Chapter 211 – Emperor Crystal

Chen Xiang stroked Leng Youlan’s white hair and marveled over and over in his heart. He didn’t expect his own sworn sister to actually possess dragon blood!

“Chen Xiang, when I came out I sensed something good deep within the mine!” Long Xueyi grinned.

Anything Long Xueyi labeled as good should definitely be something extraordinary, Chen Xiang hastily asked, “Do you want me to find it?”

Long Xueyi said with a smug smile, “If you want to get it, you at least need to dig a hundred or so zhang. Even then, that does not necessarily mean you’ll be able to find it!”

“What is it?” Chen Xiang once again asked. After all, this was just a mine, beside the crystal stones, what could possibly be here?

“Emperor Crystal!” Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao both said in unison.

After Chen Xiang heard these two words, he literally jumped from shock! The Emperor Crystal was a very special and rare sentient object that had been bred in a vein, and was extremely elusive. Even in legends, it has only appeared twice, and its whereabouts were completely unknown until now.

The Emperor Crystal’s usage mainly lied in the fact that it specialized in determining the location of ores required for making spirit weapons. If one had the Emperor Crystal in their possession, they would easily be able to find crystal stone veins, or various other ores deposits. This ability was something that transcended logical reason, it was heaven-defying!

“Quickly fetch it!” Chen Xiang hastily shouted. He knew Long Xueyi, this little dragoness, definitely had a way to get it.

“Hmmm…only if you give me a Building Foundation Dan!” Long Xueyi mischievously laughed.

“No problem, if it is really the Emperor Crystal, I’ll not only give you a Building Foundation Dan, I’ll also add fifty True Elemental Dans!” Chen Xiang very readily agreed. If he had the Emperor Crystal, it would allow him to find some rare ores without a doubt! Considering everything, those would definitely be good to help refine equipment.

Long Xueyi transformed into a white flash and drilled straight into the earth. Seeing this, Chen Xiang secretly clicked his tongue, at the same time something came up in his mind, “Sister Meiyao, if this little dragon can steal things, wouldn’t that be great! From now on I need to treat this little girl a bit better, I need to keep her firmly around me, she is a true treasure!”

Prior to coming here, Chen Xiang had been planned to go to the Herb King Mountain, however, he still couldn’t think of any way to make the Lu Family bleed. However, if he allowed Long Xueyi to loot the Herb King Mountain now, not only would he earn big time, he would also be able to make most of Lu Family cough up blood.

Long Xueyi was simply a greedy person, which was the easiest kind of people to deal with, Chen Xiang just had to give her some spirit fruits or some Building Foundation Dans from time to time, and he could make her dead set on following you around, Chen Xiang also secretly thought so.

Chen Xiang waited for a long time, soon dawn had arrived. Only then did Long Xueyi emerge from the ground, holding an exquisitely carved, peach-sized crystal!

“Indeed, this is the Emperor Crystal!” Chen Xiang said in surprise before he readily threw a storage pouch to Long Xueyi.

As her divine sense seeped into the storage pouch, she found two Building Foundation Dans and a hundred True Elemental Dans inside! She was suddenly extremely happy and quickly handed the Emperor Crystal over to Chen Xiang, and then ate those dans with extreme relish. For once, she found Chen Xiang very handsome, he was so generous that he even gave her twice the promised reward!

“Spirit-grade equipment, brilliant-grade equipment, these are magical equipment refined by humans… However, this Emperor Crystal was naturally made by this world, ordinarily, such things are referred to as a spirit treasure. With such a mystical usage, this Emperor Crystal is definitely a spirit treasure, you need to pour some of your blood on it!” Su Meiyao explained.

As Chen Xiang’s blood fell on that clear Emperor Crystal, it slightly shook and emitted a soft aura. He suddenly felt some kind of mysterious connection with the Emperor Crystal, along with a strange sensation that seemed to come out of nowhere. As he closed his eyes, he could see large pieces of clear crystal stones around him, as if he was standing in the middle of an ocean. The crystal stone mine seemed to be all around him. With the help of Emperor Crystal, he could actually clearly see every piece of ore around him.

