Chapter 23 – Heavenly tiger storm killing fist

The two alchemy furnaces were simultaneously opened. Yao Tianhua’s alchemy furnace contained five azure dans while in Chen Xiang’s alchemy furnace there were three black dans.

“Yao Tianhua has refined five Spirit Yuan Dan, meanwhile Chen Xiang has re…refined three Baptizing Marrow Dan!” One of the Elders of the Chen Family shouted in a very excited voice. The Chen Family now had a supreme alchemy genius! As long as they were Chen Family members, everyone was obviously going to be extremely excited just like him.

Yao Tianhua and the Yao family Elder saw those three black dans, and just from the aroma originating from the dan, they confirmed it really was the Baptizing Marrow Dan. However the Spirit Dan Hall’s Lord still picked the up dan and carefully examined it


“This really is the Baptizing Marrow Dan and is also of such good quality! Honestly it is difficult for others to admit! One little boy is actually capable of refining this dan.” Spirit Dan Hall’s Lord exclaimed again and again, his face full of a complex expression, and he suddenly felt that he had wasted his seventy-eighty years of life.

The whole field surged with bursts of cries, and after the confirmation everyone was dumbfounded. They had witnessed the whole alchemy process, and Chen Xiang did not to do anything tricky and was actually able to refine the Middle-Grade Mortal Level Baptizing Marrow Dan.

The matter of Chen Xiang having no Spiritual Veins had long been forgotten, and now in the heart of everyone, he was an alchemist with huge potential.

Yao Tianhua’s expression was similar to dying embers. The handsome face of his was full of anger, envy and ruthlessness. If possible, he just could not wait to kill Chen Xiang because him losing to Chen Xiang was just insulting.

“You willingly took the bet. Now it’s time to admit defeat! Take out your bet!”

Chen Xiang had a faint smile on his face, but it seemed, through Yao Tianhua’s eyes, like he was being contemptuous with a mocking smile, making Yao Tianhua furious inside his heart.

The Yao Family’s Elder’s entire body was trembling. He was also furious from the loss because not only did their Yao Family lose a lot of precious materials, but they also lost their reputation. Their acclaimed Yao Family genius was inferior to a Chen Family member who did not even have Spirit Veins!

The Thousand Year Beast Dan looked like an emerald egg, and inside flowed the Yuan essence of a thousand year old wild beast. The Thousand Vein Fruit was as big as an apple but very heavy, and holding it in his hands, Chen Xiang could feel the energy contained inside.

Chen Xiang was very happy in his heart from obtaining these two precious materials. If he could refine these materials into dans, he would be able to elevate his strength very quickly.

“Chen Xiang, let’s compete in martial arts!”

Yao Tianhua pulled out the double edged sword from his waist as killing intent emanated from his body.

Chen Xiang could defeat a martial artist of the 7th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, so naturally this challenge from Yao Tianhua did not hold any meaning. As such, the Chen Family members were all very relieved.

Chen Tianhu said with a sigh, “Young man, don’t be arrogant. Otherwise you are bound to suffer another loss.”

Chen Tianhu was currently very excited. Not only could his son refine the Baptizing Marrow Dan but he had also earned two very precious alchemy ingredients.

“If you want to fight, then let’s fight. However, if you get injured don’t blame me. After all, fists and kicks do not have eyes.” Chen Xiang said lazily. By now, the Chen Family Elder and Chen Tianhu had already retreated to the side lines.

But the Yao Family Elder was now a bit worried. From many years of experience, he could see that Chen Xiang was definitely out of the ordinary and definitely not the wimpy kid with no Spiritual Vein like the rumors suggested.

“Tianhua, how confident are you about victory?” the Yao Family Elder asked in a deep voice.

“I’m 100% sure I will win. I’m a Mortal Martial Realm Martial Artist of the 5th Level and practice many excellent martial skills!”

Yao Tianhua glared with anger stricken eyes at Chen Xiang, he could not wait to kill him.

“Good, remember you are just simply exchanging pointers. You do not want to take his life, after all, we are inside the Chen Family’s villa.” the Yao Family also proceeded to retreat off the high stage.

