Chapter 228 – Heavenly Dragon Seal

Long Xueyi softly snorted before speaking, “That’s different, I only peeked at you. You’re not going to blame me or be angry. Besides, I only spoke those words to deepen the feelings between you and those girls. I was thinking about your well being!”

Chen Xiang flew into the room, but contrary to his expectations, he didn’t find Elder Dan here, so he reckoned she was in her private room. It was not easy to enter the private room, so he intended to wait for her here.

Night time came, and Chen Xiang finally heard some sound. At this time, he had already consumed more than half of his Spiritual Energy, however, he felt it was worth the effort. Very soon, he would be able to see Elder Dan’s true appearance.

After Elder Dan walked into the room, she took off her black gown first. Underneath the gown, she wore a snow white longuette, outlining her graceful figure. After removing it, she then proceeded to remove her mask.

When Chen Xiang’s anticipation had reached the extreme, Chen Xiang fiercely started cursing, because Elder Dan’s visage was covered in white light. She was actually so strict, and she would not allow anyone to see her face no matter what. But for what reason must she do this?

Chen Xiang flew away in disappointment. Elder Dan had already noticed that small bird; she felt strange and had intended to attack, but in the end, she didn’t really take any action.

Chen Xiang was surprised in his heart, so sped up and hurriedly flew away. Elder Dan was a Nirvana Realm martial artist, and just with an arbitrary wave of her sleeve, she could blast him to pieces. His whole body was drenched in cold sweat, so he decided not to do this kind of dangerous thing ever again.

“Haha, you’ve finally learned how to be afraid!”Long Xueyi grinned and said, “After returning, you should learn how to turn into a turtle.”

Chen Xiang pursed his lips and said, “Only that bastard I will not transform into.”

[TLN: It’s a play of word, Long Xueyi said 乌龟, meaning turtle and also means cuckold.]

With his current Spiritual Energy, he could only turn into some small-sized creatures. After returning, he learned to turn into a squirrel and a gopher, allowing him to hide in the wilderness.

In order to be proficient in transformation, he practiced for one month. However, he was still not able to transform in the blink of an eye like Long Xueyi; he still required a few seconds before he able to transform.

Chen Xiang originally wanted to go to Yun Xiaodao and the others, however, he knew they were in special training, and it was the most efficient method to improve their strength. At the same time, various elders were guiding them in learning some powerful martial skills, as well as examining their shortcomings and improving their overall abilities. Visiting them would only cause them to be disturbed.

“These guys made it big time. So many old men are guiding them at the same time.” Chen Xiang laughed and said. Afterwards, he irrigated the various precious and rare herbs in the little herbal garden, and the two Azure Profound Tree planted beforehand had already grown up. Soon, they would blossom.

Of course, the Five-Colored Lotus he had planted had already begun germinating. These Five-Colored Lotus were different from ordinary lotus; these lotuses could be planted by just using the lotus seeds, and it also didn’t require to grow in the water. They mainly relied on the absorption of the five elements Spirit Qi to grow.

Elder Dan often came to observe Chen Xiang’s herbal garden. She discovered that the growth of the flowers and the plants in the herbal garden was very quick, and she had already guessed Chen Xiang had some means to accelerate the growth of these spirit herbs. This was essentially heaven-defying, and at this point, she knew it was not some trivial matter, so she absolutely could not allow anyone to know or tell anyone. In order to solidify the defense of this small herbal garden, even Wu Qianqian couldn’t casually enter.

“You also can’t loaf around, by that time, you have to return alive!” Elder Dan, while watching Chen Xiang irrigate those spirit herbs, coldly spoke.

“I know, in any case I still have to beat you and then marry you! Although I don’t know your appearance, your figure is still good and in line with my standards.” Chen Xiang grinned and replied.

Elder Dan, seeing Chen Xiang smiling mischievously, without even an ounce of tension, coldly harrumphed before taking her leave.

