Chapter 220 – Elemental Spirit Dan

The Elemental Spirit Dan was a Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, it’s rarity and grandeur could not be compared with the Building Foundation Dans. Besides, its herbs were even more hard to find than the Building Foundation Dan not to mention it’s difficulty of refining was leagues above the other as well.

The difficulty of refining the Building Foundation Dan was around the same as High-Grade Spirit Level Dans, it was mainly because the herbs required were rare and precious compared with its counterparts that it was included in the Low-Grade Profound Level Dans. However, not only were the ingredients for the Elemental Spirit Dans even rarer, its refining difficulty was also tremendously high.

A lot of Raising Soul Grass and Divine Spirit Flower had been nurtured by Chen Xiang, although they were all seedlings, he had the Golden Dragon Saliva. Making these flowers and grass mature faster was not at all difficult.

Inside the private room, Chen Xiang processed those herbs according to Su Meiyao’s instructions. The only part needed from the Raising Soul Grass was a small part close to the root. Meanwhile, only a particular petal and root was needed from the Divine Spirit Flower. All of the above needed to be processed very carefully. If there was even a little more cut off than required, it would result in chaotic Spirit Qi which would lead the refinement to fail.

The Divine Spirit Flower and Raising Soul Grass were the main ingredients. Besides them, there were many other auxiliary herbs, way over thirty. All of these herbs were relatively common herbs, such as Ginseng, Spirit Grass, Monster Cores and so on. However, the age requirements for these herbs were rather high, the lowest needed to be three thousand years old. As such, these auxiliary herbs were also rather hard to find. However, it was nothing difficult for Chen Xiang. He had long obtained the required auxiliary herbs from both the recent herb garden invasion and the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm.

After processing and arranging the auxiliary ingredients and the main ingredients uniformly, Chen Xiang stored each set into a separate jade box. He finished as much as tens sets before he took out the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace and began refining.

Chen Xiang already learned the whole process of how to refine the Elemental Spirit Dan from Su Meiyao. However, the fundamental nature of the Elemental Spirit Dan compared to the other dans he had refined before were not the same, which was why he needed to get practical experiences and address the minute details.

As these herbs were placed inside the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, Chen Xiang released the flames, instantly incinerating these herbs. At the start, the flames were too intense, which lead to a sudden combustion of these herbs, releasing a burst of tyrannical Spirit Qis. These collided with each other inside the furnace, causing the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace to fiercely shake.

Chen Xiang immediately suppressed these tyrannical Spirit Qis with his divine sense and gradually released them out. Once those Spirit Qis left the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, they dispersed and disappeared in between heaven and earth.

“Sigh, that’s one set wasted!” Chen Xiang sighed. To instantly experience failure at the beginning was an unexpected blow, it was something he had not experienced for a long time.

“Since you have the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, your flames are very intense. Besides, this process compared to the one before are very different, these herbs are very easily incinerated. In fact, I already warned you about this.” Su Meiyao reprimanded him without any scruple.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, and once again began refining.

The second time, he slowly baked those herbs bit by bit, so that the Spirit Qis were slowly released. At the same time, he used his divine sense to fuse those various kinds of herbal Spirit Qis as they were released.

“It’s started!” Chen Xiang frowned. At this moment, his divine sense began to drain away, this was because the Raising Soul Grass and the Divine Spirit Flower both produced divine sense. As these divine sense were ownerless, they instinctively absorbed the strength of other divine senses. At the moment, they were absorbing Chen Xiang’s divine sense.

If the herbs absorbed too much divine sense, it would lead to alchemy failure, too little would also have the same end result. For this entire process, a very accurate control was absolutely necessary.

Chen Xiang once again failed. He was worried about having too much of his divine sense getting absorbed, so he fused those herbal Spirit Qis and herbal powders together too quickly to try and solidify the dan in advance. As a result, the Spirit Qi absorbed too little of his divine sense, resulting in not enough strength. As such, during the solidification of the dan, it was very loose before slowly scattering.

