Chapter 230 – Fire Spirit Fusion

Su Meiyao’s eyes lit up, and quickly urged Chen Xiang to give it a try.

Wu Qianqian was also hailed as a leader amongst the younger female disciples in the Extreme Martial Sect. Not only was she a startling beauty, she was rather talented as well. Of course, the only reason she dared to go into the Southern Wasteland was because she had great confidence in her ability to survive. All of this stemmed from her having the Blue Star Fire Spirit.

“Qianqian, where have you been all these days? I missed you very much, but I couldn’t find you. Elder Dan hid you very well.” Chen Xiang mischievously laughed and said. He was already acquainted with Wu Qianqian, which was why he could so openly joke with her.

Wu Qianqian twirled her hair, it lay on her chest, making her appear even more charming and mature. It was a rather seductive scene.

“Did you really miss me?” Wu Qianqian sweetly smiled. She was very strictly dressed, making Chen Xiang somewhat disappointed, as he was not able to appreciate her graceful figure.

“Elder Dan instructed that I can’t tell you! But, I can tell you, all this time I’ve been learning how to conceal my Blue Flame, look!” After saying this, Wu Qianqian released a bundle of red flames, “Elder Dan said that only after I reach the Nirvana Realm do I not need to conceal my flame.”

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “Qianqian, can you release a tiny bit of your blue flame for me, that should be just about enough.”

Wu Qianqian didn’t know what Chen Xiang wanted to do, but she readily agreed, “Of course I can. If not for you, I wouldn’t even be able to fuse with this powerful flame.”

“When you were fusing with the Blue Star Fire Spirit, you were holding me so tightly, you even left scratches on my back… Ha ha.” Chen Xiang laughed, making Wu Qianqian chuckle and also somewhat flushed red with shame.

Wu Qianqian spread her jade-like palm, her pretty eyes staring at Chen Xiang. She stuck her tongue out before she smiled and said, “This flame is very powerful, be careful!” While speaking, a bundle of blue flames appeared on her palm.

Chen Xiang carefully observed the Blue Star Fire. He knew Wu Qianqian had gained a very high level of control over her flames. After all, even though she released extremely powerful flames, the temperature of the room didn’t turn hot, in could even be said that it didn’t change at all.

Chen Xiang suddenly extended his hand, and grabbed ahold of those blue flames, causing Wu Qianqian to tenderly shout out in fear. However, an even more astonished look soon appeared on her face. Originally, she thought Chen Xiang would definitely be burned, but contrary to her belief, nothing actually happened! She herself started having doubts whether her Blue Star Flame was actually hot or not!

“Are you alright!?” Wu Qianqian asked with a look of worry.

“It’s nothing!” Chen Xiang grinned before releasing his own Fire Spirit. Wu Qianqian just saw that blue flame on her palm being wrapped up by a seemingly ordinary Heavenly Sun Flame of Chen Xiang. Soon after, the blue flames began to change as those the two flames started fusing together!

Wu Qianqian was left in a trance after seeing this. She knew Chen Xiang was very formidable, she was perfectly clear about this from the Vermillion Bird Divine Exercise she learned from him. After seeing her flames fuse with Chen Xiang’s, she secretly reckoned Chen Xiang also had obtained a Fire Spirit.

“The Blue Star Flame is absorbing your Heavenly Sun Flame, it’s as if the Heavenly Sun Flame is deliberately allowing the Blue Star Flame to absorb it! These two fire spirits actually don’t reject each other!” Long Xueyi exclaimed in surprise.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also held very strong interests regarding this matter.

The blue colored flame turned purple very, very slowly! The Fire Spirit was actually evolving, the previous blue flame had actually turned into purple flame after fusing with the Heavenly Sun Flame!

Chen Xiang and Wu Qianqian were both extremely shocked.

“The Heavenly Sun Spirit Fire holds the title of the Fire Spirit King. This scene is actually not that surprising, sure enough, it is totally within my expectations, this dragoness is really too smart.” Long Xueyi proudly said.