Chen Xiang was excited and extremely happy in his heart. Now that he possessed the Emperor Crystal, not only would he be able to see these hidden crystal stone veins, he could also see ores that could be used for refining equipment. This Emperor Crystal had endless magical effects.

“This crystal stone mine is really big!” Chen Xiang grabbed that Emperor Crystal and closed his eyes. Once again, seas of crystal stones appeared around him. These crystal stones not only had a large amount of Spirit Qi inside, it was also the currency in circulation in the martial world, there were many other usages as well!

Chen Xiang had been cautious, as not to awake Leng Youlan. These past two months she had been very tired, now only was she able to sleep like a baby. Besides, she was also refining the Earth Core Divine Fruit’s energy, which made her sink into an even deeper sleep.

Although Long Xueyi was gluttonous, she had just eaten a Building Foundation Dan and ten True Elemental Dans. When Chen Xiang saw her release a small cute burp, he whispered, “Little Dragon, why didn’t you stayed underground for a little longer, wouldn’t it be even easier to get those crystal stone?”

“Of course I can, but I can’t eat those things! That being said, they’re still good stuff!” Long Xueyi replied with some irritation.

Chen Xiang lightly caressed her cheeks, smiled and said, “You can’t eat them, but they can be exchanged for many other things that you can. You little dolt, why do always act like an idiot? Go grab some of them, and I’ll help you exchange them for some things to eat.”

Long Xueyi shook her head and said, “These crystal stones are scattered all around the place. Even after spending a lot of time, I can only fetch a little bit of it, completely not efficient.”

Chen Xiang said, “Only grab high-quality crystal stones. I’ll guide you, specifically grab the top-grade crystal stone!”

Top-grade and high-grade crystal stones were not in circulation because they were very rare. Generally, they were used in formations and arrays as their quantity was very small, however, the Spirit Qi in them was in an extremely large quantity, not to mention they were also worth a lot.

A high-grade crystal stone could be exchanged for a hundred middle-grade crystal stones, while a top-grade one for ten thousand middle-grade crystal stones!

The top-grade crystal stone was generally deep inside the vein, and in a very meager amount. Even if one had the vein, the chance of finding it was extremely minuscule. However, with the help of the Emperor Crystal, Chen Xiang was clearly able to see there was a relatively large top-grade crystal stone in this vein!

“Good!” Long Xueyi promised, and Chen Xiang immediately described her the location in detail and made her dive down towards it.

This place was already very deep, yet the crystal stones here were very little. Chen Xiang guessed that the energy had all been absorbed by the top-grade crystal stone. After one hour or so passed, Long Xueyi finally came back.

Long Xueyi took out a column like stone glittering in white light from her storage equipment, this was the top-grade crystal stone, with an incomparably rich Spirit Qi. This chunk of top-grade crystal stone was as big as someone’s thigh! Chen Xiang hastily grabbed it and stored it inside his storage pouch. Afterward, he once again gave a Building Foundation Dan to Long Xueyi, making this little girl so extremely happy her mouth was bent with a smile.

Chen Xiang estimated this top-grade crystal could be cut into more than thousand regular pieces. In short, this single was actually equivalent to ten million crystal stones! He had once again earned a great fortune,

Chen Xiang laid on the bed until noon. Leng Youlan remained beside him, still wrapped around his waist and fast asleep. Chen Xiang didn’t want to wake her up, so continued to stay still.

A Cold Qi suddenly disturbed them, as Leng Youlan was fiercely awakened. Seeing Chen Xiang beside her, she immediately thought of herself sleeping with Chen Xiang for an entire night. She could not help but blush in shame.

“Brother…” Leng Youlan had not even finished her sentence before Chen Xiang said in a serious tone, “Someone’s here, and this person is very strong! This Cold Qi is actually so frightening!”

Leng Youlan giggled, “Brother, you do not need to be afraid, it’s my Dean!”


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