Chapter 214 – Ungrateful

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“Dean…” Leng Youlan was somewhat reluctant; she came to Chen Xiang and said, “Brother, it seems I can’t accompany you to wander the world, however, there will be opportunities!”

Chen Xiang touched those beautiful and soft white hair of hers and hugged her as he smiled and said, “En, you have to cultivate with all your efforts and elevate your strength. Next time we meet, I’ll definitely test your strength!”

Leng Youlan nodded her head, at this moment, Chen Xiang moved his face closer to her cheeks and whispered in her ear, “Youlan, if the Dean dares to be violent to you, you just have to say rabbits, and she will definitely not dare to do anything to you.”

“Rabbits?” Leng Youlan felt doubtful, however, she still nodded her head.

Liu Menger was a Nirvana Realm martial artist, and obviously, she heard what Chen Xiang said. Her tender body slightly trembled in anger; she secretly clenched her teeth. Xianxian was her only disciple, and was also Chen Xiang’s wife, besides Leng Youlan could also be counted as her disciple. Although she was Chen Xiang’s sworn sister, now looking at it closely, their relationship was not that simple.

“Leave the things here to me! I’m also friends with Gu Dongchen, this is just a little bit of work for me!” Liu Menger said.

Although Leng Youlan and Chen Xiang have only stayed together for a very short amount of time, she was still very happy. Although she was still somewhat reluctant to part, she was completely satisfied. With a sweet smile on her face, she followed Liu Menger and left. This made Liu Menger somewhat surprised; she knew Leng Youlan was usually cold, sturdy, overbearing and wild, but now it looks like she also had emotions like ordinary girls.

At this moment, Liu Menger couldn’t help but think about the time she spent together with Chen Xiang… wasn’t it also same? Thinking of the various things that happened with Chen Xiang, her face turned slightly red, and in her heart, complex feelings were roused.

After Liu Menger left with Leng Youlan, Chen Xiang continued to stay here, waiting for Dan Yuan to completely recover; only after that, could he leave without qualms. After a few days, the Icewind Valley really sent someone; although there were only twenty, all of these twenty were in the True Martial Realm.

After the mine was safe, Chen Xiang said goodbye to Dan Yuan and backtracked to the Extreme Martial Sect!

While Chen Xiang was flying, he was also thinking about how to deal with Elder Tan’s collusion with the Lu Family and the devil path sect; he must get rid of this dangerous character!

Six days passed, Chen Xiang was currently in the Taoyuan Province, flying within the clouds. Because he could not see the beautiful scenery below, he was extremely bored. Just as he wanted to fly lower for a while, a powerful Qi suddenly shot into the sky, scattering a large number of clouds; this made him astonished. After paying a close attention, he heard sounds of fighting, and to his surprise, it was coming from below

Chen Xiang hid above the clouds and flew to a remote place. He landed on a high mountain and observed the ongoing battle, only to see many black-robed people besieging a team of white-robed people.

“Aren’t they disciples from Danxiang Taoyuan? Are those black robed people devil path martial artists?” Chen Xiang said with uncertainty. He glided down from the top of that high mountain and took out a sword.

Those black robed people were holding bizarre weapons, and their True Qi was also very bizarre and evil. After getting closer, Chen Xiang was certain that they were devil path martial artists. Not only were they attacking the disciples of Danxiang Taoyuan, there were also the True Martial Sect’s and the Beast Martial Sect’s disciples present as well.

The Extreme Martial Sect always had very good relations with the Danxiang Taoyuan; they never had any kind of conflict. Obviously, Chen Xiang was going to save them since they were currently in a very unfavorable situation. They were surrounded by many devil path martial artists, and those devil path martial artists were stronger than them.

“There are actually two 3rd level of the True Martial Realm martial artists, it seems the devil path disciples are really desperate!” Chen Xiang took out the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. If he didn’t use this divine blade, he could not easily resolve this conflict. Besides, he also had to be wary of those True Martial Sect’s and the Beast Martial Sect’s disciples.

