Chapter 213 – The Divine Weapon Sect And The Icewind Valley

Chen Xiang scratched his head, laughed and said, “I’d like to take a look at how you won’t let me slide!” While speaking, Chen Xiang unscrupulously pointed at Liu Menger’s voluptuous rabbits.

Liu Menger angrily stomped her lotus-like foot and tenderly snorted. She indeed didn’t have any way to grab ahold of Chen Xiang. She found herself not being able to act ruthlessly against Chen Xiang. She had lived for so long, and it was only now that she had encountered such a situation.

Chen Xiang rubbed his chin and said, “Sister Menger, aren’t you just jealous? Actually, you are forbidding me to get close to Youlan, hei hei, in the end, what is in your heart?”

“You yourself don’t have any good intentions! On the surface, you have taken her as your sister, but now you… Humph, Humph.” Liu Menger softly said.

“Sister Menger, you’re thinking too much!” Chen Xiang laughed.

Liu Menger sat on a chair beside Chen Xiang and seriously said, “Youlan, this girl, is very wild. If she follows you, the mess she will create will be no less than yours! She and you are very different, she needs to cultivate with a calm heart, otherwise, in a few years, she will not be able to survive.”

“In a few years? What is going to happen?” Chen Xiang asked while pretending to be surprised; he had already guessed that it was about the Great Battle of the Three Realms.

Indeed, Liu Menger spoke of the very same matter with a very solemn look, “According to words passed down by the Founder of the Divine Weapon Sect a long time ago, in a few years, a catastrophe will befall on the world. Currently, not only your Extreme Martial Sect is doing preparation, all of the factions of the Chenwu Mainland are doing the same; even those devil path sects are starting to snatch the resources!”

“That’s why don’t bother Youlan. Her foundation is very good, in a few years, she will certainly have decent strength, and she will be able to survive under the catastrophe.”

Chen Xiang nodded his head as he took out three pieces of the Earth Core Divine Fruit and gave it to Liu Menger.

After Liu Menger saw this, her pretty eyes suddenly glittered intermittently; she could see that these fruits were very valuable.

“One piece for you, two for Xianxian! Don’t eat now, wait till you go back before you eat it.”

“Why only a piece for me? Unfair!” Liu Menger said with a tender snort.

Chen Xiang looked at Liu Menger’s chest, mischievously laughed and said, “Xianxian is my wife, of course, I’m going to be biased! Besides, you’re not even my girlfriend; the only reason I gave you one piece is complete because I’ve seen your beautiful rabbits, ha ha…”

Liu Menger’s face turned red again as she said in a soft voice, “I already said that you can’t mention it again!” While speaking, she stretched out her jade-like hands like a lightning bolt, knocked on Chen Xiang’s head, striking it very lightly. But in her heart, she was quite reluctant to attack.

After Liu Menger received the three pieces of the Earth Core Divine Fruit, Chen Xiang once again laughed and said, “Don’t steal and eat, I’ll ask Xianxian.”

“Don’t you trust me?” Liu Menger said with a soft snort, “…I’m your wife’s teacher, you’re being rude to me again and again. I haven’t even said a word to you.”

Chen Xiang pursed his lips and retorted, “After all the things I’ve done, am I still treated as an outsider? Didn’t I help you turn that piece of ribbon on your chest into a divine weapon.”

Speaking of the Vermillion Bird Tender Thread, Liu Menger indeed felt very grateful to Chen Xiang; it had now turned into her own divine weapon. Now that it was connected with her blood and flesh, she felt a lot stronger now.

Chen Xiang asked, “Sister Menger, what is your relation with Elder Dan? Why are you dressed up as the Icewind Valley’s Dean?”

“I have nothing to do with her. From the ancient times, the Icewind Valley’s Dean has always been like this; it is also under the control of the Divine Weapon Sect’s Dean. I’ve changed the Divine Weapon Sect into the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire for better management, and it also allows me to have some time to stay in the Icewind Valley.” Liu Menger replied, now that Chen Xiang have seen through her, she no longer kept her facade. For Chen Xiang, she had a kind of indescribable trust.

