Chapter 210 – White Dragon Blood

Dan Yuan felt extremely ashamed, he was a 5th level True Martial Realm martial artist, however, he was still in awe of Chen Xiang’s strength. Dan Yuan now understood why Chen Xiang had stirred up so much trouble and was a center of mayhem, all ten million crystal stones were offered because of him being so unscrupulous.

“Junior brother, I know this! The Proud Sword Sect disciples are a bunch of softies. Although they are extremely proud, they only know how to boast!” Dan Yuan said. He has been staying here for many years, in regards to Proud Sword Sect he had a deep understanding.

After dealing with the Devil Yang Clan, Chen Xiang didn’t immediately leave, he was still waiting for Dan Yuan to recover, only then he would leave. This would thwart the mine from being attack again.

Although they were living in a cave, Leng Youlan didn’t mind at all. She had a strong ability to survive alone, which was partially why she didn’t detest such an environment like other girls. Not to mention, she would be able to stick around her brother all day, this was what made her the happiest.

“Brother, the fruit you gave me is truly formidable. I haven’t finished refining it yet!” Leng Youlan was lying in Chen Xiang’s arms, she extremely liked this comfortable feeling. Chen Xiang also liked cuddling her and stroking her soft beautiful white hair.

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “You being able to refine in such a way is even more formidable! Oh, that’s right. Youlan, do you want to know how I taught a lesson to that Crown Prince after you left?”

“I do!” Leng Youlan excitedly replied. Although she had heard a little bit regarding the secular world, the information wasn’t that detailed.

Chen Xiang very patiently narrated the shocking things he had done after Leng Youlan left. He believed that as an elder brother, he must erect a tall and powerful image in his sister’s eyes. This would also help avoid Leng Youlan always thinking she was stronger than him.

The talk went on until night, and Leng Youlan still didn’t leave. Chen Xiang laid on the bed with her arm around him, she had a sweet smile while listening to Chen Xiang’s bragging.

As time went by, Leng Youlan eventually fell asleep beside Chen Xiang. Seeing that sweet smile on Leng Youlan, Chen Xiang quietly gave her a kiss on her cheek.

“My dear brother, from the start you received her as you sister with evil intentions!” Su Meiyao tenderly spat. Bai Youyou’s cold scoldings followed right after.

“Go away, don’t let your thoughts wander!” Chen Xiang said.

“Tch, you’re embracing her while lying on a bed, and you don’t want others thoughts to wander in the wrong direction!” Su Meiyao clicked her tongue and retorted.

“Exactly, you are so close to a girl in the same bed! It is truly despicable, humph!” Bai Youyou coldly snorted.

Chen Xiang mischievously smiled and said, “You two are just jealous! Every day, you look at me bathing and I’ve not said a word. Now that I’m together with my sworn sister, why are scolding me for nothing.”

“Who looks at you!” Su Meiyao shyly retorted. However, her voice was very low, and Bai Youyou also stopped speaking.

Chen Xiang mischievously laughed, “You’ve seen me without clothes, and I’ve also seen you naked, it’s almost like we are in a relationship right? Hei hei…I don’t want other people’s thoughts to wander in wrong way. Especially you, you’ve peeped upon me when I’m naked hundreds upon thousands of times!”

“Humph!” Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou both tenderly snorted at the same time. When it came to this point, they could not wait to find a hole and hide their heads. Originally, they didn’t intend to let Chen Xiang know they have been peeping on him. Who could expect that woke up Chen Xiang at last moment, and overheard their conversation? Only through this stroke of luck was he able to learn their shameful matter.

Chen Xiang started proudly laughing.

“Chen Xiang, I too have frequently seen you bathing! You don’t look good at all, and neither do you have the same attractiveness as when the two sisters are changing clothes.” Long Xueyi interrupted.

This made Chen Xiang’s complexion suddenly turned green, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were both even more speechless. They obviously knew Long Xueyi’s divine sense was extremely strong, it had even been able to penetrate inside the ring and see them after all. Although they were seen by a little girl, in their heart they were more or less somewhat uncomfortable.

