Chapter 221 – Can’t Lose

Bai Youyou didn’t immediately reply, she was actually in consideration; it was clear she was thinking of betting, but as she was not an alchemist, she was not sure whether Chen Xiang could be successful or not before a hundred tries.

“Oh well! Forget about it. Once I have fully grasped it, then we’ll see!”

Bai Youyou, after much consideration, refused Chen Xiang’s proposition. From the very start, she had Profound Yin Divine Vein and mainly cultivated freezing cold True Qi. Furthermore, she also cultivated ruthless devil skill which could make one not even recognize their own closest relatives, that was why she was usually cold. However, Chen Xiang and Su Meiyao, both knew that under that ice cold semblance, she would also be happy, excited, and be concerned about others; she too had emotions of happiness, sorrow, anger, and joy.

That was why Su Meiyao was very relieved; she did not want her senior sister, whom she had shared and depended on for many years, to repeat the same mistake and walk the same path as their master. Su Meiyao didn’t want Bai Youyou to turn into a devil who would slaughter everyone, becoming a person who wouldn’t even recognize her own relatives and friends.

Su Meiyao also had no choice but to admit; after Bai Youyou befriended Chen Xiang, she had truly changed a lot.

Chen Xiang was somewhat disappointed, however, he still rubbed his hands in excitement. His spirit was brimming as if he had been injected with chicken blood. He continued to refine dans; he wanted to be successful in refining the Elemental Spirit Dan, while preventing the number of his failures could not exceed hundred.

Another day passed, and Chen Xiang once again failed ten more times. As before, he could not pass the absorption of divine sense hurdle, and this made Su Meiyao secretly excited. Obviously, she too had refined the Elemental Spirit Dan, and although she didn’t have a soul of Shinto, eating Elemental Spirit Dan was best for promoting divine sense. In the past, before she was able to refine Elemental Spirit Dan, she had failed six hundred times, and at that time, the depression she felt had almost made her spew blood.

Another day passed again, and Chen Xiang once again failed ten more times. As before, he was still stuck at that checkpoint!

“Holy fucking shit, do father fucking have to kiss that damn fatty in front of Yun Xiaodao and squinted dragon?” Chen Xiang started to lose his composure; if he failed, what awaits him was equal to going to hell.

Su Meiyao giggles came from inside the ring; the past two days, whenever she thought of what Chen Xiang would have to do after he lost, she would heartlessly start laughing. For her, these were her most happy days in so many years.

“It’s not worth it. Sister Meiyao, if you lost, you just have to kiss this handsome, suave and outstanding gentleman on the lips. But if I lose, I have to kiss Zhu Rong, that pig!” Chen Xiang’s hand, which was holding the herbs, slightly trembled. Losing would put him in a place beyond redemption, but of course, if he won, it would very cool.

But now he felt his defeat was just a matter of time!

“Ha ha, this is what you asked for yourself! Who asked you to think of kissing me!” Su Meiyao tenderly laughed and said.

Bai Youyou didn’t laugh either; she was in fact very looking forward to who was going to lose or win, she was very much in anticipation of that funny scene.

Chen Xiang shook his head; he knew that if he himself lost, ‘that’ would definitely be an everyday nightmare for him.

“Ten more tries!” Chen Xiang, in his mind, told himself that he must win.

Night time. Chen Xiang heaved a long sigh, he had already failed ninety-eight times.

“You only have two tries left!” Su Meiyao giggled and said.

Chen Xiang, at this moment, was very serious; he absolutely could not fail. He didn’t speak with Su Meiyao again; he just calmed down his heart, took a rest while replaying the moment he had failed in his mind. He wanted to find the most crucial key!

After taking rest, a confident aura flashed through Chen Xiang’s eyes; he proficiently placed the herbs inside the furnace, before pouring the flames into it. Bit by bit, time slowly went by, meanwhile, the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace was calm as before; this was the sign of successful refinement. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were secretly shocked.

When Su Meiyao was secretly clenching her teeth, a thunderous sound suddenly broke out from the furnace as it exploded; this made Su Meiyao suddenly let out a sigh, and afterward, she began giggling.

