Chapter 200 – New Extreme Martial Sect

“I say, woman, why have you been visiting a man’s house alone so frequently? Even more so tightly covered.” Chen Xiang teased upon seeing Elder Dan came again.

“Humph, this Extreme Dan King Courtyard is my domain! Wherever I want to go, I’ll go!” Elder Dan retorted with a cold snort, before raising her head to look at those Azure Profound Flowers. She had been waiting for them to bear fruits.

Chen Xiang smiled and said, “Don’t look, they are not yours. As the owner of this tree, I’m not worried, why the fuck are you so anxious!”

“I can look at the flowers can’t I?” Elder Dan replied.

“Do you like these flowers? I, your martial uncle, can pick one for you.” Chen Xiang said. Just as he was about to jump, Elder Dan hastily stopped him.

“DON’T! One of those flowers is equivalent to one Azure Profound Fruit!”

After realizing Elder Dan was really in need of the Building Foundation Dans, Chen Xiang asked, “Why do you need so many Building Foundation Dans?”

“I have my own reasons!” Elder Dan replied in low voice, she looked around for a bit and then left.

Chen Xiang looked at those beautiful azure flowers before jumping and picking one, afterward, he left towards Elder Dan’s room.

As Elder Dan opened the door, she was startled for a second before tenderly shouting, “You idiot, you really plucked one?”

Chen Xiang giggled and said, “You often came to see those flowers, don’t you like them? This is a present from me!” The flower in his hand was indeed beautiful, although it was separated from the tree, it was still glittering with an azure aura. Moreover, wafting in was a slight flowery fragrance.

“You…humph, you really are an idiot!” Elder Dan was extremely furious. However, she didn’t know why but she was feeling sweet and warm in her heart.

“If you don’t want it, then I can give it to Qianqian.” Chen Xiang pursed his lips. As he was about to take his leave, Elder Dan grabbed him.

“Who says I don’t want it!” Elder Dan snatched that flower and lightly stroked it before taking a whiff. Though she was distressed in her heart, she was very happy as well. She was quite pleased with herself, after all, it was the first time someone was gifting her a flower, and such a precious flower at that!

“Take off your mask then!” Chen Xiang couldn’t help but ask this again, he truly wanted to see the appearance of this mysterious female.


Elder Dan tenderly snorted, before closing the door in his face.

“There truly is no payment for a good deed!” Chen Xiang kicked the door before taking his leave.

Seeing all this, Su Meiyao somewhat jealously said, “Good brother, sister has kissed your cheeks already but I’ve never ever received any flowers from you!”

Bai Youyou also coldly snorted and said, “Humph, that masked-woman has not even revealed her face, yet you still gave her such a gift!”

Long Xueyi also spoke in a low tone, “Exactly, completely biased! I’ve helped you a good number of times and you’ve not given me any flowers!”

A woman’s jealousy was very strong, Chen Xiang now finally realized this point. Even Bai Youyou, this cold beauty, was like this.

“Hei hei, however, I’ve bought you a lot of beautiful clothes and jewelry. If you want flowers, I’ll immediately go now and pluck one for you!” Chen Xiang replied with a laugh.

Of course, Su Meiyao and others were just casually saying this and upon hearing Chen Xiang’s response, they hastily stopped him. That flower was the base for the Azure Profound Fruits, picking one was equivalent to wasting one Azure Profound Fruit! However, Chen Xiang still plucked a few other beautiful flowers and gave to these three beauties. He knew that women would often superficially say they do not want something, however, in their hearts they very much wanted it.

Every time he bought clothes for them, they always said it was enough, we have too many already. However, whenever they got their hands on the new clothes, their happiness was completely obvious.

Chen Xiang went over to the square with the notice boards to look at the new rules.

The three thousand martial courtyards of the Extreme Martial Sect were completely rectified and turned into fifty huge martial courtyards. At this point, no one was allowed to go out, while everyone could only remain in their respective martial courtyards. The Extreme Dan Courtyard’s disciples and a few other individuals with special circumstances were an exception. This was done in order to strengthen the interactions and relations between disciples.

Now there were a total of only fifteen Inner Martial Courtyards. The overall strength of these fifteen martial courtyards could be said to be relatively the same. However, the disciples in these fifteen martial courtyards still felt somewhat out of sort.

In order to boost the competition within the Extreme Martial Sect, various new things were introduced, all of which could stimulate the disciples to strive to improve their cultivation. For instance, martial courtyards, although they did not have rankings, were divided into golden martial courtyards, silver martial courtyards and bronze martial courtyards according to the color of their number plates. Golden martial courtyards were obviously the best, the disciples of these martial courtyards were very diligent, and it was evident from the number of missions they had completed, the many awards from various competitions, and so on. Silver martial courtyards and bronze martial courtyards though were slightly worse.

