Chapter 217 – Herb King Mountain

Chen Xiang hadn’t left the Extreme Dan King Courtyard for the past ten days. He wasn’t only cultivating the devil techniques, but also irrigating the Azure True Found Trees. He didn’t pay attention to outside matters, for he was worried that he would be distracted by them and wander around.

However, today someone knocked on the door of the Extreme Dan Courtyard. According to Elder Dan, no one would dare to knock on the door of the Extreme Dan King Courtyard. Not even Gu Dongchen or Wu Kaiming would do so unless it was extremely important, which was why Chen Xiang immediately left to open the door.

This was Elder Dan’s domain, not even Gu Dongchen or Wu Kaiming would dare to casually come here.

After opening the door, Chen Xiang saw Wu Kaiming!

“Little Baldy, what’s the matter? Come in first!” Chen Xiang said.

“Nothing big, but it’s not something we can ignore, I’m just fine here!” Wu Kaiming replied. “These past ten days, there have been more and more conflicts between the devil path and the righteous martial artists. The grudges between the Extreme Martial Sect and the True Martial Sect along with the Beast Martial Sect have temporarily been put aside. However, the premise is that the bounty won’t be removed!”

Chen Xiang nodded his head. He understood that the righteous sects needed to unite in order to deal with the devil path sects. If they were to let these devil path sects run amok, there was no need to wait for the catastrophe to arrive, as Chenwu Mainland would already be destroyed before that.

“But we, the Extreme Martial Sect, still haven’t agreed to their terms. The Dean asked me to let the young martial uncle decide.” Wu Kaiming said.

“Whatever, even if they offer a hundred million crystal stones, so long as little featherhead’s statement remains effective, I’m not afraid of anyone!” Chen Xiang said with an indifferent look. “Make little featherhead tell those guys, that even if we’re to temporarily work together, no matter who it is, if they want to kill me, they should be prepared to pay ten times over!”

Wu Kaiming replied, “Rest assured, the Dean and I will make sure that not too strong guys will deal with you!”

“You better be ready, the devil path sects and righteous sects are ready to fight, and if so, there will be a need for more moderate methods to resolve this dispute. In order for fewer casualties on both sides, it is highly likely that some disciples will be sent to have a contest with the opposing devil path sects’ disciples.”

After Wu Kaiming left, Chen Xiang immediately started refining dans. He had to enter the 3rd level of the True Martial Realm as soon as possible! In any case, a fight was inevitable between the righteous and devil path sects, it was just a matter of when.

Chen Xiang had already obtained all the materials for refining the Building Foundation Dans. Since he had the thirty-seven Azure Profound Fruits, he would be able to refine it thirty-seven times. With his speed, three days would be enough to refine more than a hundred Building Foundation Dans!

In the Chenwu Mainland, the one who refined the most Building Foundation Dans was probably Chen Xiang. Only he possessed so many rare resources. Refining the Building Foundation Dans had long become a familiar process, and now it was as easy as a walk in the park.

Since the possession of the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, Chen Xiang’s alchemy speed had improved by leaps and bounds. If combined with the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, he would be able to quickly refine any Low-Grade Profound Level Dans.

After three days had passed, he had completely refined all thirty-seven Azure Profound Fruits, however, he had failed two times, and was only successful thirty-five times. That being said, during each refinement four dans were produced, in addition to the Building Foundation Dans he had prior to this, he now had a hundred and fifty dans.

After the period of successful refinement, Long Xueyi clamored Chen Xiang for Building Foundation Dans. After becoming aware of how formidable Long Xueyi was, Chen Xiang was very generous to her. That being said, he couldn’t spoil her too much, so he only ended up giving her two.

After sending off this little greedy dragoness, Chen Xiang swallowed eight Building Foundation Dans in one breath and began to cultivate. As the True Qi was being compressed in the five divine beast forms, the true element grains shone brightly.

