Chapter 209 – Identity Exposed

Chen Xiang and the others immediately frowned. The Proud Sword Sect gave them a bare-naked threat. Just as Dan Yuan was about to refuse, he heard Chen Xiang coldly shout, “Absolutely not!”

Gan Jiujian looked at Chen Xiang and sneered, “Where did this minion come from? Can’t you see we’re talking? Who allowed this kind of lowly guy to interrupt…” Gan Jiujian just spoke till here before his complexion underwent a rapid change, Chen Xiang had suddenly disappeared. Although Gan Jiujian’s response was pretty quick, he was still slow by a beat and a gust of wind flew past him as everyone clearly heard the sound of a sharp slap followed almost instantly by another. Chen Xiang had just ruthlessly slapped and then backhanded Gan Jiujian.

Gan Jiujian’s cheeks were numb from the pain as he flew out of the chair. While blood appeared from the corner of his mouth, Chen Xiang started off with a very heavy hand.

“You…you…” Gan Jiujian was speechless, in the blink of an eye, someone had given him two slaps in the face, if his opponent wished, he could cut off his head instantly, instead! This kind of strength was beyond his by an extremely large margin.

“I’ll fight to the death with you! Our Proud Sword Sect disciples absolutely cannot be insulted!” Gan Jiujian suddenly retreated a few steps, his face was brimming with anger. At this point, he slowly pulled out a long sword shining with a cold light from that dazzling scabbard.

Once the sword was out of the scabbard, Slaughter Qi suddenly filled that small hall, making everyone extremely scared.

“Proud Blood Sword, ranked first in 7th level spirit weapons!” Leng Youlan exclaimed as she hurried to Chen Xiang’s side.

Gan Jiujian saw Leng Youlan and Chen Xiang acting pretty intimate and became even angrier, Gan Jiujian sneered and said, “Let’s finish this one and for all!”

“4th level True Martial Realm!” Chen Xiang coldly said.

“Correct, I’m in the 4th level of the True Martial Realm, and only twenty-five years old this year!” Gan Jiujian proudly replied.

“Youlan, you step back, I’ll take on this guy! Let him know that there’s always someone better than you.” Chen Xiang raised the corner of his mouth, as a smirk appeared on his face.


Gan Jiujian snorted, “I admit you’re somewhat better than me, but if I use this sword, you’ll definitely be defeated!”

Leng Youlan was a little worried, however, she still withdrew. In this small hall, there were a lot of people present. All of them were secretly curious why Leng Youlan from Icewind Valley, had such intimate relations with someone from the Extreme Martial Sect considering the distance between the two.

Gan Jiujian brandished his sword and took a step forward, arriving in front of Chen Xiang. The Proud Blood Sword in Gan Jiujian hand released a piercing Slaughter Qi as it flew down like a thunderbolt towards Chen Xiang.

The instant the electric light shone, with scattering sparks. Everyone only heard Chen Xiang utter a contemptuous sneer, before the sudden appearance of an azure aura that sculled across that Proud Blood Sword shining with a cold light. ‘Deng’, with a brittle sound, the Proud Blood Sword split in two to everyone’s shock!

At the same time, a True Qi filled with majesty enshrouded the little hall. A golden aura burst out from Chen Xiang’s left fist, and an even more overbearing and terrifying Qi Aura burst out.

Chen Xiang’s left fist was like a golden dragon, strict and solemn, with a soaring dominating aura.

[Dragon Aura Fist]! Chen Xiang once again cast the Dragon Martial Technique, although this kind of Dragon Martial Technique was a low-rank one in the eyes of his teacher, Huang Jintian, it was still extremely overbearing.

After Chen Xiang broke Gan Jiujian’s pride, the Proud Blood Sword with a blade strike, he instantly jabbed a [Dragon Aura Fist] towards Gan Jiujian.

Once the [Dragon Aura Fist] was released, it was like a mad dragon roaring at the heavens. It was extremely frightening, it shone with an imposing aura, which made those onlookers drown in fear.

“Puff” Blood sprayed out from Gan Jiujian’s mouth like an arrow, as the violent fist struck on his body. He suddenly shot back, heavily colliding with the stone wall behind him creating a human crater.

