looked at those flowers glittering in azure aura on the Azure Profound Tree, waiting for the tree to bear fruits.

Elder Dan also often came to visit. Those were but forty Azure Profound Fruits, and an extremely rare fruit at that. However, now the speed of their growth was even faster than ordinary fruits.