Alchemy was precisely done in such a way, only after failing, again and again, would the alchemist be successful in grasping the most crucial point.

Even while refining the Building Foundation Dan, Chen Xiang had failed many times. Not to mention the Elemental Spirit Dan which was several times harder to refine than the Building Foundation Dan!

In the blink of an eye, ten days passed. Chen Xiang had already failed seventy times!

“Still not enough, it’s just seventy times, that’s all! Keep going!” Su Meiyao nodded her head with satisfaction. If Chen Xiang was successful in forty to fifty tries, that would be too abnormal. Although Su Meiyao knew Chen Xiang had an extremely heaven-defying talent regarding alchemy, it should also have a limit. Now that she finally saw Chen Xiang failed so many times, she didn’t know why but her mood was very good.

Seeing Su Meiyao being so happy, Chen Xiang happily smiled and said, “Sister Meiyao, let’s bet that I would fail no more than hundred times before successfully refining this Elemental Spirit Dan.”

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were both inside the ring. Although there was no one else present, it was still the site of Extreme Martial Sect. With many Nirvana Realm martial artists somewhere around here, they were worried they would be found, hence they didn’t dare to come out.

After thinking for a while, Su Meiyao promised, “Ok! If you lose, you have to loudly shout ‘I’m an idiot’ three times in the Extreme Martial Sect’s square. if I lose…”

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “If you lose, you’ve to kiss me on the lips! How about it?”

Su Meiyao sank into deep thought. She pondered for a while, she knew the specific amount of divine sense that needed to be absorbed, was a giant hurdle. Even after failing seventy times, Chen Xiang was still not able to control the right amount. Not to mention, during the solidification of the dan in latter stages, the suppression of multitudes of ownerless spiritual power transformed from the divine sense would be extremely hard to fuse with the herbal powder. This checkpoint still needed many failures before success would occur, at least it was like that for her.

If Su Meiyao lost, she had to kiss Chen Xiang on his lips. This stake was a bit larger compared to Chen Xiang’s. After all, if she won, Chen Xiang only had to shout ‘I’m an idiot’ three times.

Su Meiyao was purely bored and that’s why she was seeking something to stimulate her, seeking something for fun.

“Hmm, how about this. If you lose, you have to go and kiss Zhu Rong’s cheeks, moreover, in front of Yun Xiaodao and squinted dragon!” Su Meiyao said with a tender laugh. Thinking of this scene, she couldn’t stop giggling.

Just thinking of this made Chen Xiang feel nausea. Now he didn’t have any confidence controlling the failure to under one hundred tries. If he lost, that would be pretty miserable.

However, if Chen Xiang won, he would be able to kiss Su Meiyao on lips. This temptation was extremely huge, this was precisely what gambling was. A loss was extremely miserable, while a win would bring extreme joy!

Chen Xiang also deeply considered for a while, before he nodded his head, “Ok, but you have to kiss me a bit longer, it can’t be a superficial peck on the lips.”

“No problem!” Su Meiyao tenderly laughed and said, “Are you sure you can win?”

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “No, but thinking of kissing you is too large a temptation to pass. Such beauty, ever if I lose miserably I still have to try! Sister Meiyao, don’t worry, I’m very experienced in kissing. At that time I’ll teach you what to do. Although you’ve lived for very long, I’m sure you are definitely unexperienced!”

Su Meiyao didn’t abhor Chen Xiang, on the contrary, she rather liked him. Chen Xiang was handsome enough, had an excellent talent, and if he became a powerful martial artist in the future, he was indeed a pretty good partner. Besides, her bare jade body was already seen by Chen Xiang, kissing him didn’t amount to anything much in retrospect. However, she didn’t know why, but she was a bit anticipating what would happen if she lost. After living for so long, she indeed had never kissed a man.

“Sister Youyou, how about you also join in the fun?” Thinking of kissing Bai Youyou, Chen Xiang suddenly became even more excited. As opposed to Su Meiyao, Bai Youyou, this iceberg beauty, stirred up an even more intense desire to conquer her.


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