However, there was no sign of despair on Chen Xiang; he still had one more try left. Besides, after the last try, he had already crossed that threshold; his failure only came during the final moment of the dan’s solidification.

Through the failure of the previous attempt, he had finally found the reason.

He took a rest for a while, before once again placing the herbs inside the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace. With seriousness and calmness written all over his face, Chen Xiang began refining, dismissing any distracting thought; all of his attention was focused on the situation inside the furnace.

The Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace remained extremely calm, and at this point, beads of large sweat appeared on Chen Xiang’s forehead. Apparently, he had already arrived at the most crucial moment of solidifying the dan.

During the solidification of dan, that ownerless spiritual power was very aggressive. Inside the Elemental Spirit Dan, there was only pure spiritual power, however, because they were squeezed together and very tyrannical, they might explode at any moment, and this was equivalent to compressing the True Qi.

However, Chen Xiang was now compressing the spiritual power, that was why he could easily suffer a backlash from that spiritual power, making him feel as if his head was splitting. By just losing a bit of his focus, he would immediately fall short of success. That was why during the refinement of the Elemental Spirit Dan, the dan’s solidification was also a checkpoint that was very difficult cross. But of course, if the divine sense was strong enough, there would be no pressure of any sort at all.

Su Meiyao knew this point; she concluded Chen Xiang’s divine sense was slightly lacking, which was the main reason why she dared to bet. Although she was shocked by how quick Chen Xiang had transversed the absorption of divine sense to reach this threshold, she was still sure that Chen Xiang would still not be successful in his hundredth attempt.

Chen Xiang felt as if his head was about to split. However, just as he felt he would not be able to support anymore, the Shinto Infant Soul in his consciousness opened its small eyes; it let out a clear and sharp cry, and suddenly, divine sense poured forth into him in a steady stream, making his spirit slightly shake. With the vast divine sense he suddenly acquired, he immediately compressed that Elemental Spirit Dan.

That originally fiercely shaking Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace suddenly calmed down, and at this point, Chen Xiang had already entered the last step of the solidification of dan; it was clear he was not far from the success.

What made Chen Xiang surprised was that Shinto Infant Soul had actually, at the most crucial moment, helped him, while also giving him so much divine sense. At the moment, he was currently looking at the little baby inside the Shinto Infant Soul.

Currently, he still had no way to completely control this little baby, but if he could, he would be in possession of an extremely powerful divine sense. According to Long Xueyi, as long as he had reached the true fusion with the spirit, he would have truly crossed the first threshold of Shinto.

Generally, only a single dan would come out from each set of herbs for the Elemental Spirit Dan. According to Su Meiyao, only two dans could be refined at most, however, she herself was not able to refine that many. Since the first time Chen Xiang refined the Elemental Spirit Dan, he was not planning to take any risk; he just wanted to refine a dan in order to increase his chances of success. However, even this was very difficult to follow, and it had even made him fail ninety-nine times!

As long as his failed attempts had not exceeded a hundred times, he had won!

Su Meiyao nibbled her lips. From the past few days till now, she had been laughing every day, but at this moment, no laughter came out from her mouth anymore; instead, her face was completely flushed.

“Senior sister, now what to do! I… I’m afraid!” Su Meiyao leaned on Bai Youyou’s arm and said.

“Just don’t go outside!” Bai Youyou, although she didn’t smile or laugh, it was evident in her eyes that she was completely gloating.

“No way! I’ll be despised by that brat.” Su Meiyao shook her head and said.

“Anyway, you’re just kissing him, you are not spreading your legs for him!”Bai Youyou slightly raised the corner of her lips; although her smile was somewhat stiff, it was still very beautiful.

Su Meiyao’s pretty face was completely flushed, she didn’t think Bai Youyou could speak so openly; she angrily retorted, “Senior sister, aren’t you enjoying this!?”

“You asked for this! Anyway, you are usually intimate with the brat, kissing with him is nothing. Didn’t you say you quite like him? But he’s just little weaker now.” Bai Youyou said.

At this time, Su Meiyao heard Chen Xiang’s nasty and sinister laughter.

“Sister Meiyao, I finished refining the Elemental Spirit Dan. You quickly take a bath, wear some pretty clothes, and come out to have a kiss with me!”


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