Chapter 206 – Devil Bow Might

Chen Xiang and Leng Youlan hid inside the forest, observing the wall far away in the wilderness. Because the crystal stone mine was very important, the Extreme Martial Sect had surrounded the mine with thick and high walls.

Chen Xiang didn’t expect for there to such a large structure and so deep inside the forest too! He also noticed there were many tents erected just in front of the gate, where many people were walking around. Those were all Devil Yang Clan disciples, and a lot! They actually dared to camp directly in front of the entrance.

“There’s a total of a hundred or so Devil Yang Clan disciples. They’re relatively stronger than the True Martial Realm martial artists from the Extreme Martial Sect which is why they’re so bold!” Leng Youlan explained. She tightly grabbed Chen Xiang’s hand, she was suddenly worried that he would immediately rush over, which would be extremely dangerous.

“Youlan, there’s no need to worry about me.” Chen Xiang smiled.

“I’m not worried about you, just afraid that you will act recklessly.” Leng Youlan had been staying here for two months now, and she had some understanding regarding these Devil Yang Clan disciples. If the Devil Yang Clan wasn’t strong enough, she would have already massacred them all. In her heart, she believed that no matter what, Chen Xiang was currently weaker than her.

Chen Xiang pulled out a black bow and mischievously smiled, “Youlan, do you know what this is?”

Looking at that bow, Leng Youlan was slightly stunned before exclaiming in a low voice, “Demanding Life Devil Bow! I heard that brother got it after killing disciples from the Hundred Poison Sect, but wasn’t brother injured by Liao Shaoyun from the True Martial Sect soon after, who also took away the bow?”

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “Correct, but Liao Shaoyun gave it to his apprentice. After I killed his apprentice, I reclaimed it. You should have heard about the True Martial Sect and the Beast Martial Sect coming to create trouble during the Grand Tournament of our Extreme Martial Sect!”

Leng Youlan nodded her head. At that time, Chen Xiang made a magnificent appearance, won three competitions and even handed the Lu Family genius a miserable loss. Not to mention ruthlessly defeating the two people who came to create trouble during the martial arts competition. It was exactly in such a way that the Extreme Martial Sect broke all relations with the True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect.

Afterward, Chen Xiang killed a 3rd level True Martial Realm martial artist in the Black Tortoise Mountain… and did many similar things inside it. Although Leng Youlan never left Icewind Valley, the information still reached her, she could see how big Chen Xiang’s reputation was.

Leng Youlan was very proud to have such a brother, and Chen Xiang also loved her very dearly, he even sent her those precious Building Foundation Dans.

“Brother, what are you going to do?” Leng Youlan asked.

With the help of powerful divine sense from the little dragoness on Chen Xiang’ s arm, he was able to learn the cultivation level of the people hidden inside the tents.

“One 5th level True Martial Realm, three 3rd level True Martial Realm, five 2nd level true Martial Realm, ten 1st level True Martial Realm, while the rest of them are Mortal Martial Realm martial artist. I’ll use this bow to kill the three 3rd level True Martial Realm martial artists, and then deal with the 5th level True Martial Realm martial artist after. I’ll leave the rest of the minions to you!” Chen Xiang said, then aimed at a tent.

“Wait, I’ll deal with that 5th level True Martial Realm martial artist. Brother, you go deal with those minions!” Leng Youlan hastily said.

“No can do, I’ll deal with him!” Chen Xiang exhorted. For him, a 5th level True Martial Realm martial artist was trivial. After all, he had the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, he was naturally fearless of someone in the 5th level of the True Martial Realm, however, Leng Youlan was different.

“Brother, leave him for me. I’ve been inside the Icewind Valley and didn’t get to do anything I wanted to. If I can’t beat him, you can help me.” Leng Youlan held Chen Xiang’s arm and flirtatiously said.

Chen Xiang felt his own arm caught between two soft lumps, as a tint of red appeared on his face, “Okay! But you have to remember, don’t try to act brave!”

