Chapter 225 – Shinto

[TLN: From now on the Infant Soul of Chen Xiang which we used to refer it as spirit will be referred as divine soul from this chapter on.]

After returning to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard, Chen Xiang had just thought of knocking on Elder Dan’s door when Elder Dan’s voice suddenly came from inside.

“Did you come for Wu Qianqian?” Elder Dan opened the door and asked.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, “Now just lacking one person!”

“Tomorrow, I will take her to Dean. You definitely need to bring her back to me!” Elder Dan said.

“No problem!” Chen Xiang smiled, and then quickly left. After he returned to his own private room, he took out the Elemental Spirit Dan. Although he only had one, it was still enough for his very immature divine soul.

This time, the fight with the devil path martial artists in the Southern Wasteland would be very frigid, which caused Chen Xiang to feel some pressure. He knew these devil path sects were not vegetarians, whoever they sent would definitely not be weak.

The Extreme Martial Sect had not forced anyone to go, everyone was voluntarily going to the battle. Hence, the 5th level True Martial Realm people, these strong martial artists, would often not be participating because they were deeply aware how powerful devil path martial artists were. In their opinion, Chen Xiang and these younglings were only seeking their deaths. Not to mention, they were going to the Southern Wasteland, which was one of the most dangerous places in the Chenwu Mainland.

“Little Dragon, if I just start cultivating Shinto, what kind of power will I gain?” Chen Xiang asked. In regards to Shinto, it could be said he knew nothing at all.

“That depends on what kind of spiritual power you are going to learn.” Long Xueyi said, “To be precise, the spiritual power is state of the divine soul under which one use their power. it is probably similar to yours so-called Divine Martial Skills, their principles are very similar. However, spiritual powers are very rare, even I only have five in my hands, nothing more.”

Chen Xiang frowned, the Dragon Clan’s hereditary memories were exceptionally vast, however, according to Long Xueyi, she only had five spiritual powers. Chen Xiang had only seen her using the spiritual power called the [72 Transformations], turning into a small rabbit, small rat or something similar, he felt that this skill didn’t serve much of a use.

“The spiritual power you planning to teach would not be that [72 Transformations], right?” Chen Xiang asked in contempt. Without any spiritual power, then cultivating the divine soul one would only be able to grow divine sense, but they would have no way to use its power.

“Don’t underestimate the [72 Transformations], I know how to alter sound, change appearances, and turn into a small animal and hide myself, that’s very useful! This spiritual power is listed as an abnormal spiritual power and it’s ranked in the forefront!” Long Xueyi said in a tender voice.

Chen Xiang pondered for a while, after thinking over it again, it was indeed very bizarre and almost cheat like. He asked, “If I cultivate it, can I even transform my body?”

“Of course you can. After you cultivate Shinto, you will enter into the 2nd level. By then, your divine soul will have grown as old as you are and then you can fuse it with your body. When that happens, your body will be transformed along with your divine soul. However, if you want to transform to the same extent as me, then there is still a long way to go.” Long Xueyi proudly said.

Chen Xiang got slightly excited, exclaimed, “Pretty mystical!”

“Of course, otherwise it will not be called divine soul(神魂), spiritual power(神通), and Shinto(神道).” Long Xueyi said.

[TLN: All three words have 神 character, meaning divine or god.]

Chen Xiang swallowed down the Elemental Spirit Dan, what made him surprised was that the Elemental Spirit Dan was quickly digested by his body, producing a steady stream of spiritual essence that flowed into his consciousness. While the Infant Soul in his consciousness mindlessly absorbed that spiritual essence.

As the Infant Soul absorbed the vast amount of spiritual essence, it grew by leaps and bounds, Chen Xiang could clearly see that originally one to two years old baby growing bigger by the second.

“This Elemental Spirit Dan should allow your divine soul to grow around five to six years old! Once it’s finished, you can start cultivating spiritual power. In the next three months, you should be able to learn few transformations among the [72 Transformations]. To be precise, the most powerful aspect of spiritual power in attacking is the utilization of divine sense and True Qi together.” Long Xueyi said.

Unwittingly, the divine soul in Chen Xiang’s consciousness was already as big as four to five years old. He could now feel an even more intimate connection with his divine soul. However, it still could not be called a true fusion, as that required it to become fused with his body, only then could he transform his body under the mystical power of his divine soul.

The divine soul’s growth was the same as how people grow. During childhood, one would not understand anything, while as one gradually grew, they would begin to gain wisdom, which was also the best time for fusion.

“Quickly fuse, if you miss this opportunity, the fusion will be much more difficult down the road.” Long Xueyi said, she could directly see inside Chen Xiang’s consciousness.

“How?” Chen Xiang hastily asked.

“Just simply think of yourself fusing with the divine soul.”

Chen Xiang immediately followed Long Xueyi’s instruction and concentrated on thinking of fusing his body and divine soul together. Slowly, his body began in glitter in bursts of golden light one after the other as a bizarre feeling permeated throughout his whole body.

Ten days passed, Chen Xiang heaved a long sigh and opened his eyes. He looked at his hands and feet, he made his finger curl a bit, but this action was not under the control of his body, but rather his divine soul!

Even if his body was paralyzed by some drug now, he could still perform the same movement, because he could now use two different ways to move his body. One was using his mind to move the body like ordinary humans, while the other was using his divine sense to control his body.

Chen Xiang sat cross-legged on the ground, and breathed in a bit of air. With that mystical divine soul from before, he tried to control his body to levitate in the air as his legs gradually left the ground, becoming suspended in mid-air!

“Hahaha!” Chen Xiang suddenly started laughing, “This kind of feeling is too cool, is this Shinto?”

These past ten days, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had always been paying attention to Chen Xiang’s condition. They had seen him treading the path to Shinto step by step alone. It was very rare chance to see such a thing, if they could have the opportunity to contact Shinto, then this would be tremendously helpful.

“Correct, but you better not let your divine soul leave your body for now. Your divine soul is currently too weak, it’s just a little brat. With just one pinch, I can kill you!” Long Xueyi tenderly laughed and said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, this divine soul was quite similar to his own soul. However, it was able to be cultivated, and it could become even more powerful much easier than his actual soul.

“When can I let my own divine soul be isolated from my body?” Chen Xiang asked with excitement. He thought it would be very cool to be able to do that sort of thing.

“It’s best to wait till your divine soul has the strength of someone in the Nirvana Realm. Of course, you could still do it with a 5th to 6th level of the True Martial Realm strength, but the premise is that no one more powerful than you can find you. Otherwise, they will attack your divine soul, and it will be bothersome, especially if you can’t escape! Even if you’re just seriously injured, it might result in your soul getting destroyed and scattered. If just lightly, then your divine soul will suffer serious injuries.” Long Xueyi said, “That’s why it’s better to stay honest and let it mature inside your body, let your body and divine soul both grow stronger together! This is the most formidable and safest way. Otherwise, my dragon clan would not need to cement their bodies before breaking their shell and just use our divine souls instead.”

Chen Xiang had taken yet another step on the road of Shinto. This made him very excited. He first took a bath, before he quickly left Extreme Dan King Courtyard in order to find Yun Xiaodao and the others. He wanted to see how Lei Xionglin and the other two were doing.

Chen Xiang entered a hall and soon saw Lian Mingdong, Lei Xionglin, and Lei Zhong. The three people had pretty good complexions, their faces brimming with a pleasant smile. When they saw Chen Xiang arrive, all three of them stood up one by one.

Seeing their current appearance, Chen Xiang did not need to ask whether they had entered the True Martial Realm or not. He chuckled and said, “Congratulation for entering the True Martial Realm!”


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