The Proud Blood Sword was cut apart while it wasn’t even clear whether the victim of Chen Xiang’s punch was alive or dead. Chen Xiang’s strength deeply shocked those disciples from the Proud Sword Sect. Leng Youlan’s pretty eyes were also wide-opened from shock, in surprise she looked at that tall figure of Chen Xiang. She had always been conceited about her own strength compared with Chen Xiang’s, but now she realized there was still some distance between her and her brother. At least she could not so casually defeat the youngest genius of the Proud Sword Sect.

“You…You are Chen Xiang?” Gan Jiujian laid on the ground while constantly spewing blood, and, with a look of dismay, stared at the domineering and mighty Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in Chen Xiang’s hand. That threatening Azure Dragon on the blade’s body made him breathless with fear. A moment ago, he felt as if he was attacked by an angry dragon.

This guy turned out to be Chen Xiang!

Not only were the disciples of the Proud Sword Sect alarmed, even those people from the Extreme Martial Sect were extremely surprised! All of them had a shocked and respectful expression in their eyes as they looked at Chen Xiang!

“Your intelligence is not bad, but you have too little practical experience. Too impetuous, and far too proud! Your sect is also the same, and because of that, it’s fading away. Take this and leave, the next time I see you, I hope you’ll bring along someone with some ability.” Chen Xiang threw a box with White Jade Dan to Gan Jiujian.

Chen Xiang was recognized as the youngest expert of the Extreme Martial Sect. While only in his early twenties, he had done a lot of earth-shattering things, many forces had offered a tremendous reward for him. To be exact, a total of ten million crystal stones! Not to mention, he was also a level-4 Alchemist!

The Proud Sword Sect disciples mainly used swords, and if they didn’t have their swords, they would be significantly weaker. That’s why after Chen Xiang broke Gan Jiujian’s sword, he was completely spiritless, and taking advantage of that moment, Chen Xiang blasted a fist, heavily wounding Gan Jiujian. However, when Chen Xiang attacked, he still had a sense of proportion. Otherwise, Gang Jiujian would already be crippled.

“Go back and tell your Proud Sword Sect’s higher executives to never threaten our Extreme Martial Sect again! My Extreme Martial Sect isn’t afraid to break relations with another sect, and if you don’t want my Extreme Martial Sect to intervene in your Proud Sword Sect internal conflicts, get rid of that northern guy who’s colluding with the devil sect as soon as possible!” Chen Xiang coldly said. It looked as if he was same as a top official from the Extreme Martial Sect, whether his imposing manner or his tone, all were very much like those top figures.

That was natural, after all, he was the young martial uncle of the three tycoons of the Extreme Martial Sect. He would frequently put on airs in front of those tycoons, although he did so in secret.

Gan Jiujian crushed that white Jade Dan box that Chen Xiang had offered. Gan Jiujian clenched his teeth and said, “Chen Xiang, I, Gan Jiujian, will not rest until you’re dead! Let’s go!”

The Proud Sword Sect disciples supported Gan Jiujian, picked up that fragmented sword, and hastily left.

“Humph, he doesn’t know what’s good for him!” Leng Youlan lightly snorted and said. Afterward, she looked at the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in Chen Xiang’s hand. That giant blade was Chen Xiang’s signature weapon, it was known to be more formidable than any spirit weapon!

“Brother, your blade is very formidable! Can you let me take a look?” Leng Youlan curiously asked. It was a brilliant level equipment, that was a rare commodity even for the Extreme State martial artists.

Chen Xiang chuckled and handed the blade over. As soon as Leng Youlan grabbed the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, she suddenly let out a tender shout. She almost could not keep it from falling down onto the ground because it was too heavy! In Chen Xiang’s hands, it was tens of thousands of jin in weight, while in anyone else’s, it was even more heavy, at least hundreds of thousands of jin!

Leng Youlan still could not raise the blade, and after looking at it for a while, she handed it back to Chen Xiang. She knew he often used this blade to kill every enemy around him. Such a heavy equipment was actually used so nimbly by Chen Xiang, this made Leng Youlan secretly admire him even more.

Dan Yuan and others were completely speechless. Just a moment ago, they heard Leng Youlan call Chen Xiang ‘Brother’, and soon realized Chen Xiang and Leng Youlan were sworn brother and sister. What made them more surprised was the fact that these pair of sworn siblings were both equally abnormal. At such a young age, their strength alone was shocking enough.

“Senior brother Dan, the Extreme Martial Sect cannot show any weakness! The Dean will definitely not blame me for the way I acted a moment ago. Wait for me to go back, I’ll make the sect send more people.” Chen Xiang said.


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