Chapter 222 – You Bet, You Pay

Chen Xiang opened the furnace and took out a very beautiful Elemental Spirit Dan. It was wrapped in a golden brilliance and exquisitely carved. There was a white light like flame beating at the center.

Su Meiyao came out. She wore a casual white dress with uncombed and disorderly hair. However, that still couldn’t hide her peerless beauty, on the contrary, it added a strange sort of charm. She nibbled on her lips, as her tender and charming face was filled with displeasure. She couldn’t help but tenderly snort as she saw that nasty smile on Chen Xiang’s face.

“Sister Meiyao, I’m a veteran. You don’t need to worry, I won’t bite your tongue. Rather, I’m afraid of you biting my tongue!” Chen Xiang said with a grin, as he moved towards Su Meiyao.

Su Meiyao glanced at the Elemental Spirit Dan. Chen Xiang was indeed successful in refining it, moreover, it was of top quality, which made her secretly give up all resistance.

“How… how do you want to start?” Su Meiyao’s pretty face flushed slightly, as she asked in a low voice.

“Raise your head and close your eyes, leave the rest to me!” Chen Xiang licked his lips, and said with an evil smile.

Su Meiyao tenderly spat, before closing her eyes and raising her head to face Chen Xiang. Her heartbeat accelerated and she became extremely tense, especially when she felt that Chen Xiang was gradually approaching.

Chen Xiang looked at that stunning and coquettish beauty. He couldn’t help but lightly stroke Su Meiyao’s cheek with the back of his hand, and savor that white creamy feeling. Su Meiyao’s eyelashes slightly shook a bit, before she tenderly snorted and said, “Hurry up, don’t mess with me!”

Censored Part~~~~~~~

Chen Xiang mischievously laughed. Su Meiyao was willing to accept a loss if she had agreed to a bet. Afterward, two figures embraced each other!

Chen Xiang grinned, as he leaned his head closer to hers, slowly lowered his head, while at the same time, wrapped his arm around her supple and tender waist. Su Meiyao slightly struggled, however, Chen Xiang’s arm was still tightly wrapped around her waist. Just as she was about to speak, her cherry lips were sealed by Chen Xiang’s.

Su Meiyao only felt Chen Xiang’s fiery tongue energetically reaching into her mouth, as it had forced open her jade teeth, and enter into her mouth, trying to find her fragrant tongue. At this moment, her beautiful face was completely flushed red, and her heart was pounding madly. The same was true for Chen Xiang, however, he was excited and exhilarated, while Su Meiyao, on the other hand, was shy and nervous.

“Stick out your tongue. You bet, you pay!” Chen Xiang, with his divine sense, transmitted to her.

Su Meiyao was very reluctant to humour Chen Xiang, however, when her fragrant tongue and Chen Xiang’s intertwined together, her body couldn’t help but slightly quiver, as an indescribable wonderful and comfortable feeling arose from her tongue, flowed through her body, and left her unable to stop herself from greedily sucking in the other end…

A strange and wonderful feeling made the two people unconsciously indulge in it, as their embrace became increasingly passionate, their breathing turned increasingly ragged, and their bodies became hotter and hotter, as a strange warmth burst out from within their bodies…


As they became drunk in a seemingly unending cycle, both of them completely lost track of time. After what seemed like an eternity yet also an instant, this tender scene was shattered as Long Xueyi tenderly shouted, “Someone’s coming!”

At this time, Chen Xiang was reluctant to part with Su Meiyao. As she separated from Chen Xiang’s bosom, she looked at him with a confused and beautiful expression in her eyes. However, she soon lowered her head and spat, before returning back to the ring.

Chen Xiang grinned, licked his lips, and savored that lingering feeling.

After Su Meiyao returned to that small residence inside the ring, she collapsed on the bed. She didn’t speak and lowered her head thinking of something. Her face was still slightly rosy. Seeing this scene left Bai Youyou baffled.

“Chen Xiang, what’s kissing? Does it taste good? I also want to try!” Long Xueyi suddenly asked, her voice full of curiosity.

“Eat my ass, All day, do you only think of eating? Little brat, go away, this is an adult business!” Chen Xiang scoffingly rebuked.

“Humph, I have been in the dragon egg for thousands of years, you are the little brat!” Long Xueyi berated in a tender voice.

Chen Xiang left the private room. As he arrived in his little garden, he noticed Elder Dan blankly standing under the Nine Sun Flames Tree.

Noticing Chen Xiang arrive, Elder Dan fiercely turned around and hastily asked, “What the hell happened here?”