“Canon behind the horse, I have not heard you talk about this before.” Chen Xiang retorted with his divine sense, splashing cold water on Long Xueyi.

Chen Xiang returned the flames to Wu Qianqian, which easily went back into her body.

“Chen Xiang, do you also have a Fire Spirit?” Wu Qianqian asked in a low voice with a perturbed look on her face.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, he knew Wu Qianqian had a Fire Spirit so it didn’t matter too much if he also let her know he had one.

“Your Fire Spirit is very formidable, it could actually make my flame evolve!” Wu Qianqian’s pretty eyes twinkled. A trace of a charming smile appeared on her face, she was happy for Chen Xiang. She knew that he was inherently a very talented alchemist, and if he didn’t have fire spirit, that would definitely be regretful.

“If I have time, I’ll think of more ways to make your Fire Spirit evolve. Hmmm, what exactly can we do?” Chen Xiang rubbed his chin while pondering this matter.

Wu Qianqian felt a rush of warmth in her heart and tenderly said, “If it brings negative effects on you, then forget it. For me, the blue flames are enough. I’ll go and bring some dans refined by me for you to appraise.”

Just as Wu Qianqian turned around, Long Xueyi imitated Chen Xiang’s voice and said, “Hmmm, it might be possible with the integration of men and women, how about we try it and see?”

While Chen Xiang was pondering, he heard Long Xueyi’s words imitating his voice and it seemed like he was struck by lightning. He certainly thought about this approach, however, it was merely a thought. He couldn’t fathom how this little girl had so many dirty ideas in her mind. It was alright if she said it out aloud, but she should not have spoken while imitating his voice and that too in front a girl. This totally ruined his positive image.

“Little dragoness, your father must have been a very dirty dragon, to actually have passed on so many shameful memories and ideas onto you.” Chen Xiang immediately cursed.

When Wu Qianqian heard Chen Xiang words, she was immediately petrified then and there. She didn’t expect Chen Xiang to actually make such a request, even more so, this straightforwardly. That being said, it also seemed like it was for her well being. Her face immediately flushed red all the way to the tips of her ears.

The current mood was extremely embarrassing, Chen Xiang could not wait to grab ahold of Long Xueyi and spank her little ass and see if she ever dared to talk nonsense again!

Chen Xiang forcefully coughed twice, “Qianqian, show me the dans you’ve refined!”

“En!” Wu Qianqian also heaved a sigh. Both of them came to a tacit understanding to forget what happened just a moment ago.

Chen Xiang knew the mess had been swept under the rug and suddenly heaved a long sigh, “Little dragoness, if you want to make trouble, don’t do it in such a grand way! Someday, it will definitely come back to haunt me, this father’s pure image is being ruined again and again by you.”

“Pooh! You’re pure? Last time you turned into a little bird and thought of peeking at Elder Dan bathing! Also, I was creating an opportunity for you. Originally Wu Qianqian only had a slightly good impression of you. But because you got entangled with her afterwards, she might be willing to do it with you. You’re really stupid such a great opportunity was actually missed by you! If it had come true, it would have been possible for you to relax before going to the Southern Wasteland.” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said.

Chen Xiang didn’t know what he should say. He suddenly felt he could not see Long Xueyi as a little girl anymore, she definitely had very rich experience regarding how to deal with the women.

“All male dragons are womanizers. She definitely inherited this trait from her father’s side, Chen Xiang engrave this point in your mind, perhaps you may be eaten by this little dragon in the future and not even your bones would be left.” Su Meiyao said with a serious look on her face throughout her warning to Chen Xiang before she broke down and started giggling.

Chen Xiang secretly cursed in his heart and thought, “Sooner or later, there will be a day where I’ll eat you and not even leave your bones!”

Now Chen Xiang knew the Heavenly Sun Flame could evolve other Fire Spirits, but he had not found any other good ways to accomplish this feat. Otherwise, he could help Elder Dan and Wu Qianqian evolve both of their Fire Spirits to its highest peak.


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