Chapter 208 – Proud Sword Sect

Those Devil Yang Clan disciples suddenly felt they simply didn’t deserve to be called Devil Sect disciples, in their eyes, Chen Xiang’s existence was akin to devil god. Many 10th level Mortal Martial Realm disciples wet their pants in fear from the brutal punches coming from Chen Xiang. Now, the entrance outside the mine not only had the lingering smell of blood, there was also a belch of foul stench.

Now, less than thirty disciples were left from the original pack of almost hundred people. These remaining few started fleeing in fear, while madly uttering piercing screams. Chen Xiang didn’t attack them, yet those people still continued to let out sharp screams from fear.

Seeing those people fleeing, Chen Xiang didn’t chase them down. All the True Martial Realm martial artists had been killed by him, only those 10th level Mortal Martial Realm raw away. Regarding them, he was not a bit worried.

He looked at the faraway place, that was transmitting tremors one after another. There, Leng Youlan had been fighting with the last remaining man, Chen Xiang always had always been paying attention to their fight.

It was unknown how many strikes Leng Youlan hacked out, her attacks had always been either blocked or dodged by the other party. However, she was very tolerant and patient, and had very rich battle experience. She knew she had to remain calm, despite the vicious words that man cursed at her with, it was as if his words were nothing but the wind. Her strength was basically evenly matched with that man’s, she didn’t have any leeway to make any mistakes, otherwise, she would lose the battle.

“An opportunity came!” Leng Youlan suddenly saw that man was a little bit slower, that extremely little bit of difference allowed her to cut that man’s arm as he let out a miserable howl.

Taking advantage of that man roaring in pain, Leng Youlan hacked out another sword strike. In the blink of an eye, she disappeared and appeared behind that man. She thrust her giant sword extremely swiftly, it appeared like a beam of light as it flew towards her opponent.

That giant sword Cold Qi was closely followed by a release of Hot Qi, turning into a strange unique type of True Qi that emitted crackling sounds. This kind of True Qi was poured into that big sword, and thrust into that man’s body, appearing out the other end. Furthermore, it also produced a small explosion, blowing apart that man’s upper body.

As Leng Youlan waved her jade-like hands, a group of flames fell on that man’s corpse, turning it into ash. Only at this point did she heave a sigh, while panting, she arrived in front of Chen Xiang.

This made those people standing on the wall once again tremble with fear, a girl could actually brutally murder someone in such a cruel and merciless way.

Chen Xiang took a handkerchief, and wiped away the sweat on Leng Youlan’s face, with a grin he said, “Tyrannical princess, you truly don’t fight like a girl.”

“Brother, I’m formidable, right? I killed a 5th level True Martial Realm martial artist!” Leng Youlan proudly smiled and said.

“Not as much as I, if it was me, I would not have taken such a long time.” Chen Xiang squeezed her face and smiled.

“I don’t believe you! Why don’t we have a bout then!” Leng Youlan immediately retorted as a glint appeared in her pretty eyes.

Chen Xiang shook his head, then smiled and said, “Now is not the time, things are still not finished!” While speaking, he looked up towards those people standing on the wall, hugged Leng Youlan’s waist and took a light leap, jumping onto that around twenty zhang high wall.

“Don’t worry, I’m from the Extreme Martial Sect. I want to see the person in charge here!” Chen Xiang said, releasing Leng Youlan.

Those people were still immersed in shock from the previous massacre. When Chen Xiang, this slaughtering god, suddenly leaped towards them, they were scared shitless as they immediately retreated a few steps.

Chen Xiang scooped out a medal from his pocket, which was the proof of an Extreme Martial Sect disciple’s identity. These people were skeptical about Chen Xiang being from the Proud Sword Sect, but they didn’t expect Chen Xiang would turn out to be from the Extreme Martial Sect, or that the Extreme Martial Sect had such a ruthless individual.

“Hey, don’t you know me? I helped you, are you doubting me too!” Leng Youlan’s stunning face turned completely ice cold.

“Of course we recognize you, cold demoness. We have long heard of your name.” One guy hastily replied.

Leng Youlan was indeed very famous here, because she would often come to Frozen Sword City to inquire about Chen Xiang. Also, Icewind Valley was close in proximity, and she would sometimes also do some good deeds on the way there and back. Plus she had such dazzling white hair as well a stunning appearance, with thundered-like violence and wind-like swiftness, it would not be hard to imagine for her not to be this famous.

