Chapter 224 – Buying Popularity

Out of those five people, two were currently performing missions outside the sect and had yet to return, so there were only three people here at the moment.

Zhu Rong and the others had not only carefully investigated these five people but also observed them for a very long time. Their evaluation of them was very high.

In a small room, Chen Xiang was looking at three young males, two of which had big physiques, and pretty much the same appearance. Apparently, they were brothers. As for the other one, he looked like a scholar, although what he wore very simple garb, it was very tidy, and he had an amiable smile on his face.

Two brothers were called Lei Xionglin and Lei Zhong.

While Lei Xionglin was the eldest, a sturdy and forthright man, when he spoke it was often somewhat rude and hoarse. On the other hand, his brother Lei Zhong was a simple and honest man. He usually spoke very few words, and even when he spoke, he really wasn’t good at talking. However, both of them were very diligent, otherwise, they would not have become 10th level Mortal Martial Realm martial artists at such young age.

That man with a scholarly appearance was called Lian Mingdong. He was very astute and had done many good deeds in the Tianmen City. However, anyone thinking of drawing in this kind of astute person would cause some suspicion in the back of their minds, perhaps this person had some sort of scheme or plot. But, Chen Xiang was fearless of such things.

Lei Xionglin, Lei Zhong, and Lina Mingdong all knew why they had been invited here today. They knew someone wanted to win over them, they had also experienced this kind of thing several times before. However, they had not been chosen in the end because they had no background.

Inside the sect, before someone was drawn in, generally their background would be taken into consideration. If they had a good origin, such as a junior from a small family or a son or daughter of some big businessman, it would be easier for them to be won over.

However, for Chen Xiang, this was not feasible, as those people would probably not loyal to him, in fact, they would easily betray him for the bounty on his head.

Chen Xiang’s name in the Extreme Martial Sect reverberated like thunder. Some hated him, some liked him, some admired him, but the majority was simply jealous of him.

Now Lei Xionglin and the others could see such a ‘Great master like figure’ of the Extreme Martial Sect, all of them were somewhat excited and surprised in their hearts.

“I won’t waste time talking nonsense, although we are meeting for the first time, I think you should all be acquainted with one another. I’ve already investigated you all, I hope you don’t mind.” Chen Xiang slightly smiled, “This was because I wanted to have more than a few trustworthy men.”

Lian Mingdong was slightly surprised for a moment, he glanced at Lei Xionglin and Lei Zhong, as all of them were the same kind of people. All three were pretty good friends, and were somewhat surprised by this.

“Are you willing to join us? Simple as that, if you want then join us, that would be great. If not, then forget it. As for what to know about each other, that will come later.” Yun Xiaodao said.

Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong, and the others were all young True Martial Realm martial artists. As a matter of fact, in the Extreme Martial Sect, they were very famous. Besides, they were all juniors of big families.

Lei Xionglin and Lei Zhong both glanced at each other, they were being drawn in by a group with such a good influence, they were certainly happy. However, at this moment, their eyes were filled with helplessness.

Lian Mingdong said, “For senior brother Chen to be kind enough to invite us to join, we are extremely grateful, however…during our last mission, our group came in conflict with some people and we also lost two of our companions.”

Zhu Rong laughed and said, “Are you worried that you will drag us into your conflict?”

Lian Mingdong nodded his head, “Yes, I know senior brothers are all young and promising, but…”

At this time Lei Xionglin roared, “Don’t speak of this! Let’s go, we’ll manage our own affairs ourselves!”

Lei Zhong had a very simple-minded smile facing Chen Xiang and the others, and said, “If we join your group, we will only bring trouble for you, I’m sorry.”

Xu Weilong coldly said, “Who is targeting you, and also killed your two companions! Although we have nothing to do with you, our investigations made us admire you, which was why we wanted to invite you guys to create a big group!”