Perhaps it was because she knew Chen Xiang had a lot of secrets, and Chen Xiang was also the same, he too trusted Liu Menger.

“Aren’t you tired of running back and forth?” After knowing the secrets of the Divine Weapon Sect and the Icewind Valley, Chen Xiang was secretly shocked.

“There is an ancient teleportation array between the Icewind Valley and the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire. It only needs some crystal stones to activate the array and I can come and go in the blink of an eye to the Divine weapon Heavenly Empire. Don’t even speak of this to anyone else.” Liu Menger exhorted.

“I know, I know, I’m starting to wonder if Elder Dan also has another identity, maybe she is the Dean of Danxiang Taoyuan!” Chen Xiang rubbed his chin while pondering deeply.

Liu Menger frowned and said, “I also have the very same suspicion. Honestly, the Dean of the Danxiang Taoyuan is as mysterious as my… Icewind Valley’s Dean identity.”

“Last time I said my alchemy techniques are taught by the Danxiang Taoyuan’s Dean, she, at that time, was pretty certain I was not speaking the truth.” Chen Xiang said, “It seems that after I return, I have to ask her.”

Liu Menger was slightly shocked, and after a while, she asked, “Your alchemy techniques aren’t they taught to you by Elder Dan?”

Chen Xiang smiled and said, “Nope, it’s someone else, this is my confidential secret.”

“Humph, right, you seem to have pretty good relation with Elder Dan? Before you’ve said…said you’ve seen her…” Liu Menger, at this moment, couldn’t speak any further, she suddenly found herself very intrigued about this matter.

“Fooled you, ha ha…” Chen Xiang started laughing.

Liu Menger gritted her teeth and said, “You quickly return to the Extreme Martial Sect. The devil path sect’s guys will not sit still; several big sects are squeezed in just one province, they are lacking resources, and in order to cope with the oncoming storm, they are now plundering the resources everywhere. Leave this matter to me!”

“En, thanks a lot, Sister Menger!” Chen Xiang smiled and said.

Liu Menger angrily said, “You yourself have said a moment ago that I shouldn’t treat you as an outsider… the devil path sect and the righteous sect might be in conflict, and you ought to be careful. Don’t wander around! And, from now on, you can not take Youlan to wander everywhere, don’t just think about yourself, you have to think for her too.”

“Also, don’t go womanizing everywhere, you already have Youlan and Xianxian, aren’t these two girls enough for you?” In Liu Menger’s eyes, Leng Youlan had already become Chen Xiang’s woman, even if their current relationship was that of brother and sister.

Chen Xiang pursed his lips and said, “Like this together with you now, doesn’t it count as womanizing?”

“Of course it doesn’t! You…You… stinking brat is truly…humph!” Liu Menger was speechless, as long as she was with Chen Xiang, her pace would always get swept, and she would always have to suffer a loss.

“Hei hei, Xianxian and Youlan, although both are very close to me, I haven’t seen their rabbits, but Sister Menger…Ha ha…” Chen Xiang finished speaking and quickly ran out of the stone room; he only heard Liu Menger curse again and again.

Liu Menger hastily covered her face with the mask and chased Chen Xiang. She arrived behind Chen Xiang and twisted his arm for a while. Afterward, she said in a low voice, “Don’t tell Youlan about my true identity!”

[TLN: Last time we used muslin on Liu Menger’s face, actually it should be a mask, sorry for the mistake.]

“Give me a kiss, I’ll promise you!” Chen Xiang mischievously laughed and said.

“Smelly brat, one day, I’ll make you look good.” Liu Menger gritted her teeth and said.

Arriving at the hall, Leng Youlan quickly walked beside Chen Xiang. After seeing the grin on Chen Xiang’s face, she heaved a deep sigh. At this time, Liu Menger once again released the Cold Qi, and compared to before, it was even colder; it was evident that she was angry.

“Youlan, quickly return to the Icewind Valley, there are important things to announce!” Liu Menger coldly said.


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