As he poured the Azure Dragon True Qi into the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, a suffocating aura suddenly flowed out; Chen Xiang brandished this domineering broadsword and rushed into the crowd, slashed down a blade strike. He drew an azure bright arc form, which emitted ‘Xiu Xiu’ sounds. This one strike instantly beheaded ten 10th level Mortal Martial Realm martial artists.

Chen Xiang immediately released a Qi screen; this was the [Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover]. With this, he could have a very solid defense, along with this invisible Qi cover, those lacking in strength could not approach him; they would all feel as if they were subjected to the impact of tyrannical waves.

The Danxiang Taoyuan’s disciples, after seeing someone came to help, immediately discovered that the weapon their savior used was somewhat familiar to them. They realized that it was the treasured weapon used by Chen Xiang they had heard of, making them feel relieved. When Chen Xiang had arrived, he neatly and quickly beheaded tens of 10th level Mortal Martial Realm martial artists.

Chen Xiang’s Slaughtering Heart started beating, absorbing a large number of vicious Qi, and releasing an intense Slaughter Qi continuously. At the same time, it scared the heart and guts of those devil path martial artists, as if they have encountered a devil god incarnate.

Chen Xiang’s blade was like a thunderbolt that madly danced, killing off those devil path martial artists as they suffered a crushing defeat, blasting them into pieces. In the blink of an eye, only the two 3rd level True Martial Realm devil path martial artists were left.

“Chen Xiang, our Transforming Bone Clan will not let you off!” A single-eyed man said while blasting a palm at the tall and thin young man beside him. The palm landed on that thin body with a frightening force, making the tall and thin young man flew towards Chen Xiang. While letting out aggrieved screams, his body turned into poisonous black water and spattered towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang just stepped sideways and dodged; he didn’t expect that the devil path martial artist would actually be so ruthless, sacrificing his own companion to escape.

That single-eyed man thought he could delay Chen Xiang for a while, which would allow him to quickly escape. However, before he could run too far, he suddenly felt a suffocating pressure engulfing his body from behind.

Chen Xiang, while chasing that single-eyed man, waved the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. With a fierce blade strike chopping downwards, an explosive sound burst out, and that single-eyed man was smashed into pieces.

The Danxiang Taoyuan’s, the True Martial Sect’s and the Beast Martial Sect’s disciples could not help but shiver after seeing this. Just a few moments ago, they had fallen into a bitter struggle; if it continued to go on like that, they would have definitely been annihilated. However, they had not expected Chen Xiang to appear, and alone, he had actually beheaded all those Transforming Bone Clan’s disciples.

“Is this the strength of the Extreme Martial Sect youngest and strongest martial artist ever? Chen Xiang, truly worth ten million crystal stones!” A Danxiang Taoyuan’s disciple exclaimed.

“It sure looks like him! Although he looks very different, that broadsword is exactly the one I saw on the wanted poster!” Another man said.

While the Danxiang Taoyuan’s disciples were feeling grateful, the True Marital Sect’s and Beast Martial Sect’s disciples were like bees rushing ahead, holding their weapons with a greedy look; they believed that with so many people, they could certainly grab ahold of Chen Xiang, and at that time, they could obtain the ten million crystal stones along with the treasured blade in Chen Xiang’s hand.

“Ungrateful guys, stop them!” A Danxiang Taoyuan’s middle-aged man shouted. Holding a long spear, he flew over and didn’t hesitate to stab the True Martial Sect’s disciples rushing towards Chen Xiang to death.

After seeing the skillful display of their leader, the Danxiang Taoyuan’s disciples also rushed and started fighting against the True Martial Sect’s and the Beast Martial Sect’s disciples one by one.

“Danxiang Taoyuan senior and junior brothers, all of you come behind me!” Chen Xiang shouted. He had a completely solemn and cold expression on his face. Just a moment ago, he had saved the True Martial Sect’s and the Beast Martial Sect’s disciples, but not only were they ungrateful, they actually dared to attack him!


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