Leng Youlan gave a smile, nodded her head, and gave Chen Xiang a kiss on his cheeks, making him somewhat startled.

Looking at the flushed Chen Xiang, Leng Youlan giggled and said, “Brother, you are really shy.”

Chen Xiang knocked on her head, smiled and said, “You know you just molested your pure brother!”

Leng Youlan released Chen Xiang’s arm, and returned to her previous serious look, becoming wary of her surroundings.

Chen Xiang raised the Demanding Life Devil bow, and aimed at one of the tents, laughing in a low voice, “These guys are very noble. Every one of them has their own tents, truly heaven is helping me!”

“A third-ranked 7th level spirit weapon, finally I’ll able to see how powerful this thing is!” Leng Youlan was also very much in anticipation of the upcoming fight.

Chen Xiang smiled and said, “I rarely use this thing, wait for me to finish dealing with these guys then I’ll give it to you!”

While speaking, Chen Xiang poured his Universal True Qi into the Demanding Life Devil Bow, as a black arrow suddenly appeared. Chen Xiang aimed with his divine sense at the Devil Yang True Qi inside the tent. As he released the devil bowstring, a black arrow shot into that tent in the blink of an eye.

Chen Xiang aimed directly at that man’s dantian, after the arrow from the Demanding Life Devil Bow entered his body, a powerful True Qi broke out, destroying everything inside that man’s body in the blink of an eye. Completely silent and very ruthless, not to mention Chen Xiang had also used that frightening Universal True Qi, which made the arrow even more formidable. Which made it possible to take the life of a 3rd level True Martial Realm martial artist in the blink of an eye.

“Very formidable! Brother can stir up too much trouble, it’s better you leave it for yourself!” Leng Youlan lightly smiled. Although she knew the bow was very precious, she felt leaving it to Chen Xiang would keep him safer.

“Good sister, I’ll visit the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and make Xianxian’s teacher help you forge a good weapon.” Chen Xiang said. While enjoying the view with smiling white-haired beauty, Chen Xiang shot another arrow, killing off another 3rd level True Martial Realm martial artist.

Now Chen Xiang came to know why this Demanding Life Devil Bow was placed third among all 7th level spirit weapons, and why it was called the devil bow. It was very powerful, True Qi became even more powerful after passing through the special spirit array on the devil bow.

Leng Youlan also endlessly praised the shot, with a charming smile she said, “Brother, the Dean said she will help me get a powerful large sword. It’s just that she has not found all the materials yet! Right, brother, Xianxian is equally as famous as me, you say who is more beautiful between me and her!”

This question made Chen Xiang sweat, he laughed and said, “Damn girl, why are you making things difficult for me? Both of you are equally beautiful!”

Leng Youlan sweetly smiled, her smile was very charming. Chen Xiang didn’t expect this cold and proud as well as mature and stunning white-haired beauty to actually have such a cute side.

“You better call her sister-in-law!” Chen Xiang laughed and said while shooting another arrow. As such, three 3rd level True Martial Realm martial artists had been killed. If these three Devil Yang Clan disciples came to learn that they were shot to death by a brat who was also laughing with a beauty, they would definitely turn in their graves.

“No, that would make her sound older, she seems only a little older than me so I’ll just call her sister!” Leng Youlan acted spoiled because she was very happy to be together with Chen Xiang. She could act freely around him, while she would always take a domineering appearance in front of other people. That was because she was very hesitant towards others, and that was her self-protection mechanism.

Assassinated without any sound or breath, which had allowed Chen Xiang to effortlessly complete half of his mission. Of course, if he shot a 4th or 5th level True Martial Realm martial artist, he could not guarantee that he would not be detected. That’s why only after dealing with these weaker disciples did he intend to shoot that 5th level True Martial Realm martial artist. This way, he and Leng Youlan would face less danger during the battle with that strong devil path martial artist.


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