Chapter 212 – Dual Identity

Leng Youlan tidied up her dress, then put on that red armor of hers. While thinking of last night when she was wearing so little and went to sleep with Chen Xiang, she slightly lowered her head as her whole face turned red; she didn’t dare to look at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang originally thought the Dean of the Icewind Valley was mysterious like the Dean of Danxiang Taoyuan; she would never appear in public. However, contrary to his expectations, the Dean actually came here in person, and this caused him and Leng Youlan to both be somewhat surprised.

“In the end why did your Dean come here?” Chen Xiang left the room, following Leng Youlan. At this point, he suddenly felt a little cold, because the Dean continued to release an oppressive Cold Qi; these powerful figures enjoy acting like this, not only would this act as showing off, it would also scare others, not to mention it could also play a deterrent role.

Through several passages, Chen Xiang and the others arrived in a hall. Dan Yuan and the other two True Martial Realm disciples were also here; their body was slightly trembling. The walls of this hall were completely covered in frost, and in the seat of honor was a female wearing a black robe, her face covered with a white mask. Although she was wearing a gown, it still could not hide her graceful figure.

This female was exactly the Dean of the Icewind Valley!

Seeing the Dean, Chen Xiang was even more determined that this Dean and Elder Dan were same, they definitely had some kind of secret which they can’t allow others to know, otherwise, they would not obscure even their eyes with white light.

Although he could not see the Dean’s eyes, Chen Xiang was pretty sure the Dean was staring at him, this made him feel scared.

“Are you Chen Xiang? Not bad!” The Dean’s voice was devoid of any emotions, cold as ice; anyone who heard it would feel completely scared. If the Dean appeared at night, even if she didn’t release that oppressive Cold Qi, she could still scare anyone to death.

Dan Yuan and the others were all standing, they didn’t dare to sit. The Icewind Valley’s Dean suddenly appeared, and even in their dreams, they have not thought of this. However, it also put them at ease, they reckoned that the Icewind Valley’s Dean would definitely act and intervene in the matter.

Chen Xiang was just about to salute, however, he suddenly heard Long Xueyi’s exclaim, “Isn’t this Sister Menger? It must be her, I’m not mistaken! If you don’t believe me, you simply have to touch her body; she has fused with the Vermilion Bird Tender Thread, that is the Vermillion Bird Divine Weapon you have to awaken, and it must still have some connection with you!”

Chen Xiang was petrified; the Icewind Valley’s Dean was actually the Empress of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire! Didn’t the Empress use fire? However, the Icewind Valley’s Dean has such a powerful ice cold True Qi!

“So to say, she knew that you might recognize her, that’s why she intentionally released Cold Qi, in order to avoid you sensing the Vermillion Bird Tender Thread!” Su Meiyao was also extremely surprised.

“It seems that this woman is same as your sister, both of them have the Fire and Ice Vein, and from the Cold Qi she’s releasing, she must have at least Fire and Ice Heavenly Vein!” Bai Youyou said.

At the time when Leng Youlan went to the Extreme Martial Sect, it was precisely Elder Dan who handed over Leng Youlan to the Icewind Valley’s Dean; from this, it was clear that both of them had pretty good relations!

“She is the Empress of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, and at the same time, she is also the mysterious Dean of the Icewind Valley, this woman is marvelous!” Su Meiyao exclaimed.

Chen Xiang’s state of mind, although it was like a turbulent sea, there was still no change in his expression as he politely said, “Brat Chen Xiang respectfully greets the Dean!”

“No need to be overly courteous!” The Dean coldly said, seeing her being so pretentious, Chen Xiang secretly had a good laugh in his heart. He very much wanted to see what kind of expression would she have when he exposed her?

At this moment, the Dean stood up and came in front of Chen Xiang and coldly asked, “Why do you have so much scent on you? This is Youlan’s, were you last night together?”

Chen Xiang and Leng Youlan’s were suddenly petrified; Dan Yuan and others could not help but be startled, however, they were very soon at ease. Leng Youlan and Chen Xiang were a perfect match, and although Chen Xiang had received her as his sworn sister at the surface, this kind of means was fairly common, and everyone’s thoughts could not help but wander.