Chen Xiang sighed and said, “If I’m not wrong, it should be other Extreme Martial Sect disciples! Sigh, you’re risking your lives with them, yet this is what happens. It is simply wastage of your own life… I have an opportunity to let you have life and death battle with devil path martial artists, this life and death fight is what you should be yearning for the most!”

Lei Xionglin’s and Lei Zhong’s entire body trembled, before Lei Xionglin immediately asked, “What opportunity?”

Chen Xiang faintly smiled, according to the information, Lei Xionglin’s and Lei Zhong’s village had been ravaged by the devil path martial artists, which was why their hatred devil path martial artists stemmed into their very soul.

“Since we have called you, we have put our trust in you. If you let us down, then it’s just because our eyes could not discern people! The Extreme Martial Sect will have to immediately send ten disciples to a place where they will have to fight with the disciples of the devil path sects. On the behalf of you three, I have reserved three spots. However, you need to be in the True Martial Realm!”

Chen Xiang’s words made Lei Xionglin and the others gasp. They were not same as the majority of people, usually, when people heard they needed to fight with devil path martial artists, they would be all worried. Especially those who put on airs of arrogance and elegance, they would all be worried about losing their pathetic little lives. They would be more than happy to have a compromise with the devil path sects, and share the rich resources of the Chenwu Mainland with the devil path sects.

But the Deans of all major righteous sects understood what kind of people the devil path martial artists were. If they were allowed to grow, then the civilian populations and the righteous martial artists would have to bear the brunt of the damage, there would be no good days ahead. In order to suppress the devil path sects, a fierce battle was needed.

Chen Xiang took out six Building Foundation Dans and said, “I can give two Building Foundation Dans to each of you. Whether or not you can step into the True Martial Realm will be up to your talent, fortune, and luck.”

“After you step into the True Martial realm, whether or not you want to work together with us is all up to you. However, you absolutely cannot be like those other cowards in the Extreme Martial Sect and not dare to fight with the devil path!” Chen Xiang placed the six Building Foundation Dans on the table.

Lian Mingdong, Lei Xionglin, and Lei Zhong were all petrified. They continued to look at those six Building Foundation Dan in amazement, they were all left speechless. Not to mention them, even Yun Xiaodao and the others could not help but be surprised. Chen Xiang had just given them two Building Foundation Dans each, however, he once again took out six more!

“I’m not giving these Building Foundation Dan for nothing, later, you have to return it to us! I want two hundred thousand crystal stones for each dan, if you feel like you can repay the debt in the future, then take it!” Chen Xiang laughed and said.

Half a million crystal stones could not be considered an unpayable amount, nor a negligible amount. That being said, if they could enter the True Martial Realm, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to earn that amount, however, they still required quite a bit of time.

Lian Mingdong and the others all took two Building Foundation Dans. They looked at Chen Xiang with gratitude, they swore in their hearts they would follow Chen Xiang until death. He had given them an opportunity to become strong and take revenge! Otherwise, with their origin, god knows which month, year, or decade they would be able to enter the True Martial Realm. Or perhaps they would just remain in the 10th level of the Mortal Martial Realm for the rest of their lives!

“After you enter the True Martial Realm, immediately seek Elder Wu and let him make proper arrangements for you. At that time, tell him Chen Xiang sent you to find him. And one more thing, only eat one dan, for now. If you can breakthrough using one, then you can leave the other for when you try to reach the 2nd level.” Chen Xiang seriously instructed them.

Lei Xionglin and the others didn’t say anything, they just held their fists towards Chen Xiang, and followed Yun Xiaodao and the others out. Such a generosity was unable to be repaid just by saying thanks, they would use their actions to thank Chen Xiang for what he has done.

Now, only one more candidate was needed. Chen Xiang could only go back to Elder Dan’s King Courtyard to find Elder Dan. After all, Wu Qianqian was the best final candidate for the position, he was just worried about Elder Dan hiding Wu Qianqian until her death.


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