Chapter 202 – Divine Sword Province

The Extreme Martial Sect’s reformation was almost finished, that was why most of the disciples were now living in their respective courtyards. Many disciples even began to receive missions and the generous benefits, as well as compete with other disciples.

Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong and Xu Weilong, the trio now didn’t lack any resources, and now their only concern was to how to get the golden disciple title as soon as possible, since all of them were a lazy bunch.

Chen Xiang resided in the Extreme Dan King Courtyard in the night, and if he was free during the daytime, Yun Xiaodao and trio would always come in here to brag.

Today, as Chen Xiang walked into the small room, he saw a white-haired old man with calm demeanor present; he immediately recalled that this old man was once together with the elders, and he should also be an elder from the Elder Courtyard.

“I’m Elder Tan, the elder responsible for assigning the missions.” That old man introduced himself with a smile. The trio of Yun Xiaodao, Xu Weilong, and Zhu Rong was also inside the hall.

“Elder Tan what can I do for you?” Chen Xiang asked; the young elders of the Extreme Martial Sect were relatively large in number, and they were also stronger compared to their older counterparts. When disciples saw these younger elders, they generally didn’t need to observe proper obeisance, and because of that, many elders were easy to approach.

“I came here to give you a task.” Elder Tan’s complexion turned somewhat serious, “Only you can complete this task because only you can reach that place quickly.”

Chen Xiang nodded his head; he had Vermilion Bird Firewings, and anywhere would be a piece of cake for him to quickly reach.

“We have just received information that our Extreme Martial Sect’s disciples in the vicinity of the Proud Sword Sect have encountered an attack from the devil path martial artists. These devil path martial artists are not very strong, and they are more or less in the 2nd and 3rd level of the True Martial Realm.” Elder Tan described the mission.

Chen Xiang doubtfully asked, “Isn’t the Proud Sword Sect there? Can’t we ask help from them?”

Elder Tan shook his head, “The Proud Sword Sect has always been aloof and they never help outsiders. It was even rarer for them to have contacts with other sects since they regard themselves as aloof from the worldly affairs. They regard themselves as the strongest sect of the Chenwu Mainland, however, they have always been suppressed by the Extreme Martial Sect; to put it simply they will not help us in any way.”

Chen Xiang had also heard this, however, he didn’t expect the Proud Sword Sect to be so unreasonable. He nodded his head, “Leave them to me.”

“This is regarded as a level-6 mission, you have to be careful!” Elder Tan took out a sheet on which a map was drawn, along with some detailed information to assist Chen Xiang.

After Elder Tan left, Xu Weilong whispered, “Chen Xiang you have to be careful, I seem to remember this Elder Tan had pretty good relations with Lu Shang.”

Chen Xiang frowned and said, “I will be careful.”

After Chen Xiang left the Extreme Martial Sect, he aimlessly strolled in the Tianmen City from east to west. As the night arrived, he entered a hotel, and after posing a disguise, he left the Tianmen City early in the morning. He followed a group of Danxiang Taoyuan’s martial artists leaving together the city.

It was better to hide his whereabouts, with this, Chen Xiang wouldn’t need to be afraid of getting attacked by some fearsome martial artists now that no one could find him. He followed that group for three days, far away from the Extreme Martial Sect, and in a city, Chen Xiang detached himself from the group and entered in a mountain forest alone.

“To reach the Proud Sword Sect, you need to pass through the Taoyuan Province, aren’t you going to meet that seductress, Hua Xiangyue?” Su Meiyao said with a gentle laugh.

“No, I’m going to hurry and resolve the matter!” Chen Xiang leaped into the air as a pair of huge firewings appeared on his back, then he flew towards Danxiang Taoyuan.

With the help of the Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, Chen Xiang’s speed was extremely fast. He was also pretty high in the air, and as such, no one would be able to attack him. During the time he was away from the Extreme Martial Sect, he was very cautious. He had a very deep-seated hatred with the True Martial Sect as well as the Beast Martial Sect, not to mention the Free Immortal Sea from the seas.

The Divine Sword Province was under the jurisdiction of the Proud Sword Sect, and the martial artists born and raised there were all sword users. The sword, in their eyes, was the noblest weapon, and other kinds of weapons were regarded as inferior by them.