After irrigating the entire garden, Chen Xiang returned to the private room and continued cultivation. He was now familiarizing himself with the various devil techniques and divine exercises, and at the same time, he was also preparing to learn an offensive spiritual power.

“Next is the spiritual power called Heavenly Dragon Seal. It is also one of the most terrifying spiritual power of my dragon clan. After casting, it would take away your Spiritual Energy and a part of your True Qi. Afterwards, it will be followed up with the absorption of a large amount of Spirit Qi in the surrounding before transforming into a huge dragon claw which will descend from the sky. Casting this spiritual power requires a little time, that’s why it is only suitable to attack while hiding and attacking from a distance.” Long Xueyi said.

In order to learn this spiritual power, Chen Xiang had no choice but to leave the Extreme Martial Sect. He quietly went to the mountain forest outside the city to learn it, and just like the 72 Transformations, he first needed to arouse the Spiritual Energy to flow in his body, form profound spirit patterns, and finally chant the spell to cast it. However, it was different from the 72 Transformations. The ‘Heavenly Dragon Seal’ required True Qi as well, and at this time, Chen Xiang released a large amount of True Qi. The True Qi, under the guise of the mystical Spiritual Energy, without any sound, aura or dissipation, quietly drifted away into the sky, before starting to absorb the Spirit Qi in the surroundings.

“Chant the spell!” Long Xueyi shouted.

Chen Xiang hastily started chanting, however, the chanting was inaccurate, causing him to eventually fail. He had already failed more than thirty times, and if not for a large number of True Elemental Dans he had used to restore his True Qi, he simply could not even try it.

Chen Xiang had already stayed deep in the mountains for a month. During the day, he learned to cast the ‘Heavenly Dragon Seal’, while in the night, he cultivated while creating Golden Dragon Saliva. He didn’t loaf; this was all for the survival in the Southern Wasteland.

In the evening, the clouds were surging high in the sky. If he didn’t pay any special attention, it was very difficult to realize that a large amount of Spirit Qi in the radius of a couple li was already surging towards the peak of a hundred or zhang high mountain. As Chen Xiang was observing that very mountain from far away, his lips slightly moved; he was chanting some bizarre spell.

Followed with the end of movement of Chen Xiang’s mouth, a huge dragon claw, which was glistening in five to six colors, suddenly appeared at that mountain top. However, that dragon claw actually resembled that of a human’s; it was devoid of any scales, but it had a hook-like claws.

This was precisely the Heavenly Dragon Seal. It ruthlessly pressured down from the sky, and in the blink of an eye, it fiercely pressed upon the crest of that hundred so high zhang mountain. Followed by a thunderous and explosive sound coupled with a fierce tremor running through the ground, a large number of crushed stones and mud spread towards all four directions like smoke. In just a few blinks of an eye, that mountain was completely flattened.

“Fierce!” Chen Xiang dumbfoundedly exclaimed. He had not consumed much of his True Qi and Spiritual Energy, however, he was still able to create such an effect. If he had used some more of his strength, it would have been even more frightening.

It was not very far from the Tianmen City, and he had actually created such a huge commotion. It would definitely be noticed by the Extreme Martial Sect, so Chen Xiang, at first notice, immediately left and returned back to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard.

After arriving in the herbal garden, Chen Xiang once again saw Elder Dan here. After Chen Xiang’s disappearance, the entire herbal garden was taken care of by Elder Dan. She was an alchemist, so she naturally knew how to raise these spirit herbs, and she was even more serious than Chen Xiang. She was actually more careful while taking care of the spirit herbs, even though she didn’t really have a share in any of these spirit herbs.

Once Chen Xiang came in, he immediately noticed the three Azure Profound Tree had already bloomed; the relatively older one had fifty flowers blooming, and as for the other two, each had only twenty, and regarding this kind of shocking matter, Elder Dan had long been accustomed to. Now, there was not even an ounce of surprise on her.

“The next time you leave for a long time, tell me before leaving. There was no one to tend to these spirit herbs, how would it grow well?” Elder Dan had a look of reproach on her face while speaking.


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