Chapter 231 – Gather

Wu Qianqian took out the dans she had refined, and when Chen Xiang saw them, he could not help but become astonished.

“True Elemental Dan? You can already refine it?” Chen Xiang took a True Elemental Dan in his hand and carefully observed it, “Top-grade quality. How many dans can you refine at once?”

“I could only refine three dans!” Wu Qianqian replied. Seeing Chen Xiang with such an astonished expression, she was very happy in her heart.

Chen Xiang mischievously laughed, “I can refine five dans, you have to work even harder. I’ll be waiting for the time when you are able to refine five dans in a single try. I’ll help you with the ingredients for refining True Elemental Dan. Just give me four dans, and as for the last one, take it as your reward. As for the failed refinements, just leave it to me.”

Chen Xiang had a great amount of True Elemental Dan ingredients, however, he didn’t have the time to refine. Even if he did, he would be refining the Building Foundation Dans instead. For low-level dans, he would just go find someone else to refine it for him. As of now, he even disdained to refine a True Elemental Dan which was already a relatively high-level dan. If anyone knew that Chen Xiang had such thoughts regarding such a precious dan, they would definitely curse him to death.

Wu Qianqian was exactly one of the best candidate. She had a Fire Spirit, and the dans refined by her were definitely not low in quality. If she spent a little more effort, it would not be a problem for her to refine five dans in a single try.

“Qianqian, can you refine other high-grade spirit level dans?” Chen Xiang asked.

Wu Qianqian shook her head, “This is my limit, however, I will work hard. Wait for me to refine five True Elemental Dans with one set of herbs, then I’ll help you again in refining.”

Chen Xiang chatted for a while with Wu Qianqian. He shared his own alchemy experience with her, and moreover, he had also given her a hundred set of ingredients for refining the True Elemental Dans.

“No matter how many you refine with one set of herbs, you will get one and leave the rest to me. Help me refine dans! This reward should be satisfactory!” Chen Xiang laughed and said, he knew that Wu Qianqian, with regards to herbs, was lacking. However, Chen Xiang had a lot of those herbs.

“Very satisfactory, I’ll try to refine more with one set.” Wu Qianqian excitedly replied; it was not easy to find such a good job, and many alchemists, while refining dans, would extract some as their rewards. In this job, she could not only refine True Elemental Dans, she would also receive such a large reward, which would leave many 3rd level alchemists envious.

These three days were to allow the disciples to relax before going to the Southern Wasteland. Beside Chen Xiang, the others were more or less somewhat tensed, because after they went inside, they would not only have to face the hidden danger inside the Southern Wasteland, they would also have to avoid getting hunted down by the powerful devil path martial artists.

When all ten participants gathered together, the ‘all day all smiles’ Yun Xiaodao had now turned very serious. Beside greeting with Chen Xiang, he had not spoken anything; it was evident that he was very tensed, and the others were also very much the same. Only Chen Xiang had an easy look.

Gu Dongchen took out a huge flying disc and made Chen Xiang and the others walk upon it. After all of them were standing on it, he controlled the flying disc and started flying at a high speed.

“This is a brilliant weapon!” Chen Xiang exclaimed. There were a lot of spirit patterns on the flying disc, and all of them were very complex. After Chen Xiang had obtained the Refiners Scroll, he had already done a little research regarding this.

“Yes, it is refined by the Empress of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, that woman completely cheated me in the deal!” Gu Dongchen had a trace of pained look, and this made Chen Xiang secretly laugh. He didn’t expect Liu Menger, this famous beauty, to actually be a profiteer.

Gu Dongchen and the others all knew Chen Xiang was in possession of the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, as well as a terrifying broadsword. In addition to the Vermillion Bird Firewings, his life saving and escaping ability could be described as first class. That was why the other nine were separated from Chen Xiang, who had the guts to move alone and hunt devil path martial artists.