Chen Xiang flew continuously for ten days across the Taoyuan Province. It was his first time embarking on the land of the Divine Sword Province. It was pretty much the same as other provinces, rich in Spirit Qi, with beautiful forests. Where he was going was at the edge of the Divine Sword Province, close to the Icewind Polar Region, which was at the border of the Proud Sword Sect.

The Icewind Polar Region was also known as the Icewind Province; the smallest province among the Chenwu Nine Provinces. It has one of the worst environment, and it has a very scarce population, to the point that it was almost uninhabited. It was under the jurisdiction of Icewind Valley, and even though it only had this sect, this mysterious sect, the Icewind Valley, was still very powerful.

“If I could finish the mission quickly, then I can visit the Icewind Valley and see Youlan!” Chen Xiang was very eager to meet this sworn sister. I his mind, the silhouette of a mature and elegant white-haired beauty appeared. After their separation in the King City, he never had contact with Leng Youlan again.

While flying, Chen Xiang felt colder and colder; he knew that he had arrived at the border of the Proud Sword Sect. Soon, a city came into his view, and far away on the outskirts of this city was a crystal stone vein. Because it was discovered by the Extreme Martial Sect’s disciples, it was being mined by the Extreme Martial Sect for about twenty years. It was also the reason why the Proud Sword Sect bore a grudge against the Extreme Martial Sect.

It was not a problem to mine a large crystal stone vein for dozens of years, and the Extreme Martial Sect was also very kind; they didn’t mine secretly, and even divulged it to the Proud Sword Sect. In accordance with the rules of the Chenwu Mainland, the Extreme Martial Sect could mine this large crystal stone vein for twenty years.

Now that the Extreme Martial Sect was attacked by the devil path martial artists here, the Proud Sword Sect would never take action, and on the contrary, they would gloat.

Chen Xiang arrived in the city; this city was known as the Frozen Sword City, and every martial artist in this place was carrying a sword either on their back or on their waist. This was the custom passed from the old times of the Divine Sword Province, and Chen Xiang, in order to not stand out, had already taken out a sword and hanged it on his waist.

It was very cold here, however, if martial artists were strong enough, they would not be afraid of the cold, instead, they could withstand the Cold Qi invading their body with their vigorous True Qi. Everybody who wore thin clothes was mostly strong martial artists.

Chen Xiang now wore thick clothes; he feared that Elder Tan colluded with the Lu Family, and intentionally made him come here in order to ambush him. So the very first thing he inquired about was whether the Extreme Martial sect disciples were attacked by the devil path martial artists or not.

In the lobby of a hotel, various good and bad people mixed in together. Chen Xiang came in and ordered a few dishes. After rewarding a waiter three crystal stones, he began to ask some stuff.

“Little brother, I’m from outside and just arrived here, I want to ask whether there are devil path martial artists in this neighborhood?” Chen Xiang asked.

A crystal stone was not a small fortune for the waiter; even if Chen Xiang wanted to inquire about his eighteen generations, he would not hesitate to tell.

The waiter was thin, inherently born with a smiling face. At this point, he was even happier, “Distinguished guest, you may not know it, although there are devil path martial artists here, they are afraid of our Divine Sword Province’s people. However, for unknown reasons, during the past month, the devil path martial artist have been frequently coming to rob the mines on the outskirts of the city. A good number of disciples from the extreme Martial Sect have already fallen in their hand.”

“Regarding this matter, the governor’s office didn’t manage it, the same with the Proud Sword Sect. From the first place, they bore a grudge against the Extreme Martial Sect. However, the Extreme Martial Sect’s disciples are not bad, whenever they came to the city, they would provide rewards to many, and although they have been mining in the Divine Sword Province, they could do so for twenty years only, that’s all. At that time the Proud Sword Sect would take over, and they can mine for a good dozen years! If the mine wasn’t discovered by the Extreme Martial Sect, even their fart would not exist here, and also because of this, many genii came to the city.”

Chen Xiang noticed that the Proud Sword Sect was not very popular, and he also noticed there were a lot of people begging on the sidewalk in the city. Such things would never be found in the Extreme Martial Province.


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