Chapter 218 – Cleaned Out Everything

Chen Xiang didn’t kill these people, otherwise, it would disturb the others that hid elsewhere. By then, the entire Lu Family would be alerted, this time his purpose for coming here was only to empty their pockets.

He was sure the Lu Family was only able to join the devil path sect because they had good resources to provide. Meanwhile, the Lu Family wanted to learn devil techniques in order to become more powerful.

Devil techniques could allow people to rapidly increase their strength in a short span of time, and allow one to master a stronger power. However, this was obtained through very ruthless means, some devil techniques needed one to drink human blood, eat human hearts, flesh, among other things. Only then, could they be cultivated. Generally, ordinary civilians would have to bear the brunt of this cultivation process which was why the devil path were not tolerated by the general public.

Once the Lu Family ran out… or ‘lost’ their prideful stock of herbs, then the Lu Family would be abandoned by the devil path sect. By then, the matter about their collusion with the devil path sect would come to light, and there would be no need for Chen Xiang to personally move his hand, the entire Lu Family would be annihilated.

As Chen Xiang was lurking in the grass around the giant mountain, he finally found a relatively large number of people at the foot of the mountain. There were even two 2nd level True Martial Realm martial artists there. There were not many True Martial Realm martial artists in these families, however, two of those people were stationed here. It was evident that they were guarding something important.

Chen Xiang affirmed that the herb garden’s entrance was close.

“If it’s the same herb garden you encountered before, it’s possible that the Lu Family has no way to enter the garden through the true entrance! If it was the true entrance, they wouldn’t need to station so many people here. It is highly likely that this entrance was a created one, bypassing the true entrance.” Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head and continued searching for the true entrance because he still had the key in his possession. Although he was unsure whether it would be useful, there was no harm in trying.

Chen Xiang looked at a cave with a stone door inside. In the vicinity as well as inside the cave, there were many guards. Although not very strong, every single one of them was very vigilant.

If Chen Xiang could not find the true entrance, he would have no choice but to enter through this heavily guarded one. When he would have to inevitably act, it would certainly alert the rest of the Lu Family.

After circling around half the mountain, Chen Xiang found a place with very few guards stationed. There were only one or two occasionally patrolling.

“It should be here!” Chen Xiang looked at a cave blocked by many boulders. He immediately went over and probed using his divine sense.

“There is a freaking gate inside!” Chen Xiang said in excitement, he then lightly smacked a palm on a boulder. Suddenly, that boulder turned into powder, which was blown away by the wind.

This was the [Transforming Bone Devil Palm]. Just a light tap, that hard boulder turned into very fine powder.

Chen Xiang continued to smack a few palms one after another; he opened up a hole near the ground large enough for him to crawl into. After crawling inside, he used the nearby weeds to cover the hole, lest it was discovered by the patrolling guards.

Chen Xiang arrived at a pitch black cave. While walking deep into the cave, he took out a piece of shiny stone to illuminate his surroundings. Soon, he came across an iron gate.

This gave Chen Xiang a very familiar feeling because it was the very same door as the herb garden he found before. He took out the key and inserted into a small opening on the iron gate, and as he turned it, the iron gate gradually opened, but slowly only because Chen Xiang exhausted all his power to hold down the iron gate in order to prevent the iron gate causing any sound or a fierce vibration.

As the iron gate opened, Chen Xiang didn’t see a herb garden like he was expecting, but rather a passage in front of him, with a familiar aura coming from its other end. He quickly passed through it and arrived at the end. When he did, he was completely startled and stood there staring as his heart quickly sped up. He was extremely excited because right in front of him was a massive herb garden filled with various rare spirit herbs!

The spirit herbs in here were mostly auxiliary herbs, it was evident that not many of them had grown for very long. Beside them were some relatively more expensive herbs, to be precise, herbs required for refining True Elemental Dan, White Jade Dan or similar high-grade spirit level dan. There were at least ten trees of Metal Spirit Tree and Thousand Vein Tree above, which the fruits had already matured. However, it seemed the Lu Family was reluctant to pick them.