Chen Xiang felt that this situation was somewhat funny. Just a moment ago, everybody thought that he could not refine the Baptizing Marrow Dan and now they were once more making assumptions that he was weak.

“Since it is a competition you proposed, how about we add a little bet to it?” Chen Xiang asked with a smile.

Seeing Yao Tianhua not reply, Chen Xiang knew that the Yao Family could not afford to bet again. Chen Xiang said with a smile, “If you win, how about you get to take back the Thousand Year Beast Dan and the Thousand Vein Fruit. But if you lose, then our Chen Family will get to take the Spirit Dan Hall’s Lord. He will then become our Chen Family’s alchemist and we also get to take half of the spirit herbs owned by Spirit Dan Hall! How about it?”

Spirit Dan Hall was currently the Yao Family’s property. From this, it was certain the the Yao Family had already recruited the Spirit Dan Hall’s Lord. Since the Spirit Dan Hall’s Lord had to be at least somewhat knowledgeable in alchemy, Chen Xiang wanted to win over this talented person to the Chen Family.

“No problem! But the Spirit Dan Hall will still belong to our Yao Family.” The Yao Family readily agreed without hesitation. In his opinion, it was just one alchemist and some cheap spirit herbs, the Yao Family had no shortage of this, not to mention Yao Tianhua was 100% sure of his win.

Spirit Dan Hall’s Lord could only sigh loudly. He was very unhappy at being treated as a betting stake, but he also felt there was no major problem in joining the Chen Family. Perhaps in the future he would have an opportunity to trade and gain the Hell Spirit Grass from Chen Xiang.

”Come on! Take out your weapon!” Yao Tianhua coldly said while shaking his double-edged sword that was radiating with a cold and cruel aura.

Chen Xiang shook his head in response and replied, “I do not use weapons.”

“Then do not blame me for being impolite!” Yao Tianhua wielded his sword and with a steady step, stomped on the stage causing it to tremble. From this action of his, one could clearly see his attack was going to be violent and full of power.

It was already late into the night, but no one felt the need to sleep. On the contrary, everyone was very energetic, since these two very talented young alchemists were going to compete in martial arts.

The general impression of alchemists were that they were not very strong, but this line of thinking was dead wrong. In order to become an alchemist, one should first and foremost be able to control their True Qi freely. Their divine sense should be strong enough that they could arbitrarily manipulate their flames to respond to any sudden changes or danger during the refining process.

They also needed to occasionally personally acquire rare herbs which was also very dangerous. Moreover alchemist had so many dans they could take, so their strength was in no way weak. It was just that most alchemists were protected at all times so there was usually no need for them to come out and personally fight.

Looking at the sharp long sword that was stabbing towards him, Chen Xiang quickly took a step forward and punched out. Azure True Qi suddenly wrapped around his arm as it transformed into a tiger’s head.

“[Heavenly Tiger Storm Killing Fist]! This child has actually entered into the 6th level of the Mortal Martial Realm!” Chen Tianhu shouted with surprise. The [Heavenly Tiger Storm Killing Fist] was originally a High-Grade Spirit Level Martial Skill. It was similar to a ferocious tiger pouncing onto its prey and was filled with the power of a True Qi explosion.

As long as they were not blind, everyone could see that Chen Xiang had entered into the Divine Sense Stage. He could control True Qi externally and congeal it into a solid form by controlling his divine sense. Congealing a tiger’s head could only be accomplished by Divine Sense Stage martial artists.

Sixteen years old, and not only could he refine a Baptizing Marrow Dan, but he had also reached the 6th level of the Mortal Martial Realm. This level of talent was an extreme rarity, at most only one in a thousand years. Only Xue Xianxian of the Xue Family could possibly hope to compare, there was a rumor that she had fought on par with a Xue Family Elder. Although it was only a rumor, many people believed it.

The Elder’s strength was over the 6th level of the Mortal Martial Realm. Xue Xianxian had fought with this Elder numerous times. Xue Xianxian was only around fourteen years old, yet she was already able to fight on par with an Elder. This degree of talent, perhaps only Chen Xiang could hope to match it.

Chen Xiang’s fists looked like an angry ferocious tiger, and the Azure True Qi shattered the atmosphere as it continuously emitted explosion that swallowed the long sword.


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