“Holy shit, in order to get the golden number plate, the disciples of the respective martial courtyards have to complete a thousand level-10 missions. If disciples want to become disciples of the golden martial courtyards, they have to complete a hundred level-10 missions! What the fuck is this!?” Yun Xiaodao roared after seeing the new content on the notice board.

The missions were divided into levels 1 to 10, with level 10 being the hardest.

“We need to complete ten thousand level-1 missions before becoming golden disciples, how can there be so many missions to complete?” Looking at those numbers, Zhu Rong was completely confused. He was afraid to do any mission, in his opinion, it was an unrewarding task.

Chen Xiang smiled and said, “The Extreme Martial Sect seems to be lacking crystal stones. In the entire Chenwu Mainland, few things could tempt sect disciples to do the job.”

“Don’t expect me to do so many missions, I’ll just finish one once every year, that’s all.” Zhu Rong was in fact very lazy. To make him do something thousands, or even hundreds of times was simply asking for his life.

“Every year the golden disciples will get five hundred True Elemental Dans and a million crystal stones as a benefit! The golden martial courtyard’s disciples who complete more tasks compared with the others will also get very generous benefits!” Looking at this, Yun Xiaodao could not help but be astonished.

“Motherfucker, this father must get hold of some of the prestige of being a golden disciple!” After seeing this, Zhu Rong’s eyes almost popped out. The benefits golden disciples obtained were terrifying good.

Xu Weilong pointed at one region and said, “The level-5 missions can be taken in groups of two or less, level-6 to level-9 allows fifty people at most, while level-10 missions can be done by a team of a hundred. In consideration of our current strength, we can at most do level-5 missions! If two people go, it will also be very efficient!”

A hundred people completing a level-10 mission was regarded as everyone completing once, which was rather good.

They suddenly looked at Chen Xiang, if they were with Chen Xiang, then it would be very easy.

“Don’t look at me! If I’m together with you, you’ll only be more dependent on me, and that’s not good for your future growth!” Chen Xiang scoffingly said, “I’ll go together with Wu Qianqian, don’t expect me to go with you!”

“Hoes before bros, fuck you!” Xu Weilong and the trio cursed in unison.

These dans simply didn’t get in the eyes of Chen Xiang. Whether he went or not didn’t matter to him, he could get hold of a mission to refine many dans once in a while. Because of this, it would be hard to say which year or month he would be able to get the golden disciple title.

“Look here, there is also an arena ranking. Ten wins in a row and you can get the title of bronze warrior, get a streak of thirty and you can get silver warrior, a streak of fifty and there’s the golden warrior. The golden warriors have the opportunity to learn divine martial skills personally from the Dean.” Yun Xiaodao shouted.

“A winning streak of fifty is not that easy! Moreover, the arrangement of battle is done by a lottery. If someone is faced with Chen Xiang or another kind of freak, wouldn’t they be completely done for?” Zhu Rong shook his head. Although the benefits of a golden warrior were rather good, achieving it was not that easy.

Xu Weilong shouted, “Look here, this King Martial Courtyard, is a special place just for outstanding disciples. As well as any bronze disciples who have the silver warrior title or higher! This King Martial Courtyard’s chief is the Dean!!!”

“Interesting!” Chen Xiang rubbed his chin. This update of rules suddenly made him eager to make trouble. He secretly praised these new rules of the Extreme Martial Sect, it was indeed very difficult to inspire people to fight but these new set of rules had indeed accomplished this!

“Squinted dragon, let’s make a team!” Zhu Rong hand draped over Xu Weilong’s shoulder, “You’ve already seen Lao Zhu’s luck.”

Yun Xiaodao moaned, “I’m in trouble, I’ll need to group up with my fucking wife!”

Chen Xiang laughed, “Right, you’ve been married for so long but none of us have seen your wife before!”

“Best not to see.” Yun Xiaodao heaved a sigh.

The Martial Courtyards had already been reformed. Chen Xiang along with Yun Xiaodao and the others entered the new martial courtyard, and arrived at the arranged place for them. It was very small, to be exact, it was a small house for a few people to live in. Most of the area was used to construct a number of arenas and a few places to practice.

What made Chen Xiang confused was that there were actually two very beautiful girls in here. One was Zhu Rourou, Zhu Rong’s sister, while the other one was Yun Suyi, Yun Xiaodao’s sister.


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