This flying disc speed was very quick, even many times faster than when Chen Xiang used the Vermillion Bird Firewings. Chen Xiang could see Gu Dongchen had also consumed a lot of True Qi. As for the rest, they were all sitting cross-legged on the flying disc, with eyes closed, evidently adjusting their state.

The Southern Wasteland was in the south of the Extreme Martial Sect. It was a mysterious zone, and in the heart of this region, even a martial artist at Gu Dongchen’s level didn’t dare to recklessly enter.

The flying disc continuously flew for three days before it finally arrived at the top a high mountain. The crest of this mountain was flat, above which stood many people. It was clear that it was the better place to gather.

“Arrived!” Gu Dongchen said, causing everyone to wake up from their cultivation. All of them have been somewhat tensed, and they could only adjust their state this way.

“Humph, big sect being the big sect, is actually the last one to arrive!” A cold snort came over; it was Tang Yichao from the True Martial Sect. Last time, he was almost killed by Chen Xiang, so when he saw Chen Xiang, his Slaughter Qi soared.

As Chen Xiang and the others came down from the flying disc, they saw other sect’s disciples, accompanied by their respective sect’s tycoons.

Chen Xiang immediately saw Liu Menger, and what made him surprised was that, among the group of disciples behind her, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan were both present. Xue Xianxian wore a black outfit, while Leng Youlan wore a black armor. Both of them appeared to be domineering as they saluted towards Chen Xiang.

The Dean of the Danxiang Taoyuan hadn’t arrived, however, Hua Xiangyue came. In fact, she was leading a team, and from this, it was clear how high her position was in the Danxiang Taoyuan. However, this seductive and charming stunner didn’t even glance nor greet with Chen Xiang, as if she didn’t recognize him.

Chen Xiang secretly heaved a sigh. If Hua Xiangyue had greeted him, it might have garnered some trouble, and after all, both Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan both were.

The man leading the Beast Martial Sect looked like a minotaur. He was the new Dean of the Beast Martial Sect. The Lotus Island’s Master looked gentle and refined with his white robes and fair skin. That graceful appearance even made many other sect’s female disciples occasionally glance over.

As for the Proud Sword Sect, it was lead by a middle-aged man with an extraordinary bearing. Although he wore simple garb, arrogance was brimming from his body. A long sword was on his back, and to Chen Xiang’s surprise, among the disciples behind him, there was a familiar face; it was Gan Jiujian, the disciple whom Chen Xiang had a conflict when he went to the Frozen Sword City.

Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong, and the others winked and smiled towards Chen Xiang when they saw Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian. Each one of them got secretly jealous of Chen Xiang, and they were now totally convinced with what Chen Xiang had said before. Xue Xianxian was indeed his fiancee, and Leng Youlan was his sworn sister.

The Icewind Valley’s disciples were lead by Liu Menger. It was already a well-known fact that the relation between the Deans of the Icewind Valley and the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, since the ancient times, had been very good, that was why everyone didn’t feel that it was strange.

“Everybody, all of you don’t want to lose to the devil path right? Otherwise, each of our sects will be required to give them some resources, and if the devil path sects are allowed to grow, it will then become a threat to us. I don’t think I need to explain further, I think all of you understand it!” Gu Dongchen said in a clear voice, “Chen Xiang’s strength is obvious to everyone, and the reason why he had enmities with some sect’s disciples was not something intentional. It was all because he was compelled; this point, you should be clearer than me.”

“In short, he cannot stay with us. Last time in the Frozen Sword City, he had annihilated a hundred man squad of Devil Yang Clan, including two 5th level, 3rd level, 2nd level and 1st level True Martial Realm martial artists. All in all, he had annihilated a team of more than ten. The Devil Yang Clan hates him to the bone, and being together with us will only be cumbersome.” The Proud Sword Sect’s Dean coldly said.

Although he said so, many disciples could not help but gulp down a cold lump. Chen was truly worthy to be an influential figure; one man had actually annihilated so many!


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