Leng Youlan was completely embarrassed, the blush on her face reached up to her ears, and now she didn’t have that previous domineering bearing; she was truly acting like a girl.

Chen Xiang knew that the Dean was Liu Menger, that was why he was currently extremely calm. He slightly smiled and said, “Last night, she and I slept together, we have not seen each other for many years, while chatting with her we fell asleep, we are brother and sisters, there is no problem!”

“Humph, what’s next! Chen Xiang, I would like to have a good talk with you alone!” The Dean angrily shouted. From her body, a Slaughter Qi broke out, however, what made her even more surprised was that Chen Xiang was still composed; there was not even a single trace of fear on his face. She could not help but admire Chen Xiang’s state of mind.

“Dean… We really didn’t do anything, these past two months…”

“You don’t need to speak anymore, wait here for me!”

Chen Xiang, along with the Dean, came to a stone room. In his heart, he was elated; although he didn’t know why the Dean sought to talk to him alone, he could now expose her here without any scruples.

With both hands behind her back, the Dean looked at some murals on the wall while Chen Xiang stood behind her.

“Chen Xiang, you have big guts! You actually dared to touch a disciple of my Icewind Valley, I advise you…”

She failed to continue her as speech as Chen Xiang suddenly interrupted her. With a mischievous laugh, Chen Xiang said, “Sister Menger, you have been well since our last meeting!”

The Dean’s tender body suddenly trembled, as she angrily shouted, “What are you saying? Don’t interrupt me!”

Suddenly, Long Xueyi posed as Chen Xiang and spoke with a sinister laughter, “Sister Menger, I’ve already seen the snow-white rabbits on your chest, you don’t need to pretend anymore.”

Chen Xiang’s words once again made the Dean’s body quiver; she turned around and tenderly shouted, “Don’t ever speak of this again, and you’re not allowed to talk about this with others!”

Chen Xiang didn’t expect Long Xueyi to actually be so vicious; she directly poked Liu Menger’s sore spot, however, he also didn’t blame Long Xueyi.

“Hei, hei, however, I felt Elder Dan’s rabbits were a little bigger than yours, a bit whiter too.” Chen Xiang continued to laugh, and Liu Menger, who was putting on airs just a moment ago, was now completely speechless.

Liu Menger softly harrumphed as she took her mask off, revealing her elegant and peerless face. Looking at her mature, tender and beautiful face, Chen Xiang couldn’t help but start laughing in a mocking tone.

“Humph!” Liu Menger stamped her foot and said in a tender voice, “Elder Dan will never let you see her figure! How do you know hers are bigger than mine? Whiter than mine? Did she let you have a look?!”

Previously, she was a Dean capable of releasing an oppressive Cold Qi, but now she was like an angry little girl; she would only complete forfeit that aloof like imposing manner and majestic aura of hers in front of Chen Xiang.

“She indeed let me have a glance!” Chen Xiang sat on the chair with his legs crossed, a proud grin was written on his face.

Liu Menger was exposed by Chen Xiang, and in her heart, she was ashamed and furious. However, she also didn’t have any way to grab ahold of Chen Xiang, with a soft snort, she said, “Nonsense, which woman would casually allow others to look… look there!

Chen Xiang happily laughed and said, “Sister Menger, didn’t you let me have a look? At that time, I felt very shy!

Liu Menger nibbled her lips and indignantly looked at Chen Xiang as two charming blush marks surfaced on her cheeks. This different kind of fascinating beauty made Chen Xiang praise over and over in his heart.

“Right, Sister Menger you seem to be very much concerned about who has bigger and whiter rabbits!” Chen Xiang laughed even more happily, while on the other hand, Liu Menger tenderly snorted again and again in anger.

“Chen Xiang, you know that I can use my True Qi. If you bully me again, I will not let it slide!” Liu Menger rebuked with a pout, looking extremely attractive, once again making Chen Xiang absent-minded.


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