Chapter 203 – Beating In Their Own Game

Chen Xiang took a stroll in the Frozen Sword City for quite some time, exploring the city, collecting more information before buying a map. This map contained detailed information on some mountain ranges within the vicinity of the Frozen Sword City. After comparing it with the map given by Elder Tan, Chen Xiang discovered the two routes were different to his surprise. Although both led to the same destination, the crystal stone mine, the map route provided by Elder Tan was somewhat longer, with a very long roundabout route. On the contrary to the map that Chen Xiang had just bought, furthermore, it had a footpath.

“It seems that Elder Tan was truly plotting against me!” Chen Xiang sneered in his heart.

“I have to meet trickery with another trick, let’s see what they have planned and if possible massacre those planning to ambush me.” Chen Xiang left the Frozen Sword City, and followed the route from the map given to him by Elder Tan.

After entering a forest, Chen Xiang indeed found a path according to the map, and after a closer inspection, he noticed the path have been just recently dug up. Upon noticing this, he was even more certain that this was a trap Elder Tan and the devil path sect set up.

The Lu Family’s most powerful member was a guy from the devil path sects, and also the person who passed that evil skill down to Lu Zhengnan. In light of all of this, it was impossible for the Lu Family to not have any dealings with the devil path sects.

Chen Xiang didn’t go down the path, but merely followed near its vicinity, with his guard raised. For further assurance, he also made Long Xueyi pay extra attention to their surroundings.

After walking down the path for half a day, Long Xueyi suddenly shouted, “I sense an aura. Although this guy has restrained his breath perfectly, he can’t hide it from me. This guy is a lot stronger than you.”

Chen Xiang was surprised and asked, “What level? And where?”

“He should be in the 5th level of the True Martial Realm. His strength is mainly in his True Qi, it’s an extremely firm and yang True Qi, and posses a very dense bloody aura.” Long Xueyi replied, “I sense him is hiding under the ground, he should specialize in assassinations.”

The 5th level of the True Martial Realm! If Chen Xiang really did get ambushed, it would truly have been dangerous.

“It should be Devil Yang True Qi from the Devil Yang Clan. The status of the Devil Yang Clan among the devil path sects is similar to that of the Extreme Martial Sect. It can be regarded as the strongest sect among the devil path sects. Although the devil path sects have many conflicts with the righteous sects, they rarely dare to occupy mines belonging to righteous sects. Is there a lack of resources in the Devil Province?” Bai Youyou asked with doubt.

Although the Devil Province area was not small, there were many large devil path sects and countless smaller sects. Although they all walked the devil path, there was still a need for a large number of resources.

“Kill or not to kill?” Chen Xiang inquired an opinion from Su Meiyao and others.

“Don’t kill him, engulf him!” Bai Youyou coldly smiled. Chen Xiang was shocked at the suggestion, to use the [Engulfing Devil Technique] to engulf his opponent, not to mention it was a 5th level True Martial realm martial artist, many levels above him!

“Currently your constitution is far better than before, your body can accommodate a large amount of True Qi. There’s no need to worry about blasting yourself to death!” Bai Youyou assured him.

Chen Xiang nodded his head. He was now in the 2nd level of the True Martial Realm, while his real strength was almost encroaching on the 4th level of the True Martial Realm. There was no great disparity between him and a 5th level True Martial Realm martial artist. Moreover, he was in the wilderness and there was no one else present here. The other party was a devil path sect’s evil disciple, so, Chen Xiang could use the [Engulfing Devil Technique] without any worry.

“Although the [Engulfing Devil Technique] should not see the light of day, when it is used, it should be used without any delay!” Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, and cautiously went forward in accordance with Long Xueyi’s guidance, silently shuttling through the trees on the trees. Not the slightest sound was made as Chen Xiang silently approached his ambusher.

That Devil Yang Clan’s disciple was beneath the earth. Due to this, he mainly had to rely on his hearing and vibrations to determine if someone was closeby or not. If Chen Xiang was on the trees, it would be impossible for the assassin to detect any vibrations in the ground, and the sound made while shuttling would be disguised in the rustling of the leaves in the wind.