Chen Xiang, while scratching his head, smiled and said, “This isn’t all that bad, right?”

Elder Dan coldly harrumphed and said, “Nonsense, the Five Color Lotus, the Nine Su Flames Tree, Fire Spirit Grass, Raising Soul Grass, Divine Spirit Flower, Metal Spirit Trees, Thousand Vein Trees… which of these aren’t good things? Tell me honestly, where the hell did you get all this!?”

The Nine Sun Flames Tree had already borne two fruits, so Elder Dan was fully aware that they weren’t recently planted by Chen Xiang.

Elder Dan had just come out of secluded training, in regards to the outside matters, she simply had no clue. Otherwise, there would be no need to ask Chen Xiang what was going on.

“You have to keep it a secret! You can’t tell this to anyone else!” Chen Xiang said.

“That is a given, we already know too many of each other’s secrets. You don’t need to remind me.”

Chen Xiang grinned, “These were all taken from the Herb King Mountain, I’m pretty sure the Lu Family is currently looking around for me.”

Elder Dan was surprised for a moment, Chen Xiang had actually raided the Lu Family’s Herb King Mountain! However, she knew that the Lu Family wasn’t weak at all, they would absolutely not let Chen Xiang off scot-free.

“I’ll reinforce the array here! Quickly, go! The Dean is assembling everyone above or in the True Martial Realm currently present in the Extreme Martial Sect.” Elder Dan said.

Originally Elder Dan had to halt her closed-door training because of Gu Dongchen. Chen Xiang followed behind her and left the Extreme Dan King Courtyard.

The assembly place was a large patch of open space in the Mysterious Realm. On the way, Chen Xiang saw Yun Xiaodao and the others. Chen Xiang also noticed their complexion wasn’t bad, with one glance he was sure that their good luck had once again played its part.

“Zhu Lao, did you get lucky again?” Chen Xiang asked while laughing.

“Almost, I picked up a very easy high-ranked mission.” Zhu Rong laughed and answered. He was a businessman, and in this regard, his vision was very accurate. Of course, some luck was also required.

“Elder brother Chen, this time the Dean is gathering all us True Martial Realm martial artists. It seems the battle with the devil path sects is about to start. Right, the Lu Family has actually posted a five million crystal stones bounty on you, your worth has once again gone up!” Yun Xiaodao said with a look of admiration, “When can I have everyone posting a reward for me, how beautiful would such a scene be!”

Chen Xiang shook his head, if the Lu Family didn’t put a bounty on his head, that would be even more strange. After all, he had actually shaved off their entire foundation.

“Chen Xiang, what did you do to the Lu Family? Why did they put such a high bounty on your head!? Even when you killed their elder, they didn’t put a bounty on your head!” Xu Weilong asked.

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “I didn’t do anything, I just took a trip to the Lu Family!”

Seeing Chen Xiang with that kind of smile, Yun Xiaodao understood ‘took a trip’ meant he had definitely benefited from it. From the sheer value of the bounty, they were certain he had certainly fished up a lot of fortune.

“Chen Xiang, where’s my share? I helped you investigate the Lu Family!” Zhu Rong hastily grabbed Chen Xiang’s arm, after which he quickly received a jade box from the latter.

As Zhu Rong hastily opened it, he let out a strange cry, as his face was filled with surprise and excitement. He quickly closed the jade box, calmed down, and tried to act as if nothing had happened. This was because Chen Xiang had given Zhu Rong two Building Foundation Dans.

“Sigh, if only some of my sisters were so beautiful!” Zhu Rong sighed. In his eyes, Chen Xiang was a nouveau riche, and also very candid and generous.

Although Yun Xiaodao’s and Xu Weilongs’s strength was very good in their generation, Chen Xiang’s felt they still fell short by a little, so he also gave each of them two Building Foundation Dans. This would give them the chance to improve their strength quickly!

Building Foundation Dans could allow them to improve their cultivation, after taking the dan, their strength would become even more terrifying. Although they were already very strong among their peers, there were still surpassed by many of the same generations. And this was even after leaving the abnormal monsters, such as Chen Xiang, out.

Besides, these Building Foundation Dan were a very rare and precious dan, only Chen Xiang could produce so many of them with his odd techniques. Moreover, not only did he refine them quickly, even their quality was very high. Not to mention that his Building Foundation Dans potency was several folds that of any other alchemist.

Zhu Rong knew his stuff, with just a glance, he could tell that these Building Foundation Dans were out of the ordinary!


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