Chapter 204 – Unexpected Encounter

Leng Youlan’s appearance was completely out of Chen Xiang’s expectations, this made him somewhat doubtful, as well as anxious because he soon sensed Leng Youlan was actually fighting with someone else.

Chen Xiang leaped onto the top of a tree, suddenly a white-haired girl came into his view.

Leng Youlan’s white hair was like a hanging shawl. Her sharp beautiful face filled was with pride and an aura of coldness. Her slightly knit curved eyebrows combined with a pair of shining pitch black pupil excluded a majestic aura, which were now mainly focused on the several enemies in front of her. Even though she was wearing a mighty and domineering black armor, it could still not conceal her hot and mature figure. On her back laid a large sword. altogether she was giving off an impression of maturity, elegance, tyranny, pride, which was filled with a bizarre kind of enchantment.

“Youlan seems to be less than twenty years old, yet she is so stunning!” Chen Xiang secretly praised.

“White-haired demoness, you’ve been blocking our way again and again. Today, we’ve gathered so many people. Hahaha, you’re definitely going to die!” While speaking, a man swung his sword towards Leng Youlan, hacking towards her as another five men also simultaneously launched their attacks.

Chen Xiang was just about to jump in, but he suddenly felt an intense Cold Qi spreading out. An oppressive Cold Qi continuously overflowed from Leng Youlan’s charming body, all around her body a few ice walls suddenly appeared, blocking the sword thrusts from those men. At the same time, Leng Youlan’s figure disappeared. Soon he realized it was due to extremely high-speed movement, Chen Xiang remembered that Leng Youlan had told him before she specialized in speed.

Chen Xiang could use his divine sense to grasp Leng Youlan’s lingering trail, however, if he wanted to follow it, it would be highly improbable.

With a flash of cold light, Leng Youlan appeared as she pulled out that huge and domineering giant sword on her back, cleanly cleaving a man into two.

Shua Shua Shua

Leng Youlan quickly hacked out and instantly beheading those in the middle of a freezing cold atmosphere. The frozen ground was now completely covered in warm blood, as it too soon froze into a beautiful scarlet ice.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath. He didn’t expect this girl to actually be so violent, however, he knew that Leng Youlan’s father was a renowned General, and a very ruthless one at that. So it was also quite natural for Leng Youlan to be similar to her father.

“Still going to hide, quickly roll out! I don’t mind killing another person!” Leng Youlan coldly spoke. Her voice carried majesty and pride along with a cold and ruthless intention.

Chen Xiang heaved a long sigh, Leng Youlan was actually in the 4th level of the True Martial Realm, with very rich True Qi. Additionally, Leng Youlan also had a dual vein, the Fire and Ice Heavenly Vein, just a level lower than the divine vein.

Just a moment ago, Leng Youlan was besieged by multiple 2nd level True Martial Realm martial artists, however, she finished off everyone under two three strikes. What made Chen Xiang lament was that she actually didn’t even bat an eye while killing them, it was very barbaric.

Chen Xiang flew from the trees into the sky, landing right in front of Leng Youlan and carefully observed her. He looked at that cold and proud stunning face, that barbaric white-haired beauty, whose whole body exuded a kind of wild body fragrance. Each and every part of her body was equally attractive. Along with her white hair, cold and proud temperament, peerless mature face, and proud and erect bosom, that could be clearly seen even though it was closely wrapped by the armor, made people unable to help themselves but take a couple of glances.

“Look again, and I will gouge out your eyes!” Leng Youlan angrily shouted. Chen Xiang’s eyes stayed on her for a long time, especially on her ample and erect bosom.

Leng Youlan didn’t recognize Chen Xiang, after posing a disguise, he took on the persona of a middle-aged man. When Leng Youlan and Chen Xiang met long ago, he was still just a young teenager.

“If not for you exuding a righteous aura, I would have already beheaded you! Who are you, and what are doing here? You’re not those soft bastards from the Proud Sword Sect!” Leng Youlan said as she glanced at the sword on Chen Xiang’s waist.