Chen Xiang was currently in disguise, these people didn’t recognize him and he too didn’t reveal his name. He feared if he revealed his whereabouts, he would provoke unnecessary trouble.

Chen Xiang and Leng Youlan followed a man and from a cave entered the mine, inside there were many tunnels, which could also play a protective role.

Chen Xiang and Leng Youlan arrived at a very bright stone room where they saw a middle-aged with a pale complexion, with one glance, anyone could tell he was injured.

“Dan Yuan?” Chen Xiang asked as that middle-aged man nodded his head in response.

Prior to coming here, Chen Xiang had already learned from Elder Tan that the protector of the mine was a 5th level True Martial Realm martial artist called Dan Yuan. However, now that he was injured, Chen Xiang took out a box with the White Jade Dan and handed it to over to help Dan Yuan recover.

Dan Yuan gratefully said, “I just heard some commotion outside it seems a fight occurred, what happened?” Dan Yuan recognized Leng Youlan, furthermore, he had already asked the Extreme Martial Sect for help. He knew that someone had arrived to help them.

Chen Xiang replied, “The matter is resolved, but I can’t guarantee no one will come again. This matter should be the work of the Devil Yang Clan and the Proud Sword Sect colluding with each other. I need to inform the inner sect elder and ask them to send more people to resolve this issue.”

Suddenly, a man ran in and said, “Boss Yuan, disciples from the Proud Sword Sect have arrived outside. They say they want to talk with you.”

Dan Yuan was slightly surprised for a moment before speaking, “We’ll go out!” In his eyes, Chen Xiang was even stronger than him, otherwise, he would not be able to get rid of all those Devil Yang Clan disciples.

“Is the Proud Sword Sect people intending to interfere in this matter?” Chen Xiang asked.

“Actually, no. As a matter of fact, the Proud Sword Sect is in chaos from infighting, they don’t have any spare time to manage others. However, one of the leaders of the Proud Sword Sect is in collusion with the Devil Yang Clan. They have no choice but to come, although the Proud Sword Sect is proud, they don’t want to carry the blame of being in collusion with the devil sect.” Leng Youlan replied.

Chen Xiang and others arrived in a relatively simple hall inside the cave. They saw several people with swords slung around their waists. With their scabbards was covered in gems, shining with a dazzling aura, dressed in gorgeous clothes, with faces full of arrogance. All of them in teens, with just one glance, it was evident they were all Proud Sword Sect disciples.

“Dan Yuan, we meet again!” A young man dismissively said. Seeing Dan Yuan arrive, the young man didn’t even stand up, and just remained sitting there with an extremely arrogant air. Seeing this, Chen Xiang and Leng Youlan were very unhappy.

Dan Yuan was also somewhat annoyed, but he often dealt with the Proud Sword Sect disciples, so he had long become accustomed to it.

“Leng Youlan!” That young man suddenly saw the white-haired beauty behind Dan Yuan, and could not help but exclaim.

“Gan Jiujian, what are you doing here?” Leng Youlan coldly replied with a cold look. It was crystal clear she held a very offensive stance against this young man called Gan Jiujian.

Chen Xiang sized up that Gan Jiujian, although he was handsome, his level arrogance would make others find him disgusting.

Gan Jujian didn’t pay any attention to Chen Xiang because he currently looked like an ordinary middle-aged man. Currently, all of Gan Jujian’s attention was on Leng Youlan’s body, the other four Proud Sword Sect disciples were also doing the same.

Although the hall was simple, it was still brightly lit. It was not hard to see Leng Youlan was very unhappy, she didn’t like anyone looking at her so unscrupulously. Of course, Chen Xiang was an exception.

“Worthy of the famous heroine’s reputation, you managed to deal with more than a hundred Devil Yang Clan disciples!” Gan Jiujian said. A sliver of surprise flashed through his eyes, all of them believed that it was all because of Leng Youlan.

“Gan Jiujian, did you just come here just to speak bullshit? I find you disgusting, now that you are finished with shitting, get out!” Leng Youlan didn’t give any face to Gan Jiujian and loudly shouted.

This made Chen Xiang secretly laugh, Leng Youlan’s acting style was very bold. Even in her speech, she was extremely rude.

Gan Jiujian was shocked for a moment, his complexion became very ugly. Afterward, he looked and Dan Yuan and said, “Dan Yuan, I’m also not going to be long-winded. Although Leng Youlan helped you divert this crisis, the Devil Yang Clan had still not laid down their weapons. As long as you are willing to share this mine together with us, we, the Proud Sword Sect, will guarantee your safety!”


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