Chapter 216 – Four Devil Techniques

Elder Dan stood up and said, “I have no shortage of Building Foundation Dans, you refine them yourself and enjoy!”

Chen Xiang smiled and said, “That’s great! I need a bunch of Building Foundation Dans, little girl, help me gather the materials.”

Thirty-nine Azure Profound Fruits meant he would need to gather thirty-nine set of herbs. He had no shortage of Thousand Vein Fruits, Metal Spirit Fruits, auxiliary herbs and monster cores. In the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, he had obtained enough refining materials for eight hundred Building Foundation Dans. He only asked to see whether Elder Dan really had no shortage of the Building Foundation Dans materials or not.

[TLN: We would be using monster cores instead of monster dans.]

Elder Dan shook her head, “Last time, I did everything in my power to gather the herbs. It’s not like I don’t want to help you, but both the Metal Spirit Fruit and the Thousand Vein Fruit are both very scarce at the moment.”

Chen Xiang knew Elder Dan wasn’t lying, however, he had suspicions that Elder Dan was the Dean of the Danxiang Taoyuan. Otherwise, how was she able to gather such a large amount of herbs for refining Building Foundation Dans so quickly.

“Little girl, I’m going to ask you one thing. You need to answer me honestly!” Chen Xiang said. “You are already aware that I have a fire spirit, besides, I have always been good to you!”

“I can choose to answer or not!” Elder Dan replied. In her heart, she was also skeptical about what Chen Xiang wanted to ask, as he was actually being so serious right now.

Chen Xiang nodded his head in response and asked, “Are you the Dean of Danxiang Taoyuan?”

Elder Dan didn’t reply or speak as she looked at Chen Xiang. At this time, he was already able to confirm his suspicions, she really was the Dean of Danxiang Taoyuan.

“Nope, I’m not the Dean of Danxiang Taoyuan! However, I’m very familiar with her!” Elder Dan denied Chen Xiang accusation, however, he was pretty sure about this matter.

“You’re not lying to me?” Chen Xiang was somewhat skeptical.

“I did not lie to you! Or do you want me to take an oath?” Elder Dan said.

“Don’t!” Chen Xiang started picking those Azure Profound Fruit, and then said, “Little girl, do you find the whereabouts for the materials of the Five Element True Elemental Dan?”

“I don’t. If I did, I would be first to go and confirm, and buy them for you!” Elder Dan said as she sniffed that azure flower. With just a glance, it could easily be seen that she liked this flower very much.

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “Then thanks a lot in advance! Although you acted in such a way to me before, I never hated you! Hei hei, to tell you the truth, I really want to defeat you as soon as possible. I want to see who you are in the end, and I also want to confirm whether or not what you said about your appearance is true, whether you really are as beautiful as my Xianxian!”

Elder Dan tenderly snorted, “Hmph, then you need to become strong quickly, and not get into any trouble. In a few years, a catastrophe will befall the entire world, and you need to be ready for it, so cultivate seriously!”

“If you want to gather some rare herbs, it’s better for you to visit the Fragrance City of Danxiang Taoyuan, there is an auction house there! I’m going to enter into closed-door training for a while.”

After Elder Dan left, Chen Xiang muttered, “Was this woman waiting for me to come back before she went into closed-door training? I truly can’t understand her.”

Chen Xiang also thought it was about time to cultivate peacefully. However, before that, he needed to plant trees! He did not lack Thousand Vein Fruits, Metal Spirit Fruits and other materials, however, he was short on Azure Profound Fruits! This was why he was going to plant two more of them.

He now had Golden Dragon Saliva, which should be able to accelerate the insane growth even further. As long as he refined a few Building Foundation Dans, he was sure he could nurture a bunch of True Martial Realm martial artists.

Of course, it would also bring him a huge amount of wealth, and he could then use that money to buy even more precious herbs.

The Extreme Dan King Courtyard was extremely calm, it only had one person present, Chen Xiang. As for Wu Qianqian, god knows where Elder Dan sent her, Chen Xiang hasn’t seen Wu Qianqian for a long time.

“Now it’s time for you to start learning my devil techniques! The Three Heavenly Realms will soon converge and you need to learn some powerful martial techniques to make yourself stronger!” Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, he planned to cultivate during the daytime and congeal the Golden Dragon Saliva during the night.