“Truly proximity to pitch makes you black, Sister Meiyao, Sister Youyou, look what you’ve done! You’ve even taught bad things to this little girl!” Chen Xiang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

[TLN: Different environments provide different influence]

Long Xueyi laughed and said, “Chen Xiang, I want to touch your sister’s white hair, can I?”

Regarding Leng Youlan having such bizarre white hair, Chen Xiang had no explanation, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also had none.

“Okay, you better not let her see you!” Chen Xiang said.

“What if she sees me, I’m so cute, I won’t frighten her!” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted, before a white light rushed out from Chen Xiang’s arm. Once the white light faded, Long Xueyi, this tender and cute little girl, appeared beside the bed.

Anyone who saw her would think of her as nothing more than an adorable and pure little girl that impression was further solidified with her being garbed in a pure white dress. Chen Xiang immediately extended his hand over and ruthlessly pinched her face. With a wide grin on his face, he said, “Little girl, you should come out more and let me pinch you. Otherwise, these cute little cheeks of yours would exist in vain.”

Long Xueyi glared at Chen Xiang with an aggrieved look on her adorable face. With her jade-like hands, she slapped Chen Xiang’s hands away. Afterward, like a child had seen her favorite toy, she very fondly stroked Leng Youlan’s white hair. Long Xueyi was acting like it was her most beloved doll.

Chen Xiang was secretly astonished upon seeing this. He didn’t expect Long Xueyi, who only appeared to like eating and being naughty, to also like stroking the hair of beautiful girls.

“Little dragoness, why are you so fascinated with stroking her hair?” Chen Xiang ruthlessly pinched her cute little cheeks, which made her jabber a series of curses.

Long Xueyi suddenly turned into a white flash, before reappearing once again. This way, she broke free from Chen Xiang’s grasp, her little cheeks had already turned red.

“How can you bully a little girl, you scoundrel!?” Long Xueyi tenderly cursed.

“Little dragoness, you’ve caused me so much trouble. I’m already being lenient, or else I would have spanked your little ass until it was swollen.” Chen Xiang said with a pleasant smile on his face.

“Humph, are you willing to spank me? I know you can’t bear to beat me!”Long Xueyi stuck out her tongue towards him, and then once again vivaciously went over to Leng Youlan to stroke her snow white hair.

Leng Youlan was sound asleep. In these past two months, she had kept her nerves taut while living alone deep in the forest. Only today, when she laid down beside Chen Xiang, was she able to fully relax and sleep soundly.

Long Xueyi whispered, “She truly has inherited the white dragon’s blood. She’s from the same vein as me!”

Her words gave a pretty big shock to Chen Xiang, Su Meiyao, and Bai Youyou. In Leng Youlan’s veins, there was actually dragon blood flowing, what did it mean? Could it be that either her mother or her father was a dragon?

“Was one of her parents a dragon?” Chen Xiang asked. A human and dragon marrying one another, and giving birth were only heard of in legends.

Long Xueyi shook her head and said, “I don’t know, the white dragon blood in her body is very, very thin. It should be from one of her ancestors, probably from a very long time ago. At the time when she was born, that thin white dragon blood might have been expressed itself in her head, which is why she has this kind of soft white hair!”

While speaking, Long Xueyi took out a pair of scissors from god knows where, and then, grabbing a few strands of Leng Youlan’s white hair, she tried cutting them off.

Chen Xiang didn’t stop Long Xueyi, but very soon a strange scene appeared before his eyes. Long Xueyi was actually not able to cut off those strands of white hair.

“That’s confirmed it! She definitely has inherited blood from the same vein as me. Although the white dragon blood in her is thin, as her strength elevates, it will also grow slowly. She would need to absorb a lot of power, but at that time she would also come to possess a strong body similar to that of a dragon.” Long Xueyi kissed the beautiful cheek of Leng Youlan before transforming into a white flash and returning to Chen Xiang’s arm.

Although dragons were born without a body and just spirit, there was still a very minuscule amount of dragon blood inside their spirits. It would be like a mist circling around the spirit. Through hereditary memories, the spirit would then start taking in a large amount of Spirit Qi to create a body that was strong enough for the dragonling to break their shell.

That was what Long Xueyi once informed to Chen Xiang.


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