Chapter 207 – Siblings Team Up

Chen Xiang easily dealt with the three 3rd level True Martial Realm Devil Yang Clan disciples, but he still didn’t move out at this point. He continued to shoot those five 2nd level True Martial Realm martial artists instead. Anyway, it was a very easy thing to do, and it would allow him to save a lot of troublesome stuff he would have to deal with in the end.

“Youlan, do you know what’s the relationship between the Empress of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and your Dean?” Chen Xiang asked, while aiming at a relatively farther tent, once again shooting another arrow.

“I don’t’ know, every time she comes, she is very mysterious, same when she leaves. I don’t even know when she arrives or leaves. The Dean is also mysterious, we can’t see her frequently, and generally, Icewind Valley is managed by the elders. I’ve been in the Icewind Valley for such a long time, yet I’ve met with the dean no more than twenty times!” Leng Youlan replied, she too was full of uncertainty, and very curious about this matter.

Chen Xiang was not surprised, because Danxiang Taoyuan’s Dean and Elder Dan were also like this, completely unfathomable and mysterious. Elder Dan was still good, at least she made frequent appearances. However, Danxiang Taoyuan’s Dean and Icewind Valley’s Dean, were both completely shrouded in mystery and very rarely went out. All of them were females, not to mention tycoons of their respective influences. In the end, why were they concealing themselves in such a way?

According to Elder Dan, she did so in order to protect herself, as she had the Purple Moon Fire Spirit. More specifically, she was worried about getting caught by the fire spirit seekers.

Was the Icewind Valley’s Dean and the Danxiang Taoyuan’s Dean also doing the same for similar reasons? Did both of them have a Fire Spirit? Or some other kind of powerful thing?

In a matter of few seconds, the five 2nd level True Martial Realm martial of the Devil Yang Clan were also silently dealt with by Chen Xiang. After resting for a bit, Chen Xiang spoke in a heavy tone, “Youlan, are you ready? I’m going to attack the 5th level True Martial Realm martial artist, if I could not kill that guy, you need to attack!”

Leng Youlan’s jade-like hands were already on the hilt of that big sword on her back. She had a deadly serious look, she was done with her preparations!

Chen Xiang poured a lot of Universal True Qi into the Demanding Life Devil Bow, only after the bow could not absorb anymore True Qi did he shoot the arrow.

That arrow was rather big, after Chen Xiang shot it into a relatively larger tent, it only shook a little before a thunderous roar came from inside. Suddenly, a burly guy shot out from the top of the tent, jumped up into the air, holding a black broadsword and roared again and again in anger.

“Which mongrel secretly plotted again this father, quickly roll out!” That burly man shouted.

Followed closely after by that man roars, close to one hundred people from also came out from the tent. While Leng Youlan fiercely pulled out that big sword on her back with a cold shout, single-handedly clasping that domineering giant sword. She appeared even more valiant and fierce, even more wild!

“White-haired demoness, you again!” That man just finished his sentence before Leng Youlan’s figure disappeared. In the blink of an eye, she appeared tens of zhang beyond, with both hands holding that sword, fiercely cleaved towards that man. Cold Qi burst out and suddenly covered the entrance. However, just after that Cold Qi appeared, a sudden rush of heat burst out, making people very uncomfortable. Most terrifying was the fusion of that hot and cold Qi, which formed a very peculiar True Qi, which made everyone present feel an indescribable uncomfortableness.

That strike of Leng Youlan was extremely overbearing, however, that ruthless strike was blocked by a black broadsword. Yet an explosive sound burst out, as a fissure suddenly appeared on that man’s broadsword.

Seeing this, Chen Xiang was completely dumbfounded. After the fusion of Fire and Ice True Qi, the True Qi actually became so terrifying. It was very difficult to imagine such a girl was actually capable of releasing such an overbearing True Qi, not to mention after the True Qi impact a very fierce explosion was also produced.

Leng Youlan’s 4th level of the True Martial Realm strength was actually comparable with someone in the 5th level True Martial Realm who also belonged to the Devil Yang Clan! Although she was holding a large sword, her sword techniques were very nimble and elegant, whoever looking upon this scene had a strange feeling. Of course, her speed was also very terrifying, she suddenly disappeared again and reappeared behind that man, making it very hard to keep track of her movements.

That man was able to reach the 5th level of the True Martial Realm, so of course, he was not a vegetarian. Although he was suppressed by Leng Youlan, he was still able to resist her attacks. Leng Youlan’s speed was very hard to follow, but he had a very rich True Qi, he would always release a True Qi shield just at the right time to resist Leng Youlan’s quick blows.

This man has been waiting for those 2nd and 3rd level True Martial Realm martial artists to arrive, he originally believed he would be able to relax soon. However, after waiting for such a long time, they were still nowhere to be seen. Only ten 1st level True Martial Realm and a large group of Mortal Martial Realm disciples rushed over. All of them were very weak, just coming close to Leng Youlan’s overbearing True Qi would result in them being blown away.

Chen Xiang realized Leng Youlan was extremely formidable, and was devoid of any further worries. Without any further scruples, Chen Xiang pulled out the iron sword on his waist, and arrived in front of that group of disciples after a few jumps. With ‘shua shua shua’ sounds, he waved the long-sword in his hand, along with Sword Qi fluctuations. Endless sword shadows appeared as he poured a deep and terrifying True Qi into the long sword, turning that ordinary sword into a divine weapon of slaughter. In a short span of time, numerous 10th level Mortal Martial Realm disciples were beheaded. The True Martial realm disciples noticed Chen Xiang was extremely formidable and immediately retreated.

While battling with Leng Youlan, that man madly shouted a few names. Chen Xiang guessed those were people who had just died under his devil bow. No matter how that man shouted, no one else came out from the tents.

During the battle, the tents were blown away from the Qi waves. At this point, that man had to accept that all those people were already dead, this made him extremely furious. He fiercely slashed towards Leng Youlan in anger, but she easily dodged the attack, which made that man even more angry as well as extremely anxious.

Chen Xiang had been surrounded by a group of disciples, all of them were 10th level Mortal Martial Realm along with 1st level True Martial Realm martial artists, but in Chen Xiang’s eyes they were nothing more than ants!

“Everyone together!” A middle-aged man yelled. He had just taken a step forward when suddenly a golden light overflowed from Chen Xiang’s arm. He quickly jabbed towards the large group, as a huge fist formed from Golden True Qi came crashing towards them. A suffocating Slaughter Qi also suddenly appeared and enshrouded those people’s heart, making them fall into a deadly fear.

Chen Xiang punched out fist after fist, as intense Qi waves burst out like a storm, and swept towards that group while scraping off a thick layer of soil. As those fists struck those people, they were blasted completely into smithereens. Like billowing thunder, thunderous sound shook everything, it was extremely terrifying.

The wall was already filled with people watching as they dumbfoundingly stared down at that sharp assault from a boy and a girl duo. Although the True Qi’s attribute of both of them was different, they were equally overbearing and mighty, sweeping away all obstacles in their path.

Piercing blood-curdling screams echoed in the mountains, making everyone feel jittery. Chen Xiang’s attacks were very vicious, each punch was a White Tiger Divine Fist filled with immense Slaughter Qi. Not only were those struck killed by the explosions, even those remnant Qi waves caused many to become heavily injured.

Was this the strength of a super strong martial artist? Those people standing on the walls looked at those terrifying and brutal punches from Chen Xiang in wonder. Each fist strike would cause the victim to vanish into a puff of smoke, this kind of strength made them all gasp with shock. At the same time, they were also secretly excited in their hearts because someone had finally come to rescue them.


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