“Goodfellas, isn’t that the Five Elements Lotus? The main ingredient for refining Five Elements True Elemental Dan!” Chen Xiang exclaimed as he saw a lotus flower at the center of the herb garden with five petals, each with different color. This was the Five Elements Lotus, or also known as the Five Color Lotus.

“Holy shit! Isn’t that the Nine Sun Flame Tree?” Chen Xiang saw a large tree with fiery red leaves, he could not help but exclaim in surprise.

“Also the Fire Spirit Grass!” Chen Xiang, after seeing the miniature fiery red grass under that big tree, once again could not help but exclaim. The grass looked like jumping flames, this was one of the main ingredients for refining the Flame Dan.

Chen Xiang didn’t expect this herb garden to be so much better than the one he found before, it actually had so many high-grade spirit herbs!

“There is no one here, quickly grab everything!” Long Xueyi hastily said. At this moment, she was also being greedy. She could not wait to turn into a little rabbit and go around digging all of it up. But she also had a sense of proportion, she knew she had to stand guard for Chen Xiang. If he could steal all of these precious spirit herbs, there would definitely be a large share for her.

Chen Xiang entered the herb garden; first, he chose to pick up those precious herbs up; he dug them up right from their roots, and then stored it all in his storage magic equipment. He wanted to move all of them over to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard.

He first dug up the Nine Sun Flame Tree, on top of which there were two Nine Sun Flames Fruits. This tree was rather big, about the height of three people, but not very thick, with very firm leaves and roots, and as such there was no need to be afraid of damage when transplanting it.

He quickly dug the tree out and then went for the Five Color Lotus, Fire Spirit Grass, and only after digging all of them up, did he finally go for the Metal Spirit Tree and the Thousand Vein Tree. Fortunately, when he came here, he brought along many storage equipment, otherwise, he simply could not take them all.

At this time, he had no choice but to ask Long Xueyi, this greedy little dragoness, to help him out in digging up these herbs. There was simply too many herbs that could be used for refining True Elemental Dan, White Jade Dan or various other sorts of dans. And countless commonly used highly matured spirit herbs, some of which were later planted by the Lu Family.

Long Xueyi’s movements were very nimble. She was rather excited, her little mouth didn’t stop moving, she dug up herbs and ate them as she wished. A few time she didn’t even peeled the herbs before swallowing it whole, for example she dug out a large ginseng and swallowed it along with the mud.

“Greedy little dragoness, how about turning into a demon beast with a bigger mouth? That way you can eat more and even quicker!” Chen Xiang laughed and said. If it was not for this place being under the watch of the Lu Family, he would have already asked out those two beauties in the ring to help him pick these spirit herbs.

“That would be rather ugly!” Long Xueyi said while chewing a spirit grass, with its root sticking out.

“Just look at yourself, your current appearance is already very ugly!” Chen Xiang glanced at the what remained of the herb garden. He had no clue how long it would take to harvest the entire garden so he could only speed up and hope no one came.

After picking countless spirit herbs, Chen Xiang had lost all track of time. Long Xueyi, on one side was eating, while on the other she dug out spirit herbs. She herself wasn’t clear how many herbs she ate. She also digested them quickly; she simply wasn’t aware of what a bulging stomach from overeating was.

Chen Xiang saw the way she was eating, he got very worried about her belly being blown up. If not for Long Xueyi paying attention to all movements around them, he might not have been able to harvest these spirit herbs so quickly without any worry.

“I’ve finally picked everything!” Long Xueyi handed over many storage pouches to Chen Xiang, all completely filled to the brim with spirit herbs.

Looking at the now barren herb garden, which had been originally lush with various plants and trees, now covered in various pits, Chen Xiang smiled and said, “Didn’t you leave a little bit for yourself as snacks?”

Long Xueyi naughtily smiled and said, “Of course I have, but I’m not going to tell you how much I took!”

As Chen Xiang squeezed her face, she returned back to his arm, before speaking, “Chen Xiang, in the center of this herb garden, there is a stone buried under the ground. Although the stone is not any rare ore, it is cut very neatly, it should be a monument.”

So long as no one arrived, Chen Xiang was fearless of anything. He arrived at the center, and soon dug up that stone. It was indeed a monument carved out from stone, and had ‘Dan King Li Tianjun’ carved on it in large bold characters.


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