Chapter 215 – Act First, Report Later

After the Danxiang Taoyuan’s disciples heard Chen Xiang’s shout, they immediately flew over. Although they didn’t know what Chen Xiang was planning to do, they could figure out he was very impatient from his voice.

The True Martial Sect’s and the Beast Martial Sect’s disciples didn’t know what to do after seeing Danxiang Taoyuan’s disciples siding with Chen Xiang. Originally, they thought that the Danxiang Taoyuan’s disciples would attack Chen Xiang just like them.

“Humph, even if I saved a dog, that dog would be wagging its tail towards me. However, you lot don’t even give a word of thanks and even attack me, you’re all worse than dogs!” Chen Xiang angrily cursed.

“So what!?” A True Martial Sect disciple who was ignorant of the immensity of heaven and earth shouted. He thought that with so many people on their side, they had already won. Besides, there were also several True Martial Realm disciples on their side.

A sneer appeared on Chen Xiang’s face, as raging flames burst out from his body. Afterward, he flew over to the disciples of the two sect’s left in front of him. While he flew towards them, a pair of enormous [Vermillion Bird Fire Wings] appeared on his back. At this moment, the wings on Chen Xiang ‘s back was very similar to an actual Vermillion Bird’s wings. While those fire wings grew larger and larger, he flew towards those two sects disciples.

In few seconds, Chen Xiang ruthlessly struck that group like a large bird of prey. That group of disciples had no time to react before they were struck by the huge fire wings released by Chen Xiang. After he pierced through the crowd, the ground was still aflame, long after those disciples had been entirely burned to ashes!

This opened the outlook of the Danxiang Taoyuan’s disciples, with just one charge, tens of disciples from two major sects were burned to ashes in the blink of an eye. How absolutely frightening this strength was, it was not wrong to call Chen Xiang the youngest and strongest martial artist in the history of the Extreme Martial Sect.

“Friends of Danxiang Taoyuan, I would like to return the Extreme Martial Sect as soon as possible, so I can’t accompany you to the Fragrance City! Maybe next time!” Chen Xiang said with a bright laugh. He released that pair of frightening [Vermillion Bird Fire Wings] once again and flew into the sky, his figure disappeared into the white clouds in a matter of seconds.

“It seems that those rumors discredited Chen Xiang, he is not a bad guy at all!” One man said.

“Exactly, he has just offended far too many people!”

“If the opportunity presents itself, I’ll definitely drink two cups with him. Let’s return as soon as possible! The devil path guys are getting more and more rampant!”

Chen Xiang returned to the Extreme Martial Sect around the evening time and he immediately went to find Elder Tan. Even though it was pretty late into the evening, Chen Xiang was still warmly received by Elder Tan.

Seeing Chen Xiang came back safely, Elder Tan was extremely surprised in his heart, however, his old face was filled with warm smile, “It seems the issues have been resolved!”

Chen Xiang just nodded his head, smiled and said, “It was kind of easy, thanks for arranging such an easy mission Elder Tan! Even the mission given to me was such a high-ranked mission, to be specific, a level-6 mission, I just had to travel for a bit and easily solved it!”

Elder Tan felt extremely doubtful in his heart because he knew an ambush from a high-level martial artist was waiting for Chen Xiang. But even now, Elder Tan has yet to receive any news from the Frozen Sword City.

“That’s good!” Elder Tan smiled and said.

Chen Xiang’s complexion suddenly turned serious, as he spoke, “Elder Tan, during this trip I obtained a good item, but I don’t know whether I should turn it in or not?”

“Oh?” Elder Tan felt somewhat doubtful, after all, if Chen Xiang got something, then why would he still speak about it?

“I know it’s something marvelous, but I just can’t seem to tell what it is. Elder Tan has seen and experienced many things, can you help me identify it?” Chen Xiang asked in a low tone, and took out a fist-sized of top-grade crystal stone, and handed it to Elder Tan.

Seeing the stone exuding white light, and that kind of impactful Spirit Qi in it, Elder Tan immediately recognized it was top-grade crystal stone.

“This is not top-grade crystal stone Elder Tan! Use your divine sense to carefully probe it, and you will experience a bizarre feeling. I think this might be the Emperor Crystal, I stole it from a relatively strong devil path martial artist, who had entered deep into the Extreme Martial Sect’s mine.” Chen Xiang explained.

Emperor Crystal! After Elder Tan heard these two words, he was stunned for a while before he immediately rejoiced and injected his divine sense completely into it. Not to mention the Emperor Crystal, even such a large piece of top-grade crystal was not so easy to see. Yet now it was delivered in his hands by Chen Xiang. With this fact alone, any shred of doubt Elder Tan held towards Chen Xiang’s actions was completely removed.

After Elder Tan poured all his divine sense into the Emperor Crystal, Chen Xiang shouted to Long Xueyi with his divine sense, “Little dragon I need to borrow your power!”

“Ok!” Long Xueyi immediately agreed.

Chen Xiang quietly sneaked behind Elder Tan, and immediately took out the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. The instant it came out, he poured his complete Universe True Qi and the borrowed power from Long Xueyi into the blade, and cleaved downwards towards Elder Tan.

Elder Tan suddenly felt a terrifying power approaching him. He tried to dodge away but fell somewhat short. That blade, weighing millions of jins, landed squarely on Elder Tan, cleaving him into two!

Regarding Elder Tan, Chen Xiang didn’t plan to tell Gu Dongchen and others from the get-go. Chen Xiang would act first, then report later, lest Elder Tan became aware of his incoming doom and try to escape!

Afterward, Chen Xiang headed to the Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm from Elder Tan’s house, along the way, Chen Xiang encountered Wu Kaiming and reported to him what happened. He also took out those two maps as evidence and handed it over to Wu Kaiming.

After Wu Kaiming came to learn about this incident, he was extremely furious, “What the hell is happening in the Extreme Martial Sect!? One after another, traitors keep popping up! About the matter of mine, the Dean and I simply didn’t know anything, or else we would have not let you go alone. Anything related to the mine has always been managed by Tan Feng, I didn’t expect for him to actually hide it from me!”

“Let’s go, we will go find Tan Feng!” Wu Kaiming said.

“En! But there is only his corpse left!” Chen Xiang lightly smiled.

Wu Kaiming was startled for a while before saying, “Impossible…” While speaking, both of them walked towards Tan Feng’s residence.

It didn’t take too long for them to arrive, after seeing Tan Feng’s corpse cut into two by Chen Xiang, with an almost negligent amount of blood scattered, Wu Kaiming could only heave a sigh. He began to suspect whether Chen Xiang entered the Extreme State or not, he actually had the ability to behead two elders!

“You leave and rest first, the Icewind Valley’s Dean has taken over the matter of Frozen Sword City, we don’t need to worry about it! Leave the things here for me to clean up, I’ll go talk to the Dean about it later.” Wu Kaiming said. At this moment, he was feeling rather down because Lu Shang and Tan Feng were personally groomed by Wu Kaiming. He had even made them sit in the elder positions, but had not expected things to turn out like this.

Chen Xiang went to find Yun Xiaodao and the others, but learned that they all went out to do missions. Before, they hated to deal these kinds of things, but now, they had no alternative but to complete the missions because the rewards were irresistible.

After Chen Xiang returned to his own small abode in the Extreme Dan King Courtyard, he immediately went to his backyard, and raised his head to look at the Azure Profound Tree, which had already borne thirty-nine fruits! Currently, Elder Dan was sitting under the tree, while looking at the Azure Profound Flower exuding an azure aura in her hand.

“Ha ha, these fruits are very beautiful, but none of them are yours!” Chen Xiang teased.


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