“He’s right down there, covered in a thin layer of soil. You should be able to pierce a claw through the dirt and reach him.” Long Xueyi pointed on the ground and said.

Chen Xiang released his divine sense and quickly discovered a man buried under the path. That person possessed a very rich as well as brisk True Qi in his body. It seemed that he was ready to take action at a moment’s notice, similar to a ferocious tiger waiting to attack after storing enough power.

A layer of transparent True Qi appeared on Chen Xiang’s palm, circling around it. This was the [Profound Aura Finger], however, he was also using the Universal True Qi. At the same time, Chen Xiang operated the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise], converging his entire breath. He lightly jumped off the tree, with his five fingers clasped together acting like a spear tip, he aligned his path with the man prone on the ground and thrust straight towards it.

Chen Xiang’s target was the part of the man’s area with the richest True Qi, his dantian. Not to mention the soft soil, even if it was hard iron, Chen Xiang’s five [Profound Aura Finger] would be able to easily pierce through it. If that man didn’t have extremely powerful spirit equipment, then, he would definitely be drilled into.

As Chen Xiang stabbed down his arm, the ground shook a little. That man sensed a dangerous aura enveloping his body, however, he was still late by a beat. Chen Xiang could feel something hot and sticky on his hand as his hand penetrated the soil.

As Chen Xiang immediately operated the [Engulfing Devil Technique], that deep and oppressive True Qi immediately surged into his arm’s meridians and spread throughout his body. This absorption speed was very fast, that man also rushed out of the ground, but Chen Xiang’s arm remained in his victim’s abdomen.

That man had the appearance of an ordinary middle-aged man. However, his face had been completely contorted with pain and fear. He felt the continual loss of his True Qi from his dantian, at the same time, pain but more frightening was the numbness that coursed through his body soon after. The numbness in his nerves rendered his entire body powerless.

“You…you’re Chen Xiang!” That man barely hissed out a few words.

Chen Xiang didn’t reply, he was suppressing that oppressive True Qi surging into his body with all his concentration. Meanwhile, that man soon realized that Chen Xiang had seen through the ambush.

“How did you know!?” That man strugglingly asked. He couldn’t believe he had been ambushed, he was very confident in his concealment abilities.

Chen Xiang still didn’t reply and kept on madly extracting that man’s True Qi as his body gradually started shriveling up, however, he was still alive, albeit barely.

“I’ve already extracted your power, so I’ll let you die satisfied. I knew about Extreme Martial Sect’s Elder Tan joining hands with the Lu Family. I figured someone was planning to ambush me along the route Elder Tan gave me, so I just replied back in kind.” Chen Xiang said with a sneer.

That man had an indignant look. However, from the expression in his dying eyes was clear undisguised envy. Anyone following the devil path would be deadly jealous of Chen Xiang possessing a martial technique that could absorb other people’s True Qi. This was practically most yearned and sought after technique in the devil path sects.

“Since you like hiding in the ground so much, then you can stay there forever!” Chen Xiang mercilessly laughed as he ripped his hand back out before incinerating the dying assassin and covering him with soil.

As Chen Xiang had just engulfed all the True Qi from someone in 5th level True Martial Realm, he needed to quickly find a place to refine it. Although there was a lot of True Qi, he would only receive 30 to 40 percent after refining it. This was because there were a ton of impurities inside absorbed True Qi. Chen Xiang had to refine it many times before it was pure enough for him to integrate it into the five beast forms that resided in his dantian.

After three days passed, Chen Xiang awoke. Before this, each divine beast form had fifteen true element grains illuminated. However, now there was seventeen illuminated true element grains in every beast form, a total increase of ten grains! Although that man’s True Qi was quite vigorous, ultimately Chen Xiang could only integrate a small portion of it.

After waking up, Chen Xiang continued to walk towards the mine. After walking for half an hour or so, he suddenly heard a very familiar sound.

“That’s Youlan’s voice!” Chen Xiang rejoiced in his heart while accelerating his footsteps.


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