Chapter 227 – Transformation Technique

Seeing Elder Dan’s confirmation, both Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen could not help but gulp a cold lump in shock; Chen Xiang could actually refine Building Foundation Dan, and it also seemed he had no small amount of them.

“Young martial uncle, how many do you have?” Gu Dongchen hastily asked. Over the years, the disciples entering the True Martial Realm in the Extreme Martial Sect were getting increasingly lesser.

“Ten!” Chen Xiang smiled and said, “You want? But I can not sell you so many all of a sudden. But if you want all in one breath, then so be it. Either give me one thousand two hundred True Elemental Dan or give me six hundred thousand crystal stones.”

Gu Dongchen secretly cursed Chen Xiang, then said, “I first have to consult with those old men of the Elder Courtyard.”

“Hurry up, do not blame me when they are gone.” Chen Xiang laughed and said, then followed Elder Dan to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard.

The advantage of the Building Foundation Dan laid in its ability to release a large amount of rich True Qi at once. It could allow a 10th level Mortal Martial Realm martial artists to break through their bottleneck in one fell swoop, which other dan could not replace in any way. Because the Building Foundation Dans were rare, it was even more expensive. Chen Xiang could not let a large number of Building Foundation Dans flow out, otherwise, they would not have any rarity, and thus, their value would diminish. That was why he intended to leave them for his own use or sell them at a high price to whom he was familiar with. If opportunity presides, he would take them out for auction.

“Have you used the entire Azure Profound Fruits?” After returning to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard, Elder Dan asked.

“En, failed good several times, however, I still have more than a hundred.” Chen Xiang laughed while Elder Dan lightly snorted. She was secretly jealous of Chen Xiang; he was only at True Martial Realm, yet he already had so many Building Foundation Dans in his grasp. If used sparingly, more than a hundred True Martial Realm martial artists could be nurtured.

However, Chen Xiang didn’t intend to nurture so many. He didn’t want so many; as long as they were fine, together with him, they would do many things. Few could also facilitate managing other things for him.

“Now are you planning to learn a Divine Martial Skill?” Elder Dan asked.

“Are you going to teach me?” Chen Xiang laughed and said.

“Of course.”

Chen Xiang shook his head and said, “Not now. I have more important things to do, hei hei, if you take off your mask to teach me, then that’s more like it.”

“Humph, you want to learn, but you won’t learn. At the time of your death, don’t blame me!” Elder Dan softly snorted and said, then angrily left.

Chen Xiang was baffled, he could not understand why would Elder Dan would suddenly become angry.

He returned to his private room, sat cross-legged then asked, “Little Dragon, are you going to teach me those spiritual powers?” Chen Xiang thought it was better to learn spiritual power first because it would allow him to possess an even more powerful ability to survive, especially that spiritual power of myriad transformations.

“I can teach you now, but whether you can learn or not is all up to you.” Long Xueyi’s voice was filled with contempt as if Chen Xiang didn’t have a fat chance to learn it.

“Little girl, don’t underestimate me!” Chen Xiang laughed and said, “Quickly teach me!”

“First I’m going to teach you 72 Transformations. With your current weak divine soul, it would be just about right for you to transform into a small animal, as for those bigger entities, don’t even think about it.” Long Xueyi said, “Currently, even I can only transform into an adult tiger at most.”

“It’s enough, transforming into a small bird should do it!” Chen Xiang was suddenly excited, thinking of himself transforming into a bird and flying away, making his enemies unable to notice him in the slightest.

“Of course you can, but first you have to learn!” Long Xueyi laughed and said, “At that time, just don’t get eaten. But with your body, even if you encountered any powerful attack, you will not immediately die. Those who have a divine soul, as long as they don’t encounter someone many, many times powerful than them, generally speaking, they will not die.”

Chen Xiang rubbed his hands. At this time, Long Xueyi began imparting him the so-called [72 Transformations] spiritual power. It had a lot of content, but fortunately, Long Xueyi was passing it through her divine sense; fast and convenient. Chen Xiang was more and more certain that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou both were from the Heavenly Realm because this divine sense transmitting ability or anything similar was something he still hadn’t seen yet.

This 72 Transformations could not specifically transform into 72 things, but instead into various kinds. However, generally speaking, there was no need for so many, that was why it was developed into 72 basic transformations. After grasping these, as long as one’s divine soul was strong enough, one could truly transform into myriads of things.

Its difficulty lay in the utilization of the divine soul to control the body, then in releasing a bizarre power from the divine soul. Long Xueyi called this power as Spiritual Energy, and its user could use their own mind to control the transformation of the body. At the same time, in accordance with some method of applying the Spiritual Energy one could also silently chant some spells in their mind.

When the Spiritual Energy flowed in various profound patterns in the body, one had to chant a spell. With the spell, a sonic shock would be then released in the spirit-veins, stimulating the spirit-veins to display the spiritual power. The process was somewhat complicated, but if one could get familiar with its application, they would be able to transform in a very short time. Just like Long Xueyi, she could transform in the blink of an eye.

Three days passed, Chen Xiang had remained sitting crossed-legged, without any movement. In his mind he heard, Long Xueyi’s series of crisp and clear laughter coming, and in his heart, he secretly despised her.

“Little girl, I still have not learned the application of the Spiritual Energy. Wait for me to learn it, then I’ll show you!” Chen Xiang was telling the truth; it was indeed somewhat difficult to control the technique. He had Spiritual Energy flowing through all his limbs and numerous bones, which were composed of various spirit-veins linked together. He was attempting to trigger the effect of these spirit-veins using the spell, and that way, he could transform his body. If he wanted to revert back, as long as the linked spirit-veins were broken, he would immediately revert back.

Once again, three days passed, when suddenly, a golden aura burst out of Chen Xiang’s body. Chen Xiang’s lips squirmed as he quickly chanted a spell, which was then followed by a flash of golden light, causing Long Xueyi to suddenly let out a tender cry.

“You actually learned it so quickly!” Long Xueyi tenderly shouted.

Chen Xiang had indeed learned it, but now he could only transform into a small bird. He was fluttering his wings while flying inside the private room, and what made him feel mystical was that he did not feel any kind of change in his body whatsoever, nor any reduction in his strength; he could still use his True Qi.

“Currently the divine soul is managing your body state, that’s why in your sense, as long as you will it, you will move. However, others would only see you flying.” Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang indeed didn’t need to control the flapping of his wings. With just a thought, he could move anywhere he thought. It was very mystical, and even if he had not transformed, he could still rely on his divine soul’s Spiritual Energy to make him levitate; this was the strongest ability of the Shinto!

A thought suddenly arose in Chen Xiang’s heart. He left through the window, then flew towards Elder Dan’s residence. He has always been curious about Elder Dan’s appearance, and now that he had the opportunity to peep, how could he let it go.

After he transformed into a little bird, he had converged his breath, and he looked no different than any ordinary bird.

“You are so bad! You are not allowed to go!” Long Xueyi, after seeing Chen Xiang actually flew to peep, immediately shouted.

“I’m not going to look at her taking a bath, I will just peep at what’s underneath that mask of hers!” Chen Xiang mischievously laughed and said.

“Humph, if you use the spiritual power to do this kind of nasty thing, I’m going to ignore you in the future.” Long Xueyi angrily said.

“Little girl, didn’t you often imitate me and speak some nasty things? Moreover, you yourself had also often peeped at sister Meiyao and sister Youyou… Hei hei, haven’t you also seen me.” Chen Xiang laughed and said. As of this moment, he was hovering beside the already opened window of Elder Dan’s residence.


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