“My devil techniques have very high requirements for physical strength, True Qi, and the divine sense. There are a total of five that are appropriate for you, out of which, you have already learned the Engulfing Devil Technique! Next, you are going to learn the Transforming Bone Devil Palm, Penetrating Heart Devil Eye, Grasping Soul Devil Curse and the Ice Spirit Devil Aura!” Bai Youyou spoke while she began passing these devil techniques onto Chen Xiang.

Using the divine sense to pass technique was not something common. Before, Chen Xiang’s master, Huang Jintian, wasn’t able to pass on his knowledge in such a way. Chen Xiang had read quite some books, however, he still didn’t find anything resembling how these two sisters passed on their techniques. This was just another thing to add on the list for why he had suspicions that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were not from the Mortal World.

Transforming Bone Devil Palm, Penetrating Heart Devil Eye, Grasping Soul Devil Curse, and Ice Spirit Devil Aura! These four devil techniques sounded very formidable. Suddenly, a lot of related content retaining to these four techniques appeared in Chen Xiang’s mind, regarding these four devil techniques, he now had a deep understanding.

In the devil path sect, there was a powerful force known as the Transforming Bone Clan. They could use their signature martial technique to transform the bones and flesh into poisonous water, and so the Transforming Bone Clan became known for their Transforming Bone Poisonous Palm. However, the Transforming Bone Devil Palm Chen Xiang just learned was very different from the Transforming Bone Clan’s.

This Transforming Bone Devil Palm was not only used to attack humans, it could also be used to attack some very hard materials, and reducing them into nothing. If it struck someone, just their bones would be melted away, while their flesh and meridians would still be left untouched. Not only could it be used for a close-range melee attack, it could be used to create a powerful long-range Qi attack, it was both a good and an evil martial technique.

Imagine during a battle, if all the opposite party’s bones were melted away, what would that person turn into? This was exactly why the True Qi requirement for this terrifying skill was so high.

Penetrating Heart Devil Eye, when Chen Xiang heard it, he thought this technique would allow him to see through the thoughts of others. On the contrary, this technique allowed someone to shoot beams through their eyes, specifically, in order to attack other people’s heart, directly penetrating through and destroying it! Of course, not only could it be used to attack the heart, it could also be used to attack other organs, it was a kind of devil technique for insidious martial artists, and this made Chen Xiang secretly happy. He very much yearned to be an insidious person.

During the battle, if someone shot two beams of vigorous True Qi through their eyes, penetrating the other party’s heart, how insidious would that move be!? However, this skill had an insanely high requirement for True Qi and divine sense.

“You better not let many people know you cultivate the Penetrating Heart Devil Eye, otherwise, your enemies might become wary of it.” Bai Youyou exhorted. She was someone who liked killing, even more so, someone who liked using various different methods to present death to the enemy.

Grasping Soul Devil Curse, Chen Xiang already knew a little bit about this technique, it was a kind of martial technique that could force someone to speak the truth. The divine sense requirement was very high for this skill. The Grasping Soul Devil Curse could not only control someone’s soul to speak the truth, it could also be used to seize the soul and store it. Moreover, it could also be used to control their mind. It too was a very bizarre, powerful, and evil martial technique.

Finally, the Ice Spirit Devil Aura. Similar to previous four techniques, this too was a very insidious kind of martial technique, what it released was not the True Qi, but rather through using ice-cold True Qi, it would quickly transform it into an ice cold divine sense that could be considered an ice spirit! During the battle, silently releasing an ice spirit made of Aura Qi to attack others, an intangible and colorless sneak attack. After getting hit, though there would be nothing apparently wrong with their body, they would just subconsciously feel extremely cold, as if they have been sealed in ice. This attack caused a great deal of damage to one’s spirit.

Chen Xiang’s foundations were very solid, whether it was True Qi or divine sense or his physical strength. This was why he could practice these four techniques with twice the result from half the effort. He very easily mastered them, only after the continuous improvement of various aspects, could he use these devil techniques in the most vivid and thorough manner.

Ten days passed, in the small courtyard, there was now two new Azure Profound Trees. Fortunately, these trees were not very big otherwise they would not fit in this small courtyard.


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