Chen Xiang glanced all around them, before revealing a smile, “Youlan, it’s me Chen Xiang!”

This threw off Leng Youlan. After retreating a few steps, she took a closer look at Chen Xiang, and finally, her eyes closed in on his eyes.

“Brother…Is it really you!?” Leng Youlan still was in disbelief, she couldn’t recognize Chen Xiang, although the voice sounded familiar and not many knew about the relationship between her and Chen Xiang’s relation. She still found it hard to believe, as such she still kept her guard up.

“Hei hei, that stupid Crown Prince injured you using poisonous needles, afterward I helped you, and also gave you a Metal Spirit Fruit, asking you to go to the Extreme Martial Sect!” Chen Xiang laughed and said. Suddenly a stream of water appeared on his palm, washing off the makeup on his face, revealing an angular and handsome face.

“Brother!” After seeing that face, Leng Youlan’s eyes suddenly became moist. She fiercely threw herself into Chen Xiang’s arms. Perhaps she was too happy, this stubborn, cold and proud white-haired beauty actually started crying.

“Little girl, why are you crying! Smile, smile!” Chen Xiang laughed while stroking that elegant face. Although they had not been together for long, they didn’t know why but both of them still missed each other very much.

Leng Youlan wiped her tears, and gave a slight smile. She looked very charming, like a rainbow after the rain, causing Chen Xiang to become absent-minded.

“Youlan, you grew up fine! Moreover, so formidable. Just a moment ago you couldn’t wait to castrate me!” Chen Xiang teased, making Leng Youlan slightly lowered her head. A rare blush appeared on that cold and proud face as she lightly spat in response.

Chen Xiang grinned while caressing that soft and beautiful white hair, he asked, “Youlan, are you doing fine in the Icewind Valley? No one is bullying you there right?”

“Brother, I’m doing great, you don’t have to worry about me!” Leng Youlan revealed a sweet smile. Although she didn’t appear to be like those cute smiling girls, she still looked extremely bewitching at this moment.

“That’s good, let’s go to another place to talk!” Chen Xiang looked at the bodies littered on the ground and squeezed her face.

Leng Youlan nodded her head like an obedient little girl, in her heart she felt nothing but gratitude towards Chen Xiang. He had changed her fate, otherwise, she would not be so strong or even standing here today!

Leng Youlan released some flames and burned those corpses, before grabbing Chen Xiang’s hand, and going down a familiar route in the forest that led to a very secretive cave.

“Brother, when I heard the things about you, I was very worried. Originally I was planning to go to Extreme Martial Sect to look for you, but the Dean didn’t let me. She said I wasn’t strong enough!” Leng Youlan gave Chen Xiang some light flowery and fragrant wine. Chen Xiang didn’t expect Leng Youlan to literally get drunk in happiness.

Chen Xiang smiled, “Youlan, you better get stronger first. Brother can handle his stuff, there’s no need to worry about me!”

Leng Youlan naughtily stuck out her tongue. Only in front of Chen Xiang would she turn into a normal girl.

“Humph, brother is so good to me. Again and again, you’ve sent me Building Foundation Dans, in this valley, there were many greedy people, I just wanted to help brother out somehow.” Leng Youlan was a very strong-willed girl. She didn’t want to be Chen Xiang’s little guarded sister all day. She had always been elevating her strength in order to help Chen Xiang out one day, even though she knew Chen Xiang was very formidable by himself.

Chen Xiang smiled and said, “Is that why you came here? To help the Extreme Martial Sect in fending off those devil path martial artists?”

Leng Youlan nodded her head, “The Proud Sword Sect are working hand in hand with the devil path martial artists to get rid of the Extreme Martial Sect’s members who have been mining here for the last ten years.”

Chen Xiang frowned, he had already guessed this matter had another hidden matter behind it

“Is this true?” Chen Xiang asked.


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