When Chen Xiang went to deal with the issue with the mine, he had engulfed a 5th level True Martial Realm devil path martial artist. At that time, his True Qi had also improved a little. Now that he had so many Building Foundation Dans, entering the 3rd level of the True Martial Realm was no longer a challenge for him.

Another five days had passed, Chen Xiang had completely refined those eight Building Foundation Dans, and now in each beast form, two extra true element grains had been illuminated, as such a total of nineteen grains had been illuminated in each True Qi beast form. He was just lacking a total of five true element grains before he could enter the 3rd level of the True Martial Realm.

Now Chen Xiang found, that with the increase of the illuminated true element grains, it became more and more difficult to lit up the remaining grains. He required a lot more True Qi to compress before it would be possible to illuminate another true element grain, making the process a lot harder.

At night, there was a sudden flash of a fiery light in a mountain forest with relatively strong Spirit Qi. Large wings made from flames appeared and disappeared not long after.

Chen Xiang had flown toward the Herb King Mountain. When he got close enough, he had immediately retracted his [Vermillion Bird Fire Wings] and landed on the ground.

The matter about Herb King Mountain’s Lu Family colluding with the devil path sect had still not been found. But once it was found, the various righteous forces would, without any delay, attack. At that time, the Herb King Mountain’s resources would be robbed and as such nothing would be left behind. Chen Xiang was sure that Herb King Mountain’s Lu Family would soon find their own matter of colluding with the devil path sect brought to light. However, by that time, they would have already escaped with most of the resources.

Chen Xiang, after thinking about this point, went to the Lu Family without any hesitation. The Lu Family had once wanted to kill him, how could he just forget about that?

Chen Xiang, from the information gathered by Zhu Rong, had come to understand what this Herb King Mountain was so famous for. It was precisely because it had a herb garden from a distant past, and this herb garden was very mysterious, as only the god knew who created it, but when it had been discovered, the Lu Family had sacrificed a lot of geniuses to acquire this herb garden.

Chen Xiang had also acquired a herb garden, he speculated whether the master of both herb gardens was the same or not?

Herb King Mountain, it was no different from any other mountain, it was just that there had once been a lot of precious spirit herbs here and that was the only reason for it to be famous, furthermore, the Spirit Qi here was rather rich.

The Lu Family was established at the top of the Herb King Mountain, and that herb garden was hidden very mysteriously. Even after Zhu Rong’s thorough investigation, he still hadn’t been able to locate it.

Chen Xiang took out the Emperor Crystal before he sensed everything around him, and after not finding anything containing Spirit Qi, he discharged the conjecture of having a vein present here.

“The last time when I went to find the herb garden, it’s location was in a cave within a mountain valley. That’s a huge mountainside!” Chen Xiang looked at the humongous Herb King Mountain. Although there was no mountain valley nearby, there was still a big mountainside, that mountainside could probably accommodate a herb garden.

“Little Dragon, didn’t you sense anything?” Chen Xiang asked.

“I sense a strange energy, albeit very weak, I can still feel it, it should be a huge array, inside that mountainside!” Long Xueyi replied.

Chen Xiang, in his heart, was elated, he had also guessed the same. Just as he was about to move, Long Xueyi once again said, “There are a lot of people patrolling there, you should be careful!”

Chen Xiang wore a black robe, with a black hood, as he took advantage of the darkness, and hid among the grass, with the help of the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise] he converged his breath, making it difficult for others to discover him.

Long Xueyi was also not able to find any kind of entrance, but he could still sense that there was something inside the mountainside, so Chen Xiang started to search around the big mountain for an entrance.

Although it was a dark night, Chen Xiang cultivated the Azure Dragon Divine Exercise, and with it he could see clearly in the night, although everything was azure.

Soon, he saw several people lurking in the grass, although they were in the 10th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, their True Qi was very pure, and with very strong muscles, they were all very vigilant, all of them were exceptional masters.


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